Scotland: flights home

The last day of our trip on Friday was AWFUL.

Left Aberfeldy at 7am.

Just Andrew and I, luckily, so one else could make us late.

I had a sore throat and the beginnings of a head cold.

We returned the rental car (after missing the airport off-ramp because we were driving INTO the sunrise).

We checked in at our ticket counter and were informed our plane had been rescheduled for an hour later (which they didn’t tell us when we checked in online the night before).

Except it wasn’t an hour … it was closer to 2 hours.

So long, in fact, that we had time to get me sore-throat lozenges… plus lunch… plus went and found the rest of my family who left 2 hours after us and whose plane took off before ours.

So that’s awesome.

Flight to Newark and my head cold in earnest (so I start hoarding napkins, Kleenex and paper towels)

Land in Newark at 4:15p – our connecting flight is at 430p! Ha!

We still have to get our luggage and go through customs… Which wasn’t terrible but they were understaffed.

Finally go wait in line so Continental can get us on another flight.

Woman in front of us throws a temper tantrum.

Get up to the counter, informed we were rescheduled for a 5:30 flight but we missed that too…

So we get put on a 7:30 flight. Same as the temper tantrum lady, actually.

So we got some more airport food … And Andrew’s head cold is now coming on.

About 30 minutes before we are supposed to board they change gates. Awesome.

PLUS all this time (at Newark) it is raining and thundering… so more flights are canceled or delayed so the airport is getting CROWDED …

And Andrew and I are both sniffling like crazy.

We finally board about 8:30p … and then don’t take off til 9:30p or so.

With both Andrew and I sick and awake now for almost 24 hours.

We both slept a bit on the plane to LAX, finally landing, getting luggage, getting picked  up and getting home around 1a.

26+ hours after we stared.

And then Andrew had to work the next day.

I still can’t wait to go back :)

Do you have any horrendous travel stories?

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Scotland: East Neuk

Once Mom had gotten her St. Andrew’s sand, we jointly decided to get back in the car, drive south to the little East Neuk fishing villages and find the fish and chips place both Rick Steves and a friend of my mom’s had recommended – the Anstruther Fish Bar.

Of course, we followed Kevin’s GPS driving … and it (again) took us off what appeared to be the main route through ANOTHER 1-lane “road” through a field. And this time we DID run into another driver coming straight toward us.

I have no idea what the protocol is, but she had a tiny pull-out – so she pulled off to the side, partway into the field, to let us pass.

Yes, I DO mean a 1-lane road.

After that, we found our way to the road the Anstruther Fish Bar was on, but couldn’t find the building. I don’t know what the GPS was telling him, but Kevin led our car first north a mile or so, then south … all along the same small road. Yes we had found Anstruther – and it was, in fact, a TINY fishing village. We had found the road it was supposed to be on, and we even had the address…

… but, bizarrely, the buildings on either side did not appear to be in any kind of numerical order …. 36…. 47…. 25…. 19…. ??

And, believe me… it’s not as though we were misreading them. The road we were on was gain one lane. Or, rather, slightly wider than one lane but that INCLUDED cars parked on either side at intervals.

There would be a car parked on the right, half on the sidewalk…. And once we had gotten around it there would be a car parked on the left, halfway on the sideway only 12 or 15 yards down the road…. And then, of course, once we got around that, there’d be another car coming in our direction …. But once they saw there were 2 cars on our side, they would actually have to back up a ways so we could get through.

Combine all of that with the big Mercedes Andrew was driving, still trying to understand the building numbers and at one point a man in a ladder, painting the second story shutters ….. it was insanity! And hilarious!


Not to worry …. We eventually found the Anstruther Fish Bar.

For a small town, the restaurant took up 3 store fronts.

It is set up kid of in the style of a diner – our waitress wore a paper hat and everything – with a small ice cream counter near one of the doors.

We got there around lunchtime and it was quite crowded…. In addition to a few families, we also saw several high-school-age uniformed students (presumably on their lunch break) as well as a group of old (old old) people who appeared to be all there together.

We finally were seated, but only by breaking up our party to a table of 2 (mom and dad) up some short stairs and a table of 4 (me, Andrew, Kevin and Chelsea) down near the ice cream counter.

All 4 of us ordered the “special” : Haddock fish and chips …. According to everything we had heard, as well as all the signage on the outside of the restaurant, this was the best fish and chips in the UK.

