Andrew and Liz’s Malibu hike

The week that Liz was in town, Andrew actually had several days off!

That Monday the 2 of them decided to go hiking – they went to Malibu so Liz could visit the beach as well.

And Andrew, bless his heart, thought to bring me back the trail map so I could include it in my Project Life spread for that week. That guy must love me.

They hiked part of the Ocean View Trail (near the bottom of this image below)…. and at one point ran down a hill.

Then for the rest of the week, both Liz and Andrew ACHED! Especially their shins, I think, from running full speed down a hill!

Andrew loves hiking (and I do not), so I think it was nice for him to have a new hiking partner for a day!


Leo Carrillo with Lori

Sunday morning when Lori was in town, Andrew also had off, so we brainstormed an activity that we could do together…

Enter: Sunday morning beach visit.

Andrew and I really enjoy going to the beach early on a weekend morning … before the bulk of the people get there.

This particular morning was *extremely* overcast and foggy ….

We definitely needed sweaters.

Which is pretty much my favorite beach weather.

We brought some fruit and books and just relaxed for an hour or so ….

Since we’ve gotten our iPhones, Andrew has been playing with various audio-related apps.

He climbed down the cliff a ways and recorded “field recordings” of the waves/etc on his phone.

That boy is the coolest. I think Andrew is just so interesting ….

Nearby was a man fishing off the rocks. ….. stalked by a seagull.

The tide came in while we were there ….

And as we were leaving ….

Going North on PCH was what appeared to be a race. Lambourghini race.

It was so strange.

These hot-shot muscle cars speeding up a narrow coastal highway, in between Toyotas and Hondas and all ….

Then on to lunch at Jim’s Fallbrook Market. I need to blog about that place.

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Kaitlin chose her wedding venue and I LOVE IT!!

Not that it matters what I think – when you’re a bridesmaid your job is to say “yes, ma’am” when the bride tells you her plans …. but I am soooo glad she chose this place.

We will be attending nuptials at (yes, this is how it is spelled):

Malibou Lake Mountain Club

Read about the history of the club here – includes a small explanation of the spelling…

The location is amazing … it is in the mountains between Agoura Hills and Malibu, down a small side street, in a neighborhood of big houses near Mulholland drive. You can see a neighboring house in one of the photos below.

When you drive up, you go through big gates and enter the parking lot (on the left) with the building and lawn on the right.

The building itself has a big front porch (where cocktail hour will be) and big windows on 2 sides.

The lawn is ginormous ….. it lines the building (with a rose garden in between), overlooks the lake, and is lined with big trees wrapped in white Christmas lights on 2 sides.

The ceremony will be held outdoors just a few hours before sunset. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous.





We went to check it out before seeing Legally Blonde. This was one of the first locations she looked at and loved it immediately. I guess she kept comparing every other location to this one.

Eventually, she found another one that she liked and when she came by to pick me up this morning Kaitlin flat out told me she had pretty much decided on another location, but she wanted to show me this place just in case.

And then, once there, she changed her mind back again.

It must have been my irresistible power of persuasion. Because I LOVE this place.

Andrew came too, and he took this pic. Depending on the time of day and the weather/shade, the ceremony will be around where we’re standing, possibly in view of the lake.



Andrew was in a good mood … and when he’s in a good mood he talks a lot. A lot of nonsense. This photo was taken just after Julie said, with a total straight face, looking square at Andrew, “Sometimes my mouth runs like a faucet, too.”


You can see the porch and it’s relation to the lawn in the photo below.


I think the cake will be displayed in that big windowed alcove pictured below (right of the frame)





We went around the back to find an open door, and (truthfully) I was keeping my eyes peeled for sites for photos. I’m sorry, it’s just the way I think …


The reception will be held indoors in the main ballroom … there will be just enough space for all the guests to be seated and an area set aside for a dance floor (although, there won’t actually be room to lay down a separate wooden dance floor).

I love this place because it’s so unique. It doesn’t have that sameness that so many hotels and country clubs can have.

Plus, the palette is white/gray. So easy to bring your own wedding character to a room like this. Unlike a hotel with teal-ish carpet, or purple curtains.

Plus, look at those chandeliers! gorgeous gorgeous.








So excited !!

They do catering (and I think the cake) through the venue, so that’s about 3 major aspects of the wedding done/planned/booked/etc.

And, now there is a for-sure date, so we can start looking at photographers, DJs, local hotels and other things.

So excited.

I love weddings.


Dinner at sunset on the beach in Malibu

You have probably gathered by now that I love being married to Andrew and we love living in Southern California.

Sunday, by chance, we both happened to have the day off… we were productive (trip to Costco), we were lazy (watched ‘All About Eve’) and then all of a sudden it was 5p.

Andrew is fantastically creative and spontaneous and no day with him is ever dull …. so…

(his idea)

For dinner, we picked up pizza at Mulberry Street Pizzeria (a little hole-in-the-wall on Ventura Blvd that he has been wanting me to try) and drove out to Malibu to have dinner on the beach at sunset.

Mulberry Street Pizza on the beach














  • A lot of people were leaving by that time of day, so we didn’t have to fight for parking or a spot in the sand.
  • Sunset in Malibu? GORGEOUS
  • The weather/temperature was lovely and much cooler than at home.
  • inexpensive date night with almost no pre-planning required.


  • The pizza was just OK (not great) and was almost cold by the time we finally got to the beach.
    • Next time, we’ll just find/try a new place actually in Malibu
  • Andrew got tar-foot from the sand.

