Project Dig Deep

I am so excited to share with you a Project Life ebook I’ve contributed to! Project Dig Deep offers ideas and tips for telling even MORE stories with the Project Life structure.

Project Dig Deep – from Ella Publishing – comes out today! You may have already caught a sneak peek on the Big Picture Classes blog, but today you can grab the full book – from Becky Higgins and 7 contributors including me!

Save $3! Introductory price of $6.99 ends November 30. Regularly $9.99.

Becky Higgins’ Project Life system, which is built around the idea of scrapbooking quickly inside divided page protectors, has revolutionized the way thousands of people approach memory keeping.

We’re thrilled to unveil the first eBook to dive deep into the Project Life system, revealing seven amazing strategies that could revolutionize the way you approach Project Life!

This is your chance to join seven avid scrapbookers as they get inspired by their own recent scrapbook pages and then “dig deep” to tell seven types of expanded stories within their ongoing Project Life albums.

Whether you scrapbook chronologically or in a story-based format, you’ll love these concrete strategies for discovering and sharing meaningful stories. You’ll be inspired to expand on a loved one’s personality, flash back to the past, show off a photo tour of a beloved place, create a tribute page to a loved one who has passed on, explore an important relationship, and more!

Meaningful, story-based scrapbooking has never been easier – or more fun.

Buy Project Dig Deep here

Some of my contributions include a photo of my living room before it was cleaned and a photo of my at 15 years old. You know, real winners!

Or check out some more sample pages here and on the ebook’s full description:

Don’t forget to grab your copy!

And check out the sites of the other contributors:


For more Project Life inspiration follow their Pinterest Board, Join the free BPC community or visit


I am hosting a Project Life chat later this morning!

See below for more details…



Big Picture Classes is hosting a week-long BOOK PARTY all this week to celebrate Project Dig Deep! The contributors will be popping in throughout the week to participate in Project Life chats.

You can register for the Project Life Community for free ahead of time to be part of all the chats with contributors, giveaways, downloads and all.

MY CHAT will be LATER THIS MORNING at 10a PT / 1p ET – Please come join me and we’ll chat about Project Life!

Have you grabbed your copy of the ebook yet?


Team Schubert Autumn minibook

This fall I will be maintaining a little mini-scrapbook to help us remember the details of the season.

Autumn is so special to Andrew and me – we fell in love 10 years ago this fall … We got married 6 years ago this fall… We have so many fun traditions and special plans for every fall.

It’s just the best!

If you would like to see a little bit more of how this was put together, please visit Lemon and Raspberry. Also, future book updates will be posted there (not here)…..

But since Autumn is such a Team-Schubert THING I thought you all would like a little peek :)


Um. Yep, that’s it.

The weather here in SoCal is only BARELY cooling off, so I only feel like it’s been really fall for the last week or so….

Never fear – lots of pages and stories to add!


As you read this we are deep into our Alaska cruise, and (ideally) my travel journal is at least halfway full.

Over our last several trips I’ve concocted different forms and versions of a travel journal … but it’s a constantly changing process, so I was wondering if any of you have tips for recording memories while you’re traveling?

When I was growing up, I remember my mom keeping a spiral bound notebook just for writing in, along with some page protectors to hold the pamphlets and ticket stubs and other goodies from the trip.

The first big trip Andrew and I went on, I didn’t bother to really keep any kind of travel journal, but put a scrapbook together pretty soon after we came home…

Then, in the last couple years, going to England and Italy, I’ve intentionally brought along a journal for recording (when I made the time) and keeping odds and ends.

You can see a step-by-step of my Italy travel journal here at Campfire Chic

And now, of course, I’m trying something a little different for Alaska. (and have some more different ideas for our Scotland trip in a couple months) ….

From an etsy shop – renovated books – we got this vintage book that is rebound with blank pages in it … I say “we” because Andrew has promised to write in it

I personalized it a bit with some minor decorations and added details of our own inside.

Most of the book is blank still, of course.


I also purchased Ali Edwards’ Scrapbook on the Road class for ideas of how to efficiently manage and record memories while you’re traveling (I am tentatively planning on doing a review of the class on Lemon and Raspberry when we return from Alaska)

In addition to simply WRITING stories in the travel journal, I’m bringing some bits and bobs to embellish (a teeny bit) and several different adhesives (stapler, paper clips, etc) to pop the pamphlets, ticket stubs and all right into the book.

Tentatively planning on paper-clipping the Instax mini photos in where I want them, so I can scan them when we return home, and then adhere them more permanently to the travel journal.

We’ll see….


You can see more photos of our prepped Alaska travel journal at Lemon and Raspberry.

So, basically I have lots of blank pages to fill. I’m not *great* at sitting down and making the time to journal while we’re traveling, but I’m hoping with all the time “at sea” on this trip I’ll be better at it.

What do you do when you’re traveling? Do you try to record the memories while you’re there? Do you wait til you get home? Do you just bring a video camera so you can capture it all?

I’m interested to hear all kinds of different ideas!


I am so excited to announce the launch of my newest website and venture : Lemon and Raspberry!

Lemon and Raspberry is a website/blog that will be updated regularly (daily, possibly) on a variety of topics that fall under the umbrella of arts, crafts, inspiration and photography.

I have a lot of fun things planned – included DIY projects, photography lessons, online chats, blogging resources and maybe even an etsy site with some handmade creations.

I’d love if you joined me over there every day and your feedback is most welcome….


In honor of the new site, today I am launching a FREE ebook on better photography.

This 29 page pdf features 3 really easy ways to make your images even better.