Apparently all restaurant meals include a drink and bread and butter … so we all got cans of soda… AND each got a single slice of white bread – straight from the bag…. Sliced in half and served on a small Styrofoam plate.

It was absolutely one of the STRANGEST things we were served the whole trip!

Also, I don’t really understand why ….

As I said, the restaurant was pretty crowded that day … and there was a man with a video camera who appeared to be getting some kind of stock or ambiance-type footage of the restaurant on a busy lunch. We soon found out he was taking footage for the website!

He ended up filming quite a bit of our table … when we were served our fish and chips in particular. I’m SURE it’s because we were pretty much the only table of young people in the whole place.

Andrew and Kevin kept joking about giving each other high-fives over the food and other such cheesy ridiculousness and hopefully have that footage used on the website.

Apparently the Anstruther Fish Bar has been dubbed the best fish and chips in the UK … buy no less authority than the Scottish Tourist Board and others.

… but I wish I had had fish and chips somewhere else to compare it to.

It was just fish and chips to me …. Along with that bizarre slice of bread.

Once we were done with lunch, we (obviously) got some of their homemade ice cream and went outside to eat it …

As it had started raining again…. We stayed in front of the restaurant, under the eaves, eating our ice cream.

While we were standing there, a big van (12 or 15 passenger) with the word ‘Ambulance’ painted on the side double parked right in front of the restaurant.

A group of old people started to cross in front of us and line up to get in the van. And I’m talking REALLY old. The kind of old that when they walk by their eyes are glazed over and they wouldn’t hear you talk to them because they have to use all their energy to stay standing up …

So, as they passed us, one of the younger ones (maybe only 85 or so, in the blue sweater in the photo below) saw Dad – of white beard and bald head – and said to him, “Hey, come along with us!”

Andrew said it sounded like they knew each other and had been talking earlier – but that is NOT the case. This adorable old man just took the chance that Dad had a sense of humor and poked a bit of fun at him!

Hilarious and awesome and we couldn’t stop laughing!


Finishing our ice cream, still laughing at Dad being invited to join the Ambulance, we hopped in the cars and headed back to St. Andrews….

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Scotland: West Sands Beach

Thursday. Our final day in Scotland. It feels like the week went by so fast! There’s so much more to see in the country!

I added St. Andrew’s to the itinerary primarily because of Dad … and his desire to see the golf course.


From Rick Steves:

St. Andrews

For many, St. Andrews is synonymous with golf. But there’s more to this charming town than its famous links. Dramatically situated at the edge of a sandy bay, St. Andrews is the home of Scotland’s most important university – think of it as the Scottish Cambridge. And centuries ago, the town was the religious capital of the country.

In its long history, St. Andrews has seen two boom periods. First in the early Middle Ages, the relics of St. Andrews made the town cathedral one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Christendom. The faithful flocked here from all over Europe, leaving the town with a medieval all-roads-lead-to-the-cathedral street plan that survives today.

But after the Scottish Reformation the cathedral rotted away and the town became a forgotten backwater. A new wave of visitors arrived in the mid-19th century, when a visionary mayor named (appropriately enough) Provost Playfair began to promote the town’s connection with the newly in-vogue game of golf. Most buildings in town date from this time.

Today, St. Andrews remains a popular spot for both students and golf devotees (including professionals and celebrities such as Scotsman Sean Connery, often seen out on the links). With vast, sandy beaches, golfing opportunities for pros and novices alike, playgrounds of ruins, a fun-loving student vibe and a string of relaxing fishing villages nearby (the East Neuk), St. Andrews is an appealing place to take a vacation from your busy vacation.


We left Aberfeldy early-ish to drive about an hour and a half to the east coast to St. Andrew’s. It rained on and off the whole way there, but once we arrived the rain had stopped for a bit.

Upon arriving in town – a tiny, coastal college town – we went straight to West Sands Beach. Just off the Old Course, and the site of the filming of the opening scene of Chariots of Fire, West Sands Beach was at VERY low tide when we got there (maybe 10:30a or so).

The walk from the parking lot (of the golf course) to the beach was over a wooden boardwalk, through beachy weeds – very northeast-U.S. beachy. Definitely reminded me of the beach in ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ or similar. There was even a looks-like-it-is-about-to-fall-over wooden slat fence keeping the overgrowth from the sand.

In true tiny-tourist-town fashion, as soon as we stepped on to the sand we saw a lifeguard picking up the little bit of trash that was present on the beach.

