Seen in L.A. (V)

Seen in L.A. (intro)

  • sparkly silver toddler-sized converse shoes. first the left shoe … then the right shoe about ? a block later
  • 4 men’s shirts hanging in dry-cleaning bags from a tree branch
  • young mom (or babysitter) stopping to steal fruit from a tree in the front yard of one of the houses on Bundy
  • 2 splotches of vomit in the middle of the sidewalk – in front of a grocery store
  • 2 houses being completely rebuilt from the ground up – 1 on either side of a house being left alone.
  • Fruit street-food cart. Complete with lots of ice to keep it all cool

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Now that I’ve been doing this walk from my car to the work building for 5 years, I notice far fewer oddities. It all seems normal, now.

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Annenberg Beach House

A few weeks ago, I assisted Maggie on a photo shoot at the Annenberg Beach House.

I read about the Annenberg Beach House YEARS ago in a little blurb in Vanity Fair ….and sine then I’ve been just waiting for a reason to go.

From their website:

The Annenberg Community Beach House at Santa Monica State Beach is a public facility located on 5 acres of oceanfront property. The Beach House story is one of evolution from private to public, starting with the development of the property at 415 Pacific Coast Highway as an opulent private estate in the 1920s.

Go read the full history of it ….. The property started out as Marion Davies’s private home. Can you IMAGINE living right on the beach like that? I want to read all kinds of mid-century Hollywood histories!

Today, the Annenberg Beach House is gorgeous and relaxing … I believe you need to make an appointment to swim in the pool, but otherwise its free to park, free to visit, free to hang out on the long boardwalk in front of it.

Check out some photos from our afternoon ..

annenberg  013

annenberg  014

annenberg  016

annenberg  020

annenberg  023

annenberg  030

annenberg  034

annenberg  047


Filming in our neighborhood

There was some filming in our neighborhood at the end of August.

Our city likes to attract filming. For those of you who may not know, we’re only 30 or 40 minutes north of Los Angeles, and surrounded by ranch property and hills/national forests, so it’s a great place to go that’s nearby but NOT the city. We’re always watching TV shows or movies and thinking “Santa Clarita” …  anything from Arrested Development to Little Miss Sunshine to Weeds to NCIS. Episodes of Freaks and Geeks was filmed in his neighborhood when Andrew was growing up, and his parents’ house is clearly visible in at least one episode.

They make up little placards to put on everyone’s door to let you know, and block off street parking for several streets all around the actual filming.

In our case, they didn’t *officially* have permits to block off parking on our street …. they just got there early enough to park anyway. I think the catering truck was parked in front of our house Thursday and Friday. And that’s a BIG pile of bags of ice you see on the sidewalk just in front of our house.

They filmed Thursday, Friday, and then again Monday and Tuesday of the next week.

The catering truck was set up in front of our house, but the catering tent (where the cast and crew actually sat to eat) was down the hill a bit in a public park.

filming  004

filming  005

filming  006

filming  007


The Schuberts go house hunting (part 9)

News! News! We have news!

This is actually kind of a super-exciting edition of The Schuberts go House Hunting – complete with ACTUAL NEWS!

For past chapters:

And what is our news?

Last week we actually met with our realtor!

Yes, friends, that’s right …. We have OFFICIALLY started out house-shopping process!

I seriously am so excited, as well as incredibly nervous! I’m impatient but also worried. …. Every emotion you can imagine when house shopping for the first time.

There are a ton of details that went into our decision to start shopping now…. But the biggest one is that my job has recently become exponentially more unbearable, and I can’t imagine staying there very long. I need the *option* to start job-hunting – but I have nearly 5 years job history there that we will need to qualify for a home loan.

So! We have a target price in mind, and *nearly* a 20% down payment. We know based on that target price that we will likely be buying in Saugus (where I grew up) or MAYBE Canyon Country, and most likely be buying a short sale (or maybe even foreclosure).

I’m actually OK with that. …. I don’t mind having to do work on our home where we hope to live for awhile. Especially since once we buy I can quit this stupid job.

