taking a local gardening class

Completely randomly a few weeks ago I just Google’d ‘Santa Clarita gardening class’ … and found a free composting class just a few blocks away from our house!

The County of Los Angeles is putting on these ‘smart gardening’ workshops in all kinds of cities in the area … (They also offer a series of gardening instructional videos that I need to watch).

Since the workshop was just a few blocks away from my house, I left at the last minute and was totally surprised to find the park completely crowded! So, uh … somehow I didn’t even notice that the city was having an “open house” event at the same place as the composting class!

I invited Julie to meet me there, and by the time we arrived (about 1 minute after the class was scheduled to start), ALL the seats were taken plus some more people standing around …

The man teaching the composting class was this adorable older guy who clearly loves gardening, loves his yard/property and has been composting/gardening for a long time…

He talked about treating his worm-composting worms like pets (if you’re going to be away from home for more than a couple weeks, be sure to have someone look in on them), and all excited about what he’s able to grow in his yard, giving hints about having your neighbors save their veggie scraps for you …

I kind of love him

The park/city division has this whole local-plant garden surrounding the area. Including signage/etc that describes what you’re looking at (recycling grass, drought-resistant, etc).

Such a fun Saturday morning! I went straight home and walked around our yards thinking about where we would put our compost bin, our herb garden and other goodies!

Can’t wait til next spring when the house is more put together and we can really focus on the yard!


Andrew’s garden this summer

On our vacation, we were able to visit Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Colombia.

And Andrew and I spent the whole time dreaming about what we wanted to have in our one-day garden.

Top of Andrew’s list? Plain wooden coffins …. in the yard … acting as benches.

Yes, really. Ask him about it…

Our current apartment-balcony garden is slowly growing and Andrew has added a few things since last year.

Our basil plant didn’t make it through the winter … but the pepper plant and succulents did, and Andrew has recently transplanted the succulents into a bigger, long and narrow pot.

Perfect for sitting up on our balcony ledge, where it lives.

Andrew also has a new friend – in one of the bands he’s been recording – who works in a nursery and gave us a few more succulents to add to the collection.

There’s all so interesting looking and the first thing Andrew does when he gets home from work is go outside to check on his plants.

He hasn’t started singing to them yet. That’s the next step, I’m sure.


He also decided to try a new watering method: Aqua Globes.

Except, instead of actually buying plant-specific aqua globes, we just got some glass Coke bottles, filled them with water and flipped them over!


So far they seem to be working rather well …



Andrew’s pepper plant is THRIVING! We thought we may have lost it over the winter but it came back and has already given us half-a-dozen peppers.

And by “us” I mean Andrew, of course.

He’s already had to prune it once, and it looks like it could use another go already.

The pepper plant sits on a footstool at the ‘sunny’ end of the balcony. It’s far too big to sit on the balcony ledge.

There’s currently a spider living on the pepper plant, as well. …. That’s probably fine, right? Spiders don’t eat plants.

What are YOU growing this summer?

P.S. Since scheduling this post Andrew has gotten 4 more plants!


our garden

I’ve always wanted a garden …. When I was younger, my parents let me plant seeds and set aside a little plot in the backyard.

But, I think maybe that’s a post for another day.

Right now, Andrew and I are just trying not to kill 2 plants out on our balcony that gets almost ZERO direct sunlight. Both these plants live on the half-wall of our patio. The patio faces almost exactly true north, so the only direct sunlight we get is REALLY EARLY in the morning and all the way over to one side. Just a tiny triangle for about 45 minutes.

Except that triangle happens to be right above the doorway of the people below us, so we’ve been asked to not put plants there …. Just in case.

So even less sun.

I was satisfied with not even trying and waiting til we have a house with a yard and more than an 18″ sliver to put plants in …

Andrew’s more ambitious than me, for sure ….

When we moved in, the Keegan Grosses brought us this GORGEOUS succulent plant…. which mean it has lived 4 months so far. Pretty impressive :)

A week or so, Andrew came home from his parents’ house with this basil plant.

I do love basil …. especially with tomato and mozzarella ….

We actually pulled off a couple leaves just the other day to use. It still seems a bit little, but as long as it stays alive I’ll be happy.

Any tips for us?