We spent maybe 45 minutes or so at West Sands Beach …

When you walk on to the beach, the town of St. Andrew’s is to the south (your right) with only coastline visible to the north (your left). We stepped on to the bright sand, and the ocean felt so far away! I just tried to imagine what the opening scene of Chariots of Fire must look like (since I’ve never seen it) … with a lone runner jogging down the beach…

We all started heading toward the water – but at different speeds. The ocean was at low tide, yes, but parts of the sand were still pretty wet and muddy. Andrew was wearing canvas boat shoes that ended up getting pretty wet. Chelsea was wearing suede boots and I don’t think she came very far out at all.

We were generally headed in the direction of what looked to be some climbable rocks … as we got farther and farther out toward the water line, we began to see something strange on the wet sand.

Andrew thought they were worms – and they certainly looked like they could be … brown, squiggly thin piled on the sand…. But then – especially as we got even closer to the water – we started to see these piles appear from the sand!

I still haven’t looked them up to see specifically what it was… but we came to the consensus that SOMETHING (crab, worm, something) was under the surface of the wet sand and expelling or regurgitating thin columns of sand up onto the surface. … just like those Play-Doh factory toys …. Squeezing out Play-Doh spaghetti.

I still tried to avoid stepping on them, but I was kind of glad to know I wasn’t surrounded by worms!

360 degree video:

Turns out the dark rocks were totally covered by slippery sea plant of some kind, smelling and not at all climbable. They must be under water once the tide comes up …

SO beautiful there :)

After visiting the beach, it was just about lunch time …. that story coming up!

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Alaska: Skagway Gold Rush tour (part 2)

… continuing our Skagway Gold Rush tour ….

On the way back to town from the Canada border, we stopped at Liarsville – sounds picturesque, no?

Liarsville is basically a recreation of a mining town or similar, complete with tents set up for the press, a laundry service and a madam.



Cute, touristy. We were given the chance to pay $10 more and “pan for gold” (which other people in our group did).

Instead we sat around a (much welcomed) campfire, drinking hot apple cider and enjoying being outdoors…

… and we later learned there was a wolf wandering around in the area – already know to have killed 2 dogs. Awesome.










We were dropped off back in town around 130p or 2 … Just about time for lunch – at the Skagway Brewing Company.

Beer-broth chili was filing and warm and great for how cold it was outside.

…. and still a bit more of Skagway before heading back to the ship….


How our planning for Alaska is going

We leave for Alaska in exactly 1 month.

And we are SO FAR from being prepared!

It’s not that I’m not looking forward to the trip … it’s more that I am SO MUCH looking forward to being ON the trip that I just mentally skipped over all the prep work.

What I still have to do to get ready:

Buy luggage. That’s right, ladies and gentleman. We don’t have any luggage. We have BORROWED in the past, and that is not an option this time. Any suggestions? I’ve been told Costco and Ross/Marshalls

Check-in/etc. I have to do … something online with the cruise company. Confirm or give them my passport # … I don’t even know. I just know they keep emailing me telling me to come check out such and such. Plus I need to confirm what we need to bring. I assume there will be at least 2 “formal” nights during the week, but I haven’t even looked.

Call Princess Cruises. Since Andrew and I and Katie and Julie booked separately, I need to confirm our reservations are linked (so we have dinner assignments together). I also need to confirm that our bed will be set up as a king (instead of 2 twins) … And I *think* that’s all I have to confirm with them.

Check out the excursion choices. I don’t think we’ll be booking any excursions through Princess, but I honestly haven’t even looked. I should do that. Just in case.

Pack. This obviously can wait, but once I know what kind of formal attire we’ll need, decide how much water-proof stuff we want to bring, figure out how to bring ALL the cameras I want to bring, etc.

Maybe I’ll do all this research this weekend.

Probably not.


We’re getting so so close to our Alaska cruise planned for this summer!

I’ve been trying to remember the details of the last Alaska cruise I took …. in 2003 with my parents and brother.

I was living in Arizona at the time (going to ASU) and my family was all still living in SoCal …. I met them up in Vancouver, BC, in the airport … and then we were all off for a 10-day adventure!

7-day Alaska cruise with Holland America, and then another day or so at Denali National Park!

It was pretty fantastic.

Obviously, I loved it, which is why I was excited to go back with Andrew and his family …

Here’s just a little highlight of our trip in 2003….

This is necessarily just a small handful of the 6 or so rolls of film I took.

Yes. Film. Back in the day.