All the steps are completely do-able with any camera you have – do NOT think you need to buy a fancy dSLR to make better images.

Each of the 3 steps includes

  • the how and why
  • possible drawbacks
  • unexpected advantages
  • examples from my photography and others
  • extra credit projects

This ebook is completely free. No need to shell out a couple bucks or join a mailing list. Just download it to your computer and start playing!

Please click on the image below to visit Lemon and Raspberry ….


Tonight. Daniel is in town.

tonight Andrew and Daniel (brother in law) and I are heading out to the Paper Heart … it sounds like it should be a scrapbooking store, but it’s not … to see one of my favoritest bands play — Obadiah Parker … check out their website … if you live in the area, come by the SubCulture Cafe, tomorrow night where they will also be playing …

Today was a rotten rotten day at work … for numerous reasons which need not be elaborated … but, then I did a good deed by taking my friend Eddie to get a car battery (stupid mustang).

… and then I picked up Daniel from the airport … that kid always makes me laugh … [photo courtesy of Melissa Jill Photography] … and we got some Del Taco!! — Chicken soft tacos w/ extra secret sauce … fantastic … there needs to be more Del Tacos in AZ …

Then I come home and there’s a brand new scrapbooking magazine waiting for me! … CK … ah … the joys of scrapbooking … problem is looking through a mag always makes me want to scrap … and I can’t at the moment (between out of town guests and homework, I can’t really make the mess) … sigh. ….

BUT! I am scrapping on Sunday … w/ my monthly group … ‘scrappy happy’ or ‘scrap it’ or whatever we’re calling ourselves … i don’t even know. … anyway … our monthly date is this Sunday … for lots of hours — I’m thinking 5 or 6 — and I already have my crate full of Disneyland pics … honeymoon pics … mmm .. . lovely disneyland … it’ll be wonderful … can’t wait to post what i’ve done … Disneyland pics are always SO happy and so cheerful and so full of color and love … and honeymoon/Disneyland pics must be even better … and Christmas/Disneyland/honeymoon/Disneyland’s 50th anniversary must be even better than that! … . but maybe I’m biased … we’ll see. ..

And I had a brilliant idea for a scrapbook album … not exactly my idea, …. I kind of stole it/morphed it from Elsie Flannigan … she created an album, and posted it on 2peas of her Basic Grey Be Bold contest submission (I think she got an honorable mention) … and I LOVE it … the first page is a large pic of she and her husband, and in white pen over the pic she wrote a letter to their future children/grandchildren … and the album is basically so their descendants can kind of see into their life as a young couple … pages about where they like to go to dinner, and nicknames for each other … very inspiring …

so, I thought, I could do a similar album for me and andrew … I’m thinking, a title page … “schubert family, est. 2005″ and other random pages … like my slipper blog from a few weeks ago … and a page about drinking cider … and another about how we often just sit in the same room and read for hours … things like that that really, in a physical way, manifest our relationship, and who we are together … I’m very excited to get started …

we’re having lasagna for dinner before the show … smells like it’s done!



my first layout (or LO for you scrappers) with paint …

I like it …

the BNL in the top left could be better (next time w/ foam stamps) … but in general I like it a lot and I foresee a lot more paint in my future …

Excuse the slight blurring … that’s what comes from stitching pictures …


Monday evening …

I should be going to class … but I’m not. After this last week (as you can see by reading below) I’m just not up for it … plus not feeling well … I think I’m psychologically making that out to be more than it is … so. I’m home.

Scanning pictures/slides all day … It feels good to get that stuff done … even though it’s not as ‘responsible’ as doing homework, or cleaning … it’s still stuff that needs to be done …

Other stuff that needs to be done: finish Alaska scrapbook.

I have journaling for the last … 4 or 5 days left to do … and then I’m basically done. … 2 and a half years later …

assuming, of course, I get that journaling done in the next few weeks …

I’d like to move on to my honeymoon (Disneyland!) pictures … anybody want to finish Alaska for me?

I just don’t have anything else to say … I don’t remember all the details now … which, of course makes it more difficult …

This is my title page, by the way … it’s a huge album.


lots of thinking today …

so … today. … not going to work … have class in a few hours … I’ve been having a very … cerebral (?is that the word I want) morning of homework and dreaming and brainstorming …

I’ve been reading Elsie Flannigan’s blog ( all morning … that girl is awesome … she’s pretty much my age (w/in a few months, I think) and she’s doing exactly what she wants … scrapping and designing and creating … along with working in an art studio (I think) part time and being fabulously happy w/ her husband …

This girl also had a (short) career in wedding photography, and doesn’t appear to have any formal training in any of these things … which makes me wonder if I really want to go to school forever to get a PhD …

I would love love love to be a photographer (like, or … I would love to be able to scrap 6 hours/day (like Elsie) … but I also love my English classes … so, the question is … do I have to choose?

do I quit school (part way through my Masters program) and start all over in a new career? Hoping I can do it? Do I finish my degrees as planned (get my PhD and go on to be a professor) and pursue photography/scrapping on the side? Do I need a degree in photography? Do I like English enough to teach it? Am I good enough at either to be successful? How much artsy stuff can I do while still in graduate school? Any thoughts?

I’ve been planning my photography/scrapping company today too … the name/colors/website/logo/services/prices, etc … I need to talk to Andrew about all of this, of course …

So … that’s today … I’m going to do some more design dreaming, even though I should be doing homework!

Ah well …

PS. tentative name … “Blithe Images” … a very slight reference to some books that always inspire me … Anne of Green Gables, etc. …