I know I mentioned before that moving to SCV is slightly depressing. But Saugus is near Andrew’s family, some of my family and pretty much the only place remotely near Andrew’s work that we would be able to buy a house that ALSO allows me to quit my job. Plus, house with yard! A yard! and trees! I’m so excited!

So far we have:

  • Met with the realtor (Bryan from Firehouse Team Real Estate – referred to us by a friend of mine)
  • Met with the mortgage broker (referred to us by Bryan)
  • got pre-approved for our target budget
  • started getting listings in our budget/guidelines emailed to us every day
  • spent hours poring over said listings.
  • spent Sunday driving through neighborhoods, getting a better idea of what we’re looking at
  • identified a small handful of houses we’d like to tour …

That’s as of this typing …. We are planning on going to actually look at individual houses w/ Bryan some day this week.

The nice thing is – we’re not in any rush. We’re month-to-month on our apartment and can take as long as we want. The other nice thing is – we have very similar tastes. I already went through and ‘discarded’ all the houses w/ no front yards and $180 HOA fees. I just know neither Andrew nor I would ever want to live in a house like that – regardless of the square footage.

We’re so excited!

If you have any house-buying tips, please leave them in the comments below.

We’ll keep you posted as we do more hunting, figure out specifically what we want, etc.

P.S. I need to come up with some kind of image banner for this series, as I foresee many more updates and more often

P.P.S. Anyone have a strong feeling re: evap cooling versus central AC? I feel like we shouldn’t turn down a good deal just because there’s no central AC since that is something we can install at a later date. What do you think?


breakfast with the family


As in …. I make Andrew be extra birthday-nice to me all month….

Also, it helps to reinforce birthday month when we don’t celebrate with Kaitlin and Joe until mid-way through the month ….

Way to stretch it out :)

Over the weekend, Kaitlin, Joe and Chris came up from OC to go to breakfast (at noon) with us for my birthday!

There’s a place near us that we had heard good things about and never tried – and I LOVE breakfast restaurants….. I don’t know what it is about them. They’re so cheery!

So Sunday morning we headed over to More than Waffles for a (very) late breakfast….

We got to hear about what is new in Chris’s life … about how Katie and Joe are getting exchange students from China for the summer … talked about our Alaska cruise (!)


Plus some YUMMY food …. Really very good. Andrew and I have already decided to go back some weekday morning when it is not so crowded ….

Andrew and I got a breakfast burrito and waffles with peaches (and shared both)



Breakfast dates might be my favorite thing ever!

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on cars and living in L.A.

I had a different blog post planned for today … but the beauty of running your own blog is you can change the schedule whenever you like!

Gas is now about $4.25/gallon by our house!

Not a typo. It’s absurd.

We have been saving on gas this week though …. Now that we’re down to one car.

Yep. That’s right.

Down to ONE CAR at the moment.

Tuesday around noon, Andrew left for work …. and came right up back to the apartment about 10 minutes later:

“Um, my car isn’t where I parked it. So I’m going to take your car and drive around the neighborhood and look.”

OK. Awesome. Exactly the way I was planning on spending my mid-April this year.

It’s now Thursday. Day 3 with 1 car. …..

Those of you who have seen it know Andrew’s car is nothing special. 1996 Honda Accord. Really, people. ~$2200 ? What possible reason would someone have for stealing it?

I keep hoping we’ll get that phone call saying it was abandoned perfectly fine a few blocks away. Joy ride, right?


But, the good news is:
One of my coworkers lives just down the street AND works the same shift as me, so I’ve been able to get a ride to work.

The other good news is:
With gas at $4+/gallon I probably should have been carpooling all along

The other good news is:
We HAVE plenty of $ to get a new car. Luckily. There’s no need to apply for a last-minute car loan or anything. That fact alone keeps this from being a stressful situation.

The bad news is:
That $$ was supposed to be for our house down payment. Sigh.

But, living in Los Angeles, with our way different schedules and work locations we’re going to have to get another car soon. It’s nice that my co-worker can take me to work this week … but I’m sure he would appreciate the OPTION of not having to.

L.A. is simply based on a car-culture. I don’t have the option of taking public transportation to work.

Andrew could ride his bike to work, but he runs so many errands as part of his job, he needs a car too.

So, we’re shopping for a second car!

What kind of car do you drive? Do you like it?