My camera (an Olympus point-and-shoot) actually broke on our LAST day …. and then I got a digital camera ….

Kevin and I took some time to explore the ship and found the track on the top deck for *real* runners ….

Our first port: Ketchikan

It’s always fun to go on vacations with Kevin just for the photo opportunities ….

Looking forward to Scotland, brother … Bring the absurdity!

One major treat: In Juneau, we took a sea plane up for an hour or so and flew over the glaciers and coast and all ….. It was just amazing!

Can’t wait to take even MORE photos this summer!

P.S. I’m still working on the best way to scan negatives … It’s on my to-do list to scan all my archives


Another 2011 vacation!!

That’s right – Andrew and I are going on 2 (count ‘em TWO!) big vacations this year!

Both happen to be in the summer …. and both with family….

We’re not wealthy … Just lucky :)

August 2011 we will be spending a week in SCOTLAND!

{The original plan was to go to Ireland and I was going to get this guidebook, but Scotland will do just fine!}

First, let’s look at the weather …

According to one of the main Scotland tourism sites:

So …. that sounds fun :) Good thing I recently got some cute rainboots! PLUS: We’ve already been caught in the rain while on vacation … I’m sure it’ll be fun!

The city we’ll be based out of:

We’ll be staying the whole week in Aberfeldy, Scotland ….

It’s about 1 hour from Edinburgh, 1 hour from Glasgow and a couple hours from Loch Ness.

Obviously, all those things will keep us quite busy ….

Not to mention the features of Aberfeldy itself – including:

Yes, these are the kinds of things we can look forward to!

Frankly, it sounds like a REALLY small town – no theater (movie or otherwise) and a population of less than 2000?!



My parents got a timeshare at Moness Resort in Aberfeldy. ….. Basically a furnished condo for the week

We’ll be going with my parents, my brother and his girlfriend (Chelsea) …. so the 6 of us will be all in a 2 or 3 bedroom cottage for the week.

One of my constant memories from going on vacations with my family growing up is always going grocery shopping when we reached our destination – because our timeshare unit always had a full kitchen.

Can’t wait to see how that is the same and different in Scotland!

The grounds of this resort look GORGEOUS!

Can’t wait!

That’s all I’ve got for now!

I have the Rick Steves Scotland guidebook in my Amazon cart ready to be purchased ….

I’ve been searching out other travelers’ photos of Edinburgh and Scotland….

I even found this Design*Sponge guide to Edinburgh shopping and food, etc. ….

SO MUCH looking forward to it!!!!

P.S. All Alaska and Scotland posts will eventually end up in the TCS Travel archive …. Have you checked it out yet?


Vacation 2011: The trip is booked!

We have a vacation planned and booked for the last week of June 2011 ….

First of all – I love being able to say we have a vacation booked. It’s a very different thing than having a vacation merely planned. Paying for plane tickets and all makes this much more REAL.

Second of all – this is only the second *real* vacation Andrew and I have gone on together …. It’s going to be AMAZING!

Are you ready? Want to know the plans?

We will be going on an Alaskan cruise (with Princess Cruises) …. leaving Seattle June 26 and returning July 3.

Even better? Andrew’s mom and sister are going too!

A little about our accommodations:

We will be sailing on the Sapphire – and we’re splurging a bit on a room with a balcony

We’re pretty excited to be sitting out there on our days at sea … coffee, books, views of the glaciers.

It’s going to be gorgeous …

Our room is not too far from Kaitlin and Julie’s and we’ll have our dinners together (along with, of course, whatever we do during the days)

A little about our itinerary:

We will be sailing roundtrip out of Seattle.

Four ports (if you include the 4 hours we’ll be in Victoria) and some scenic cruising ….

I am anticipating it being very relaxing …

We haven’t begun to plan our shore excursions at all, but I can tell you that I have plans to take 4 or 5 cameras :)

I went on an Alaska cruise about 8 years ago with my family – so if I can find them I’ll try to post some old photos as we lead up to the trip this summer!

Have you ever been on a cruise?


Mexico Cruise – Sunday

Sunday Sunday!

Our last day on the cruise …

Once again, the other girls were out until 5a or so, while I went to bed at a reasonable Midnight the night before.

Which means when I woke up, got showered, left, ate breakfast and was out on the pool deck by 9:30a – I was pretty much the only one there …..

Except for the families with little kids. Which, by the way, why on earth would you bring a 6 year old on a party cruise? No idea.

