post Christmas with family

We did Christmas Day with Andrew’s family, and then that evening my parents came into town!

Which means we got to do Christmas morning all over again on Monday (which was the Federal holiday so I had the day off)…  Christmas morning with only 4 of us (and Mom and Dad had already opened their stocking)…

(I made him do a ‘Muppet face’ to show off some of the gifts)

I had gotten up at 7a to put the chuck roast in the crockpot … so we could have my mother-in-law’s recipe for French Dip for lunch.

Except we have it open face and call it French Drench…

(and potato soup)

After lunch, we headed up to my aunt&uncle’s house in Santa Clarita …. Some of the family was working, but others were home, my grandma was visiting and there were 5 dogs to hang out with!


and all were super mellow and easy ….

My head cold was still KILLING me …. I almost fell asleep while we were there ….

Andrew and my mom played cards (Shang-hai) …. Favorite Hann-family game!

And we ended up leaving around 7p or so since I was so sick and needed to go to bed …. Fun, relaxing Christmas-ish day!

Tuesday morning we had more family time …

Andrew’s cousin came into town for a day or 2 and we made plans to go to breakfast….

Drove up to Santa Clarita, met Edmund and his daughter Camille, Daniel and Kaitlin (and Joe came later), and headed over to Coco’s for breakfast.

Edmund is the best ..

… and Camille is so sweet …

Andrew is great with her…

I ended up leaving early-ish again …. still sick sick sick … but Andrew stayed a bit to hang out with Edmund some more.

Then Daniel came over that night to play video games and hang out …

2 days full of family …. one of the best part of the holidays ….


Happy Holidays!

We’re busy doing family-Christmas-get-togethers!

Hopefully you’re enjoying your holiday weekend and an extra day or 2 off….

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holidays with Fernando and Jessica

The great thing about those weeks around Christmas and New Years is that EVERYONE has just a little bit of extra time off ….

So we were able to get together with friends that we haven’t seen in months – because it is near impossible to coordinate schedules.

On New Year’s Eve (Friday) Andrew and I drove up to Santa Clarita for lunch at the Vasquez home …. They live in Saugus (same neighborhood as my aunt and uncle)

We got to meet their dog August – who is pretty much the *sweetest* most low-key dog ever….

Fernando is a FANTASTIC cook …. mmm m…. I never knew. I wish he could make me lunch every day… .

Beans and rice, carne asada, chicken, grilled veggies, tortillas and all ….

It was the BEST lunch ever. I wish I had more room in my belly for all that good food….

(apparently I didn’t get any photos of Jessica. Weird. But that’s her hand in the photo below. Proof)

We talked a lot about food and Jessica let me borrow Kitchen Confidential. So so good. I want to be a chef in my next life.

Holy cow … I’m getting hungry just looking at this photo …. yum yum yum.

Note: I am ALWAYS in the mood for fresh Mexican food.


Thanks Vasquezes !!  Such a good lunch …. Next time we’ll have you over (but still make Fernando cook)

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Christmas Eve and ANOTHER dog

Thursday: Christmas Eve with NO PLANS!!

It was heavenly.

Neither Andrew nor I had any plans that day (with the exception of stopping by Andrew’s work very very briefly to feed a fish), and I gave myself the day off from at-home work.

Did I mention it was heavenly ….  mmmm …..

xmas-eve  001

xmas-eve  002

xmas-eve  003

xmas-eve  004

xmas-eve  005

xmas-eve  006

Heather and Edmund got a new dog -> Lucy LuLu the Maltipoo

Yes, that is her real name.

And she wears pink sweaters.

oh my goodness …. ridiculously cute with her little ewok face and fluffy whiteness….

xmas-eve  007

xmas-eve  008

xmas-eve  009

xmas-eve  010

xmas-eve  011

xmas-eve  012

xmas-eve  013

xmas-eve  014

xmas-eve  016

xmas-eve  017

There was ALL kinds of cooking and cookie-making and cookie-decorating ….

Andrew made fresh pico de gallo (he’s so great at that)

xmas-eve  015

xmas-eve  018

xmas-eve  019

xmas-eve  020

Another Schubert-family tradition …. Opening Christmas presents early.

Andrew can’t help himself.

It’s hilarious!

Andrew and Daniel opened each others Christmas gifts Thursday night – records all around. What a surprise!

xmas-eve  021

xmas-eve  022

xmas-eve  023

xmas-eve  024

Dinner and a movie Thursday night ….

Christmas traditions in our family are all about food, hanging out, relaxing and low expectations…. .


Merry Christmas

Have a super fun holiday with friends or family or whatever else you might like to do this day.

Our plans involve:

  • Christmas morning at home (we each got each other 1 gift)
  • Christmas late morning/rest of the day at Andrew’s parents’ (there’s going to be a ton of people there + Mexican food)
  • Leave early Saturday morning for Arizona
  • Saturday night in Arizona Christmas with my mom’s extended family (including my almost 86-year-old grandma)
  • Sunday morning Christmas with my parents and brother (in town from Mississippi)
  • Sunday afternoon/evening Christmas dinner (and sometime in there see our friend Michelle)
  • Monday morning back to California

See you then!

Christmas stockings

Christmas kissing

(images from Christmas 2008)

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