HP 7.2


I suppose the tagline is right: It all ends.

It’s over.

The Harry Potter worldwide cultural phenomenon no longer has future events we can all look forward to and experience together.

I know I sound melodramatic – I know.

But (really) I do believe that this whole 10+ year Harry Potter experience is something that will leave a mark on western culture for generations to come.

Maybe not YOU personally, but western culture as a whole.

Geez louise this sounds dramatic.

But, if you think about how many kids (now young adults) have grown up WITH a fictional character …. have grown up actually looking forward to reading a book … have grown up having nights when their parents let them stay up til 3a just to see a movie.

How different is all that, really, from all the then-teenagers/young adults who distinctly remember watching The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show? Or remember where they were when they heard Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper died?

I mean, honestly?

I’m just saying …. if you have friends who are mourning their loss of Harry Potter, be gentle.

One of the more influencing factors of growing-up is now gone. Their childhood is effectively over.

Let them grieve.


That said ….

Andrew and I are fans.




I may not have grown-up with Harry Potter (I started reading the books between the release of #5 and #6), but Andrew and I have still had so much fun looking forward to the books and looking forward to the movies….

Last week we went to the (last) midnight showing of a Harry Potter movie – part 2 of Deathly Hallows.

…. aaaaaand …. I pretty much spend 2/3rds of the movie with tears running down my face.

Hey! Give me a break! Like 85 people die and I’ve been emotionally invested in the story for YEARS!

Andrew got tickets at the Arclight theater in Sherman Oaks.

Not only is this theater on my way home from work – I had my carpool partner drop me off around 1130p – but they do assigned seating, so there was no need to wait for HOURS in line like for previous movies.

Although, honestly …. I kind of like making a big to-do every once in awhile and setting aside hours to wait in line and anticipate something that much and people watch while I’m at it.

But, this film release I couldn’t get time off and there is no way Andrew would want to wait in line by himself, so the Arclight worked out perfectly.

They had probably 5-10 start times between midnight and 1am. Needless to say, the place was CROWDED.

They set up this fun movie-poster-display in the lobby … featuring posters from all the films….

They also had a few costumes on display in another part of the lobby…. It’s unclear if these are authentically worn in the actual movie, but they certainly looked the part …


Without spoiling anything – We enjoyed it. A lot. I would like to see it again in the theater before it goes…

There were (obviously) some changes to the book’s plot, but nothing severe or detrimental.

I will say that this is NOT a stand-alone movie. You should see *at least* Deathly Hallows part 1 first, but even then you may be quite lost.

In spite of our HP love, it pales in comparison to some other fans….

I didn’t get any good photos, but there were TONS of moviegoers dressed up at the midnight showing….Including:

a girl in all-gold spandex (Golden Snitch)

a woman (slightly older than me?) dressed head-to as Dolores Umbridge, w/ her boyfriend following behind dressed as one of Umbridge’s decorative kitten plates.

a man in his 50s carrying around a Lucius Malfoy cane

and *plenty* of slutty Hogwarts school uniforms.

Some Harry Potter fan-love from around the web over the last week:


Have you seen the new Harry Potter?



Amy’s Christmas present

I also got a toy from Kevin for Christmas – a LEGO Harry Potter board game.

Who knew such a thing even existed!

It’s pretty fantastic, too … the stairs “change” (just like in the book/movie) based on how the dice is rolled so every game is different.

But, really, the best part was building LEGOs with my cute husband.

You may not know this about him, but he was a LEGO fiend as a kid. … For real. He was super serious about it. Julie even thought he might be a LEGO designer one day (Andrew, it’s not too late, you know).

So when I opened my box and started to dump out the pieces…. I was so grateful to have him by my side.

Especially since it turns out I don’t actually have any experience reading LEGO instructions…..

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HP day!

Last Thursday Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 premiered in theaters.

And I took the day off. Yes. Yes I did.

And – lucky me – Andrew got the day off too …

We got to spend the whole day together!

Starting with a visit to a local used bookstore:

We used to have a fantastic $1 bookstore pretty close by that has since closed. There’s now another used bookstore (in an old Mervyn’s) farther away….

So we visited for the first time Thursday….

It’s not that great.


Headed home for the afternoon … reading, relaxing ….

and in my case, cooking:

I tried a new soup recipe – this farmhouse Italian soup ….

But, the grocery store didn’t have rutabagas and I decided to add some extra veggies and some italian sausage.

But. Um. By the time I had added everything in, I realized that I needed a lot more broth/water …

So by the time I got all the amounts balanced out – I accidentally made enough soup for 12 people.

It was good though!

We listened to a couple podcasts …. spent the afternoon just relaxing….

All day together … then we headed over to the theater for Harry Potter (!!) …. We got there around 8:30p or so. And (lucky us) found that our theater (IMAX) was already seated…


Meant we didn’t have to sit on the cold floor for 3+ hours …..

We got to sit in the theater with the other big fans…. including one dressed as Neville’s grandmother:

Harry Potter was soo great!

And seeing it at the midnight show is so fun! I love being there with all those fans, all cheering at the same time, all deadly quiet at important moments, all sniffling and crying when I did.