So, Sunday morning was lovely and overcast and even a little bit cold …. I sat up on the pool deck and read my trashy true crime for several hours. All by myself. … It was lovely!

After a few hours I went back down to the cabin to get some socks and put on jeans (I had been wearing a dress). It was just too cold!

Then back up to the deck for lunch and more reading …. but this time I ran into the other bridesmaids …

Up by the pool, they had a ‘hairiest chest’ contest. So, um. That was cool.

I had what I think was the best meal of the weekend : Mongolian BBQ from the pool-side grill. I finally got my fill of vegetables .. :)

But around 2p or so it started to get too sunny for me.

I am NOT a sunbather (can you tell?) … and too much heat makes me feel sick. So, what did I do?

I embraced hanging out by myself for the day and went back into our cabin to read (and/or nap) ….

visited by Kaitlin …. and my cabin mates …

… and a nice, peaceful afternoon ….

Until Heather came back to the cabin.

She sings loudly and not too well when she’s been drinking :)

Sunday night before dinner we did a little lingerie shower for Kaitlin in one of the lounges ….

And Kaitlin gifted the rest of us with super cute, personalized glasses and some other goodies …

Sweet girl.

“diamond” ring shot glasses …

On to dinner …. more dancing (Macarena) and entertainment by the waiters …



That’s right. I went to bed. Around 1130p or so.

Big big partier.

We had to be out of our cabin by 8a on Monday morning … and I like sleep …

Again, the other girls were out til God knows how long.

On Monday morning, I was taking something over to Kaitlin’s cabin … and when I got to the door their alarm was still going off. And apparently had been for close to 10 minutes.

So I pounded on the door to wake them up.

Yea, I’m not really afraid of annoying people that way.

But, I had to pound so long and so hard that I bruised my hand.

True story.

The end.

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Mexico Cruise – Saturday

Saturday of our cruise was “in port” in Ensenada, Mexico.

Since many of our fellow cruisers were off the ship, breakfast/pool deck/etc was delightfully un-crowded.

We all got up, ate, and took our sweet time about it …

Getting off the ship, there is a little building *right* away to buy junk souvenirs. Shot glasses, magnets, sun glasses, etc. There’s also a shuttle to take you into town if you don’t want to walk …

The shuttle dropped us off in this dingy run down parking lot/alley … just a couple blocks away from this metropolitan center (sense the sarcasm):

OK. Again. This is NOT a *real* cruise. This 3-day-to-Ensenada cruise is just a 3 day party.

Ensenada is apparently only in existence to take money from American tourists. Everyone speaks English. Everyone takes U.S. dollars. Everyone is *hustling* to get your attention and get your money.

I guess I can say that I’ve been to Mexico now, but not really. I want to go to REAL Mexico … old colonial sites and broken attempts at Spanish and such.

We went to Papas & Beer and got these (extremely watered-down) margaritas …. Maria, Sarah and Kaitlin got shots too …. and Heather, Nichole and Cambria were hounded by street vendors. Ah, tourism :)

We ended up back on the ship after maybe only an hour or so in port …. And I spent the afternoon reading on deck …

Lovely. Really, all I want to do is read …

Dinner Saturday night was “formal” night …. although all the girls (except me) were dressing up nice each night …

Friday night, Katie got a table-neighbor to promise to buy us all shots if she got up and danced with the waiters (that may sound crazy, but you’ll see when you go on a cruise. The wait staff in the dining room is ALWAYS entertaining us with choreography) …

So Saturday night, they delivered 16 ‘lemon drops’ (15 for us, and one for Katie’s new friend) …. Pretty sure this is limoncello and a little bit of sugar, because it tasted like gasoline.

I didn’t drink mine.

After dinner … we went to see a stand-up comedian in one of the lounges …

The bridesmaids got us all these black/pink boas to wear (I love a good diva-boa)! And we found pink feathers EVERYWHERE the next day :)

Like I mentioned before, there were many many more bachelorette parties on the cruise. We did boas, these girls did wigs! Super cute …

The comedian (I forget his name) was *kind of* funny … Really he was more angry at his ex-wife and made all kinds of anti-marriage jokes. Which I don’t really find funny.

But I’m happily married, so maybe it’s just me.

Um, and then, guess what I did!

That’s right! I went to bed … around midnight …. and everyone else was out til 3 or 5a again ….