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Griffith Observatory with Lori

I love living in L.A……

I love having a reason to go to touristy things….

So when my friend Lori came out for the weekend (and I had an excuse to take time off of work) we FILLED our weekend with the sights (sites?) of Los Angeles…

Luckily for me, Andrew got off early enough Friday night to come with us …

I haven’t been to the Griffith Observatory since I was a kid – elementary school field trips.

Andrew claims he had never been.

The cool thing about the Observatory – besides the fact that both James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause and Dylan McKay went there – is that it’s free! No charge for parking. No charge admission. $7 for the planetarium show.

We decided to just go to the first show when we got there….. They generally alternate between different shows throughout the day, and the show that Andrew happened to get tickets for was Light of the Valkyries

…. which literally started with the guide/lecturer/actor walking down the aisle, holding a huge gold ring and a light and reciting “One ring to rule them all. One ring to bind them…”


The  Observatory is so interesting …. and I very much want to learn about astronomy now.

I think Nikola Tesla is sooo interesting …

love love love love love love love that sunset light …

Full gallery here if you’re interested

I still need to scan the couple Instax minis I took ….

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Seen in L.A. : The Cowboy Festival

  • in the movie museum, sign reading “…. Valkyrie staring Tom Cruise”
  • lots of mud, but surprisingly little horse poop
  • sign reading “temporary air brush tatoos”
  • mariachi band
  • man with tattoos all over his face
  • confederate soldier uniform hats for sale
  • family with 4 little boys, all of them following after their mom like ducklings

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Grammy Museum in Los Angeles

Sunday we went to the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles …. Wow. Seriously. We planned on around an hour or so to see the Elvis at 21 photography exhibit (there til March 28), but we could have easily spent all day at the museum.

Why didn’t anyone tell me!!?

I definitely want to go back to the Grammy Museum and spend more than an hour. You could make this an all-day event. Especially as it’s on the campus of L.A. Live. Go to an early lunch, and then spend the whole afternoon at the museum.

Who’s with me?

{sidenote: we went to lunch at Rosa Mexicano and it was VERY good}

The Grammy Museum has – in addition to the expected displays with photos and text to read – costumes and outfits and TONS of interactive ‘exhibits’ ….

Below:  A listening exhibit where you listen to different songwriters talk about their song-writing process. People like Carole King, Brian Wilson and Ludacris ….

There was an instruments little corner where you could play guitar or drums or other instruments – luckily with headphones so it wasn’t a cacophony in there …

There was a whole section on the recording process… they had (I think) 8 different little sound-booth-sized rooms where you watch a short video and interact based on that part of the recording process (recording, mixing, mastering, rapping, etc).

Below, we see Andrew muting every part of the drum section in the mixing activity.

(that one ALONE was about 8 minutes. So if you did all 8 activities, you’d be just in that part of the at 1 floor for over an hour)

But – the REAL reason we decided to go to the Grammy Museum in the first place was for the Elvis at 21 photo exhibit.

Ohmygoodness it was GORGEOUS.

I love me some young Elvis.

I first heard/read about this exhibit in Vanity Fair (also, I love Vanity Fair) … check out an Elvis – Vanity Fair slideshow here. Love.

Alfred Wertheimer – as a young young photographer – was basically hired to just follow Elvis around for a week or 2 in 1956 and document his life and performances.

What an AMAZING opportunity!

I’m absurdly jealous.. …

I guess Elvis basically allowed unprecedented access …. as if he KNEW that he was going to be huge (in 1956 Elvis was still mostly a regional star and hadn’t quite yet made it to national fame) and knew that there should be documentation.

There was also a small theatre playing a running loop of footage from Elvis’s performances on the Ed Sullivan show.

The photos were just FANTASTIC. All blown up to about 24×36″ …. all these amazing moments of Elvis on stage, back stage, at a restaurant, at home….

I sooo loved it. Totally worth the price of admission just for this photo show.


The downtown Standard – rooftop bar


Our friend Michael came out to L.A. from Phoenix over Halloween weekend. His girlfriend was working out of L.A. for a couple weeks, so he came to visit her and we roped him into visiting us.

