Sunday night dinner party

…. although, can you really call it a dinner party when we have to eat in shifts because the grill won’t hold all 9 steaks and we only have 5 dining room chairs…. ?

…. and if Andrew and I have to quickly do dishes after dinner so we have enough clean forks for dessert… ?


details, schmetails….

A week or so ago, Andrew and I had some family and friends over for a little dinner.

It started with Andrew and me and Kaitlin and Joe …. and ended up being 11 people invited (7 were able to come)…


Andrew has been really into perfecting his grilling technique. Steaks from Jim’s Fallbrook Market (a local place we need to blog about), slightly flavored with Santa Maria seasoning and a few drops of soy sauce.

I prepped some sliced watermelon, roasted potatoes and grilled onions and peppers ….

Angela and Devo brought chips and salsa, and (not pictured) Kaitlin brought a green salad and dessert.






I can’t believe I didn’t get photos of the dessert – but honestly, I’m kind of surprised I got any pictures at all once people got here!

Guests include:

  • Daniel and Jenae : Although Daniel was seriously sick and wore sunglasses the whole night because his eyes were swelling shut. Poor kid.
  • Kaitlin : Joe was too busy studying
  • Chris and Kaylah : Chris is Andrew’s cousin who moved to SoCal from Idaho almost a year ago
  • Angela and Devo : I love them. The end.

We kind of just spent the night cooking and chatting and eating and laughing ….

Good friends and good food….

And then, later that night, Chris and Kaylah and Angie and Devo and Team Schubert played Traveling Pictionary. Which is obviously the best game ever.




SO fun!

We love having people over …. I can’t wait til we have a house with more room … .

…. and enough dining room chairs :)


Sunday with Jenae

Now that Daniel is in Chicago, it’s a lot easier to get together with Jenae. Only 3 schedules to coordinate instead of 4.

So a couple Sundays ago, Jenae came down to do lunch and movies with us ….. The Stand is one of our favorite spots for Sunday lunch.

Then we stopped by a thrift store (posting about those goodies tomorrow) and home for a bunch of British movies and TV shows.

Super relaxing Sunday ….


NYE with Daniel and Jenae

I love staying in on New Year’s Eve.

In general, I think the holiday itself is a bit overrated and I’d much rather have friends over to my place so I don’t have to drive anywhere with all those crazies late at night.

So – New Year’s Eve – we were kind of surprised and excited that Daniel and Jenae didn’t have any other plans and came down to the Valley to hang out with us!

And watch *awful* Kung-fu movies. I actually spent a good chunk of the night working on L&R Blog Party posts (um, yes, last minute) …. but they had fun with the movies.

Andrew heard of a new way of prepping hamburgers so we thought we’d try it …

Below: ground beef soaking in beer

Daniel played with Andrew’s (now broken) helicopter

Andrew and I tried valiantly to save the ground beef …. too much beer … then we added more ground beef … then crushed saltine crackers.

And the whole time trying to mix it up it was FREEZING cold (since the beer came right out of the fridge)

Plus we were instructed to put a pad of butter in the middle of the hamburger patty ….

It did NOT work out.

The poor things just crumbled to pieces.

We even tried cooking them on the stove because the hamburger patties kept falling apart through the cracks in the grill.

And even once we got them cooked (even though they looked awful) …. they tasted like beer.

Luckily – Daniel and Jenae were heroes and went out to get re-inforcements… .

More ground beef to make non-fancy, completely edible NORMAL hamburger patties.

What a surprise, Andrew fell asleep during the movie ….

Happy New Year!

Nice, low-key, at home evening with people we love!

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