It was such a fun day off …. hopefully we can do it again in July when the final movie premieres!


12:01 am Date Night

Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, Andrew and I had a ‘date night’ …

To the Midnight showing of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince!

I LOVE these Harry Potter movies. So does Andrew. It’ so fun that we both can be nerdy together and want to stay up ’til 3a.m. seeing a movie AS SOON AS it is released.

Tip of the day: Give yourself permission to be excited about something. You enjoy it that much more if you stop worrying about what other people might think of you.

Going to these shows is ALWAYS fun. Heck, going to midnight releases of pretty much any movie is always fun. Always interesting. … This is now the 4th midnight-Harry-Potter we’ve been to (movies 3-6), and unfortunately for me probably the least remarkable (clarification: least remarkable midnight experience. Not least remarkable movie).

Previous years I have:

  • waited in line for several hours
  • people-watched all the high-school kids with their homemade costumes, and all the older-than-me adults with their serious investment costumes.
  • We went with Michelle previously which is always an adventure
  • we’ve taken Sudoku books and ‘raced’ each other to solve a puzzle
  • We’ve read the Harry Potter books while in line.
  • Last time (HP5 in 2007) at the theater we went to there were actually prizes if you showed up with a costume – you should have seen the Mad-Eye Moody costume someone came up with. Elaborate.

This year – sad – I was at work until about 11p … When I left the office, I called Andrew and the first thing he said was, “Get.Here.Soon.” … I guess it’s not as much fun to people-watch the eccentric high-school kids when you’re by yourself. Andrew sounded so irritated! I laughed …




More Harry Potter midnight images from around the country (world?).

I won’t talk about the movie. I loved it but that is all that I will say to spare those who haven’t seen it.

We seriously can’t wait to see it again. Soon? I’m pretty sure this was the first movie we saw in theaters so far in 2009 (we’re pretty serious about saving money), but we’ll definitely see it in theaters again.

Even with loving this movie, the BEST part of the whole night was being with Andrew and having a real date night.

We so rarely go out just the 2 of us. We save our going-out money for hanging out with friends, and spend most of our just-us time at home watching Netflix to save more money. I know it sounds boring, but it’s really not. But it does make going out, just the 2 of us, doing something we both love together that much more special.

So happy to sit in the theater as the credits ran, next to Andrew, talking about the movie, the actors, watching the other movies in the franchise, plans to re-read the book or come see HP6 again. So happy to walk out of the theater to our car(s), arm in arm, best friends.

As much as I really love the Harry Potter movies, they definitely take second place to date night with my husband.


Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Andrew picked up the book at midnight for me, so it was waiting when I woke up. Love it. Such a nice way to spend the weekend.

Already crying by page 79.

update: page 476- cried again.

And I have to say that the 7th movie is going to be FANTASTIC. … who cares that I’ll be 29 or 30 when it comes out, going to the midnight showing … it’ll be brilliant. …

So far, my favorite moment is Fred’s line on page 75

update: final one for the day.
I felt sure I had posted my HP predictions long ago, but now I can’t find it. If anyone cared to listen to me when I talked about, I would just like to gloat a little that I was basically right. …

I think I may re-read the book again tonight/tomorrow.


Order of the Phoenix at midnight

Just 6 hours ago I was leaving the theatre after seeing Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix …. and now it’s off to work ..

loved it, of course.

The battle between Death Eaters and the Order is disappointingly short … and all over the place … I definitely missed seeing some stuff …

The battle between Dumbledore and Voldemort is BRILLIANT … love it.

I only cried once, and not when I expected to … only a tad disappointing. …

But, I do agree with one reviewer who said it may be the least favorite of all the movies once the series is done…

It is nearly all plot. …. anything that’s just in there for fun is clearly for the fans (i.e. Harry’s awkwardly long kissing scene, or the Weasley’s departure) ….

I still want to see it again soon.

**edited** I’m annoyed with the film makers that made Kingsley Shacklebolt African (not British) … seems unnecessarily stereotypical since he is practically the only black character. …


Harry Potter — a note on names

Today in my children’s lit class, our professor went over a paper she’s writign about names and language in Harry Potter … Rowling really is quite genius in some of her naming …

Horace Slughorn — for hoarding students, connections and luxuries ….
Hermione — for Hermes the god of communication …
Kreacher — obvious, I think …

But I just came across a new one …

Sir Nicholas Mimsy-Poppington — in a chapter of Through the Looking Glass (by Lewis Carroll), Mimsy is defined by Humpty Dumpty to be a combination if miserable and flimsy.

Genius, really.


a little Amy trivia

interesting bit of trivia:

The first time I read Harry Potter books was January 2004. Just barely over 2 years ago … I currently have 17 Harry Potter-related books .. by JK Rowling and others …

it’s an addiction.

P.S. Can’t wait til school’s done so I can read them again!


potter love.

Evanna Lynch, who has been cast as Luna “Loony” Lovegood in HP5. apparently she got the role after an open casting call w/ 15,000 other girls …

also, according to mtv.com … the director of HP4 (Newell) had the actors watch classic thrillers (like Hitchcock) as homework for the movie …