Kaitlin’s baby shower #3

One final baby shower for Kaitlin … close enough to her due date that the shower host had a mild panic attack when Kaitlin called her the day before!

This shower was put on by Joe’s godmother … Aunt Mary. She went ALL OUT … It was AMAZING and so gorgeous and at a restaurant so she didn’t even have to worry about food …

The shower was both feminine and still for a baby boy :

And because it was at a restaurant, Joe and some of the other guys came too and spent the afternoon watching sports on the patio or the bar or somewhere else …

Katie, with Aunt Mary (on the right) and her friend who helped plan the shower…

Last one for awhile!


Kaitlin’s 2nd baby shower

As I type this Kaitlin is basically due any time…. But I still have TWO baby showers to show you!

In mid-April, Julie hosted a baby shower for Kaitlin involving all of the old family friends from when she was growing up … all ladies that Julie just loves and have been part of Kaitlin’s life since she was little. And me. And I was invariably introduced around as “Andrew’s wife” …. But everyone loves Andrew so I guess it could be worse.

One of Julie’s friends finagled her the use of the community building as part of their neighborhood HOA … This HUGE room with lots of natural light, a kitchen attached AND all these tables and chairs included…. It ended up working out perfectly.

Plus it was only a mile or so from my new house, so I could head over early to help without having to set my alarm for 6a!

Julie did the colors in this bright blue and red …. with a cars/trucks theme on the cake and favors. SUPER cute for a little boy :)

The shower started at 11a or so, so we did lunch and a couple games before opening gifts.

That lion bag in the image below? About 5 people wrapped their gifts in one! They must have been on sale at Target :)

homemade quilt from Kaitlin’s aunt…

Joey’s room is jungle themed, and a LOT of the clothes Kaitlin has been getting are animal themed too … I kind of love this shark outfit!

I can’t believe Joey is going to be here any day!!


Kaitlin’s (1st) baby shower

Joe and Kaitlin’s baby is due in about a month!!!!

Which means these last couple weeks (and next couple weeks) are full of baby shopping, baby showers and maternity photos….

Between the 2 of them, Joe and Kaitlin have so many family and friends that she actually is having 4 baby showers!!

Little Joey will be well-loved….

A couple weeks ago, there was a baby shower on Saturday (that I did not attend) and another on Sunday (the first of 3 I will attend)….

I drove down to Orange County with Julie a little bit early to help if we could:

This shower was thrown by Kaitlin’s friend (and bridesmaid) Lindsay as well as Kaitlin’s cousin’s fiancee Kahla.

They did a jungle-theme (which matches what Joey’s new bedroom will be decorated in)….

A couple of the shower “games” just waiting for guests

Ok. This cake. Creepiest, ever, right?

Andrew and Kaitlin’s cousin Chris made it (bless him) … Got the chocolate mold and covered OREO cookies with jungle-themed chocolate images (around the sides of the cake), and jungle-print edible paper as a border around the top …

But the top? That main image? That is one of the Gene Machine results…. At Dave and Buster’s a few years ago Joe and Kaitlin had their photos taken and processed together and *this* is what their future child will apparently look like …

No-neck and all

So Chris “borrowed” the photo to surprise Kaitlin with for the cake!

One of the fun little shower activities was making custom onesies with iron-on text/graphics….

A few images down you’ll see the clothes line set up with more onesies finished.

Guessing how big Kaitlin is

little boy gifts!

Kaitlin has such sweet friends …. so fun to spend the afternoon with them!

2 more showers to go!


unprofessional wedding photographer

As a wedding photographer, sometimes I take (and keep) photos that are not flattering to the photo subject. That may seem unprofessional of me, I know.

I don’t even care.

Those are real moments that make the wedding (or party or portrait) genuine and not staged.

I love moments like that.

SO! In honor of Kaitlin and Joe’s 1 year anniversary (tomorrow) …. Here are some behind-the-scenes, slightly goofy, imperfect and full-of-fun photos from their wedding….











Related: Katie and Joe’s wedding photos are (finally) all edited and online.