Saturday we did breakfast at Cici’s … then back together for Angela and Devo’s wedding reception ….

Sunday we did lunch (ish) at Jerry’s Deli, then I had a meeting (and Andrew went to the beach with them), then I get home Sunday night and Andrew says that Michael and Christina were at a rooftop bar in downtown L.A. and did we want to go.

Now, I’m not a fan of bars, and I’m not a fan of driving/parking downtown. BUT! Since Andrew was driving, and it was for Michael, AND we knew there was a photobooth there … I was in.

Off to the Downtown Standard Hotel

Once we found it, the parking was …. interesting.

In a parking garage of an office building, I think … With VERY detailed instructions on how to get our car out – which included a broken-escalator-as-stairs … and the parking attendant just putting our $5 in his pocket? I was convinced the car would be gone when we got back.

But then …. this rooftop bar over looking the downtown L.A. area …. so fun. So unique. Such a great vibe …

(image above and 2 below lit mostly by the fireplace we were near)



There is a little dance floor, and a few sitting areas … the aforementioned fireplace … and then you go up the little stairs and there is a pool. More lounging areas. Waterbeds in egg-shaped hulls. And an old 1960s movie projected on a neighbor building.




(wow, check out all that light pollution along the horizon. Yikes!)



Crazy fun. Or just crazy. I’m not sure. I have a problem paying $7 for a small glass of Coke. Which is why I don’t go out. I’m a homebody. I’d much rather have people over to our house than go out.

But I always make exceptions for friends in town.

It took us a bit to find the photo booth. Turns out it was in the hallway near the bathrooms … lined with a mirror to blend in even more ….




p.s. We REALLY like Christina. Hope we see her again soon!



Welcome to the new-and-improved!

Team Schubert 1This new site will host the archives and new content for BOTH Andrew and Amy Schubert.

The new look reflects a change in hosting, structure and strategy. We will have more options and choices with the blog in its current form – including allowing BOTH of us to post on the same URL. Double check your bookmarks and RSS feeds.

While the site will remain a platform to chronicle the lives and adventures of those crazy Schuberts [us], you may find the focus shift ever so slightly to better highlight the joy we have living in Southern California.

Any suggestions you may have for field trips, adventures, restaurants, projects – please let us know! I’ve already got a little list started…. and all kinds of other ideas. We need to get a video camera, for sure … and maybe an audio recorder…. (thinking thinking thinking)Those Crazy Schuberts

Yes, the new template will take some getting used to, I know. But, it’s really easy.

At the top of the home page, across the top is basic site navigation. Pages include our ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ info. There will likely be other goodies up there as time goes by. I’m planning a shop and some other things so keep your eyes open.

Also at the top (right) is a search field. So, for example, if you REALLY want to re-read about how I have a girl-crush on Miranda, just search ‘girl-crush’ … and you’ll find not one, but two posts about Miranda! Both from 2006. (don’t worry, M, I’ve loved you in the meantime too)

Just below that, in the ‘Headline’ and ‘Featured’ section will be our favorite posts. Posts that I particularly like the story or the photos, etc. I’m going to try to talk Andrew into ALWAYS making his posts ‘featured,’ since they are so few and far between.

Next, scrolling down, is a horizontal navigation bar highlighting the Categories.

Below that, will be the most recent 5 blog posts, just like in the past.

The sidebar contains the same info as usual, but leaves me more room to add as needed.

The footer contains more info than you’ve seen in the past. Interesting to see which of my posts get the most comments….

Moving forward -

Amy posts regularly Monday through Friday mornings; Andrew posts whenever he feels like it.

Amy’s posts are generally planned in advanced, organized and aesthetically pleasing; Andrew’s posts are ever so much more entertaining.

You likely won’t see less content, but more …

Over the next several weeks, the archives (both mine and Andrew’s) will be pruned, cleaned up and focused. There has some ridiculous, useless nonsense posted in the 3.5 years since I started my blog.

As always – let me know if you have questions! Now is the time!

If I get enough Amy/Andrew/ThoseCrazySchuberts-related questions I’ll be sure to do a special FAQs or Q&A post…

If you have questions about HOW to set up your own blog like this, or even WHY we decided to make the change, please contact me.