• Andrew’s start in record collecting….
  • I don’t always mind getting sick …. it doesn’t happen super often and it gives me an excuse to take a day off work.
  • I do mind getting sick when I have a TON of stuff to do …
  • Hand in Hand Memories — I love what my mom says about my dad (Terry) … hilarious :)
  • Announcing a fun project next week
  • I am VERY excited about new cookbooks coming from my favorite food blogger/photographers! Sprouted Kitchen and Smitten Kitchen. Love. Love….
  • excited to travel this year.
  • I seriously love love love Billy Connolly
  • I got some yummy tomato/roasted red bell pepper soup last week … Very good for non-homemade
  • I would love to make a quilt. Like this gorgeous one
  • we recently finished watching all 9 seasons and both movies of X-Files. And all I want to do is start over again at the beginning….
  • We started watching Lost over the weekend … watched 7 episodes on Saturday night and more on Sunday
  • I like watching TV shows when all the seasons are available. Having to wait week-to-week for a new episode is just annoying.
  • Probably why pretty much all my favorite TV shows are no longer on the air
  • We got an absurdly big pile of musicals on vinyl last week. for $1 a piece.
  • Andrew put on Music Man and all the memories from my junior year of high school come flooding back …
  • Photo of the week (me and my friend Steve in Music Man – June 1998):