Already added to my unofficial list of adventures I love in Southern California.


SoCal Vignettes – The Wave of Flags

Monday we made a special trip to Malibu to see the Wave of Flags on Pepperdine’s front lawn.
I first heard about this 9/11 memorial here, on Sunday afternoon. One of the many reasons I love keeping up with blogs.

I don’t know why I hadn’t heard about this anywhere else. The only news article I could find on it was this little tiny LA Times blog.

Sounds like it was only up for a week (which means it is probably gone by now), and intended to honor the 3000 dead on 9/11.

When we went Monday (on the way to work) there were hardly any people there.

It was just amazing to walk through. The flags were set up in a kind of L shape, so there wasn’t really anyway to see all of them at once.

The wind was perfect that time of day, and all the flags were very much on display.

I am so so grateful I was able to go take pictures and that I learned about this early enough. It was really amazing to be there, walking through, reflecting. Totally aside from any politics of the attack or the war or anything.

Andrew was driving me to work that day (car at the mechanic), and it was his idea to stop by after work (1130p) to see how the flags were lit at night.














Beach day (plus Laurel Canyon)

That’s right.

We went to the beach again on Sunday.

I’m really sorry, Nicole. You’re welcome to visit anytime.

We took a longer way around. Mulholland Hwy instead of Malibu Canyon. Much windier and higher. But totally surrounded by trees. It was really pretty.

And, when we came out the other side of the mountain, this is what we saw.

So gorgeous that Andrew had to stop. Which he rarely does before the final destination.



Once we got through to PCH, we ended up at Leo Carrillo again. Same beach as last time. It’s so secluded there. Since we go in the morning, there’s hardly any people at all.

It was a lot sunnier than the last couple times. We both got a little burned. But just a little.

We’ve got all sorts of plans for the beach. A regular morning thing. And when we live closer, we’ll go more often, and we’ll go early. And we’ll take coffee in to-go cups and fresh fruit in a cooler for breakfast.

It’s going to be heavenly.







Just to Andrew’s right is a cave/tunnel …


Which you look through to see this …


Ok this next one … I was sitting up on a rock … minding my own business … when this wave came out of nowhere and splashed way up! …. I took this REALLY quickly before pulling my camera away from the water. I’ve got mad skills. No cameras were splashed in the making of this photo.



We saw quite a few Woody’s … so cool.

So SoCal.

I’m currently loving vintage cars A LOT. I want to take pics of each one I see.


We left the beach around noon-ish and drove to Studio City so Andrew could show me a bit of the house where he has been helping do some recording.

It’s just off of Laurel Canyon, so we drove through Studio City.

I love driving by big houses. I love looking at houses. In case you guys haven’t caught on, I’m slightly obsessed with buying a house.

All these are taken from our moving car, all on Laurel Canyon.

I love the doors, I love the trees, I love the windows.

so gorgeous.

Not that I want to live right on Laurel Cyn, but you know.







After our little drive, on the way home we stopped for lunch.

At Menchie’s

Frozen Yogurt.

Oh my goodness so good. This is on my list of places to take out-of-town guests.

It’s self-serve and you pay by the weight (which means you can get as little or as much as you want).

Yogurt like Dark Chocolate and Strawberry, but also Georgia Peach and Cake Batter.

The toppings include the expected (marshmallows, chocolate chips, coconut, etc), the pleasant surprise (fresh fruit) and the totally unexpected (fruity pebbles cereal, cookie dough chunks).

Did I say yet how good?

Did I say yet, this is what I had for lunch?


The final result -

Swirled Georgia Peach and Kiwi-Strawberry Sorbet, topped with fresh kiwi and fresh strawberries, as well as little yogurt chips.



So, when you come visit us – this is where we’ll go!


another malibu morning

Another beach morning for Andrew and me …

The trick — when going to the beach on a Sunday — is to go EARLY.

We left the house early enough to do breakfast at the Hideaway Cafe (which is part of the Malibu Country Inn) …. No waiting AND perfect ocean-view table.

Taken from my seat. That is my coffee cup in the foreground, with the ocean seen through the fence.

This guy visited us while we were eating … and then hopped along the fence to the people sitting next to us — where he got a grape the size of his head.

Garden and cafe front

Then we drove up PCH a bit to just past the turn off for Leo Carrillo beach. Parked on PCH, and followed this path …

… to a cliff above the beach.

Andrew and I climbed down the cliff — very awkwardly since I was in a skirt and flip flops. Only to discover there was a staircase about 20 feet away.

squinty from tiredness and taking off his shades

Then we got home around 1130 and went to hang out with my family.


Seen in L.A. (Malibu edition)

Seen in L.A. (introduction)

Seen in L.A. (II)

RV parked along side the beach, with camping chairs set out, and an overhang making the perfect morning reading spot.

Little kid getting knocked over by a wave, his dad trying not to laugh as he runs to grab him saying, “I told you to watch out for the waves.” Little kid sputtering water as he tries to gain his footing and his little swim trunks sliding off his bottom.

High school boy in full-fledged mohawk running down the beach.

Shark kite

Strangely named “point Dume”

Police officer and tow truck clearing out the “no parking anytime” section of beach-side street. Really nice car being towed

Incredibly, empty beach-side lots. For sale. No construction in site.

Organized, high-school age sand-soccer game. Yellow vs. Blue.