But I got a good night sleep …. which is really one of my favorite things :)


Firenza, Italy | Tuesday Night Zuppa Disaster

After our wonderful sunny day in the Tuscan Countryside tasting wine, olive oil and a traditional Italian home-cooked meal everyone was kind of beat.  The next day Angela and Devo had a full day of getting married and I think most of us just wanted to relax and be available to help prepare for the wedding in any way we could.  For myself and Devo this meant getting soup for Angela and Amy.

Andrew, pre soup

Angela, Amy, Devo and I are lounging around at our bed & breakfast and we’re getting kind of hungry (I’m not sure how, since we’d eaten a huge meal earlier) and Angela mentions that she’d like some soup.  Not just any soup, but Matzah Ball Soup.  Sure, that should be easy to find in Florence.  If we can’t find that she’ll take a soup that is not tomato based.  At first this task didn’t seem so difficult, just go find a restaurant and tell them in our broken Italian that we’d like 4 soups to go.  Devo and I first hit up the restaurant directly across the alley from the B&B and check the menu.  No matzah ball soup.  Luckily for us there are restaurants everywhere and most of them have a menu posted outside their doors.

We’re passing restaurant after restaurant and most of them offer one soup, but not all of them.  And it’s usually Minestrone.   Then Devo remembers that he and Angela and a few friends had gone to a restaurant and become friends (kinda) with one of the waiters.  It’s right across the street, so we walk over there and we’re looking like tourists at the menu.  We don’t see soup.  But then a waitress walks out and recognized Devo from the other night and asks if we need help (in broken English of course).  Devo explains that we want ‘zuppa’ to go.  She replies that they don’t really carry soup, but will make some for us.  Awesome!  Score, now what do we want in it?  “Pollo” and “Noodle” Devo says.  “Noodle?” responds the waitress.  Yes, we feel like idiots.  “Ummmm, pasta!” Devo says quickly trying to correct the obvious out-of-towner blunder we’ve just made.  She asks us to come inside where Devo recognizes the waiter from the last time they were there and they start joking around and then he tells us that Yes they can make us soup to go, but they don’t have a to-go container so we’d need to bring them one.

oh, ok.  There’s not really a KMart on the corner to buy tupperware, and the host of the B&B has gone to bed and there’s a note in her kitchen that says to stay out of the drawers.  Devo and I rush back to the B&B after like 20-30 minutes of searching for soup and excitedly tell the girls that we found a restaurant to custom make us some soup, but that we don’t know what the heck we’ll bring it back in.  Some of our ideas were, a plastic trash bag, empty water bottles, just steal/borrow a few bowls from the B&B.  We leave the B&B empty-handed and I have an idea.   We can’t buy a bowl or tupperware anywhere because it’s too late, but maybe if we buy 4 large gelato bowls we can get those filled up.  We head to a Gelato shop and buy 4 empty bowls.  yes, the people think we’re crazy.  But the largest of the sizes is still tiny, remember, this isn’t America where a large ice cream is 72 oz.  We’re heading to the restaurant and I start realizing that this is a stupid idea.  I hand the gelato cups to Devo and I say something like “I’m going with you but you’re handing them these cups”  We walk into the restaurant and the waiter looks at us expectantly with a grin.  It turns into an even bigger grin and a huge laugh when Devo pulls the four gelato cups out from behind his back.  Now everyone in the restaurant is cracking up at the two Americans.  The waiter is pointing to Devo and miming blowing his brains out just laughing at how moronic these cups are.  It was awkward and also hilarious.  The guys finally bring some rinsed out (barely) old tupperware from the back and proceed to make our soup, but we have now assured them we will bring their tupperware back the next day (the wedding day).

gelato containers

Devo and I head back to the B&B, champions of zuppa, feeling a little touristy and embarrassed, but champions none the less.  We walked into the girls room, just cracking up and told them our tale.  We all joked about how when we went back the next day to return the tupperware that the staff would have brought their friends and families to point and laugh at us, or how Angela and Devo would go in their wedding attire and take pictures in front of the staff. We then proceeded to pour the soup into the gelato cups that had so embarrassed us.

soup in tupperware

soup in gelato cup

The next day, I returned the tupperware in the late morning, they were barely open and no one was there ridiculing me. Afterwards I made my way to Giotto’s Tower for a solo climb up 400+ steps.  A beautiful way to start a wedding day.

I’m not gonna lie, this is one of my favorite memories ever.  Some kind of strange adventure, a simple adventure.  If Angela, or Amy or Devo thinks I left anything out, please comment.

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