Feels like Fall

Fall has been in SoCal for a few weeks now …. all of a sudden, it was a Sunday afternoon and I needed socks and a sweater to go outside! Just out of nowhere …. it was heaven.

There are not a lot of trees on our street, so I can’t judge the season by the leaves, but we have other external triggers that make it feel like fall in my heart:

  • craving soup
  • Santa Ana winds
  • apples/peanut butter
  • turning fan off when we sleep
  • apple cider
  • scary movies
  • hoodies
  • watching ‘Band of Brothers’
  • baked potatoes
  • cinnamon in the coffee
  • dry skin
  • scarves
  • candy corn
  • extra blankets
  • wearing socks around the house

I know ‘My So-Called Life’ reminds Maggie of fall … what are some other triggers you have?