You can view them here:

Joe and Kaitlin’s wedding rehearsal

Joe and Kaitlin’s wedding


Sunday night dinner party

…. although, can you really call it a dinner party when we have to eat in shifts because the grill won’t hold all 9 steaks and we only have 5 dining room chairs…. ?

…. and if Andrew and I have to quickly do dishes after dinner so we have enough clean forks for dessert… ?


details, schmetails….

A week or so ago, Andrew and I had some family and friends over for a little dinner.

It started with Andrew and me and Kaitlin and Joe …. and ended up being 11 people invited (7 were able to come)…


Andrew has been really into perfecting his grilling technique. Steaks from Jim’s Fallbrook Market (a local place we need to blog about), slightly flavored with Santa Maria seasoning and a few drops of soy sauce.

I prepped some sliced watermelon, roasted potatoes and grilled onions and peppers ….

Angela and Devo brought chips and salsa, and (not pictured) Kaitlin brought a green salad and dessert.






I can’t believe I didn’t get photos of the dessert – but honestly, I’m kind of surprised I got any pictures at all once people got here!

Guests include:

  • Daniel and Jenae : Although Daniel was seriously sick and wore sunglasses the whole night because his eyes were swelling shut. Poor kid.
  • Kaitlin : Joe was too busy studying
  • Chris and Kaylah : Chris is Andrew’s cousin who moved to SoCal from Idaho almost a year ago
  • Angela and Devo : I love them. The end.

We kind of just spent the night cooking and chatting and eating and laughing ….

Good friends and good food….

And then, later that night, Chris and Kaylah and Angie and Devo and Team Schubert played Traveling Pictionary. Which is obviously the best game ever.




SO fun!

We love having people over …. I can’t wait til we have a house with more room … .

…. and enough dining room chairs :)


Mother’s Day 2011

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Ok, on Sunday, imagine I told you happy mother’s day …

Truth-be-told, I almost lost Mother’s Day this year … I am used to Mother’s Day being the weekend closest to my dad’s birthday – except this year, it’s not.

Oh well. I found it again.

Andrew and I spent the morning relaxing (read: he took a nap), I talked to my parents and read some and wrote some….

Then it was off to Kaitlin’s apartment for Mothers Day early-dinner with Andrew’s mom and grandma …..

(Kaitlin and Joe have this fancy massage chair that Andrew played with a bit)


Julie (and I, but less so) helped Kaitlin make dinner …. salad and bread and pasta with chicken and veggies …. mmmmmmmm….

Makes me hungry just remembering it …






Good dinner Kates!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you ladies reading whose kids are still a pain in your butt….




Schooner or Later

Andrew and his co-workers watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives during their lunch …. One of the great things about living in Los Angeles is so many of these well-known foodie places are within driving distance.

One of the ones from that show – Schooner or Later – is down south of us, not far from where Kaitlin and Joe live …

One Sunday morning recently we drove down for brunch with Kaitlin, Joe, Chris, Chris’s girlfriend Kahla, Kahla’s mom and some more of their friends …

Schooner or Later is pretty cute …. it’s right on the marina and there’s a dock specifically for Schooner or Later guests …

The *thing* to get there is a SCHOONER of beer (or Bloody Mary) … and The Mess.

So (obviously) that’s what we got!

Good diner food (I kind of love diner food in general) … .but not really worth the nearly 2 hour wait we had.

Oh well.

Breakfast is always fun!


Kaitlin’s birthday

Andrew and I know bout 400 people whose birthday is October 5th.

And one of those is his sister.

The first weekend in October we headed down to her new apartment in Huntington Beach (I think) for BIRTHDAY celebrations!

She and Joe, and her cousin Chris got a 3 bedroom townhouse (the middle building in the back) that we visited for the first time….

Gizmo on the hardwood floor

We all went out to dinner at the nearby Roadhouse Grill …. good good food. Shrimp and steak, mmm …..

(Andrew’s dinner: bacon wrapped sirloin)

Then back home for birthday cake!

sorry for all the exclamation points, but all that chocolate with strawberries …. mmmm …..

Happy Birthday Kaitlin …. xoxo