Alaska: on film

So I finally (finally) got all my rolls of film developed – including several from our trip to Alaska more than a year ago!

This first chunk is from my Holga – a medium format ‘toy camera’. I’m still learning how to use it well, but I love the rich colors that showed up in these images….

This second part is from my Diana Mini – another ‘toy camera’ but one that takes 35 mm film. This camera has 2 settings – and the whole time I used the split (2 images per frame). Again, I am just learning how to use this camera, but so fun!










Clearly I need to work on holding my hands steady. So many of these are blurry!

Also, I’m so used to shooting in ‘manual’ mode on my digital and controlling every aspect of the camera settings. With both of these I just have ‘sunny’ or ‘cloudy’ and a couple other settings. So I guess it’s just through trial and error that I can figure out what kind of lighting needs which setting.

We’ll see.

Both cameras are already loaded with another roll of film for more practicing!

Be sure to click through to the Alaska 2011 travel archive to see the digital photos and read the stories from our trip

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Holga images from last summer

“last summer” as in 2010!

I found a roll of film recently… I keep my to-be-developed film on a shelf near the front door with my to-be-read-next books. Somehow this roll of film from summer 2010 got lost in between the books and we just re-discovered it when we were getting the film from Alaska and Scotland to be developed.

First of all: Special thanks to Andrew’s brother Daniel and Jenae for giving me the Holga for my birthday a couple years ago.

and special thanks to Andrew for always dropping off/picking up the film for me ….

Here are just a few highlights from that roll from last year….

Clearly I need a steadier hand, but that can be worked on….

From Katie and Joe’s wedding:

From visiting our friends Jamie and Zack in San Diego to snorkel with the sharks:

From our weekend away at the ACE Hotel Palm Springs:

I love experimenting with these toy cameras …. I just wish it wasn’t so darn expensive!!


Happy Halloween and Scary October

You may have noticed, this year we watched SIGNIFICANTLY fewer scary movies than last year. Thank goodness.

We were TOTALLY overwhelmed

(listed in roughly the order we watched them)

The Fog – John Carpenter’s 1980 film about killer creatures that come in with the fog … It *could* be really creepy, except the scenes when the fog is basically animated (not scary) and the creatures are pretty much just big rubber monsters.

Paranormal Activity 2 – Prequel to Paranormal Activity. I enjoyed this one, especially the way the story relates to and leads into Paranormal Activity. Looking forward to the 3rd movie too.

The Thing – John Carpenter’s film from 1982. About a monster that duplicates itself, with Kurt Russell as the hero. The climax was a bit … off. But the rest of the film was lovely and creepy.

Case 39 – Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper. Most of the movie is revealed in the trailer, which is a bit disappointing… And the ending part of the plot is full of holes … But the lead up to then is pretty creepy.

Scream 2 – I really enjoyed Scream, and I know that the first 3 Scream movies were designed as a trilogy. But this one felt like the weakest. Although Jerry O’Connell is in this one and I kind of love him.

Scream 3 – While not as good as Scream, I think this one is better than Scream 2. Take that however you will.

Funny Games – German film about a home invasion. Seriously creepy. Super super scary. Loved it. Also, I hear there’s an American remake.

It – I can imagine this book (by Stephen King) is probably good…. And the first half of this movie (actually a TV miniseries) is good. But the second half, when the grown-ups come back to kill It? Too ridiculous. The first half with a group of kids fighting It feels more like Goonies or Sandlot (with a supernatural killer), and it’s a bit endearing.

Scream 4 – Yea, um. Unless you LOVE the Scream franchise, feel free to skip this one.

The Walking Dead (season 1) - Zombie TV show. The second season is on the air now. I wasn’t totally sure how they’d make the basic zombie-movie premise into a whole TV series, but I kind of see now. The one thing that drives me crazy is how the female characters aren’t given any agency. They just sit on their hands in the corner while the men hack away at the zombies, or the doors, or whatever challenge they have to break through. We’ll still watch season 2 when it’s available, of course.

Wicked Little Things – About miner-accident-children zombies who every night for the last 150 years come out and kill for revenge. Just as ridiculous as it sounds.

[REC] – Spanish zombie movie, in the style of Paranormal Activity or Blair Witch (one of the characters is the cameraman). Really great movie. Also, it was remade in America as ‘Quarantine’

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer – 1980s movie about a serial killer. A little bit about how he kills, his relationship with a brother/sister. Sad and a bit creepy, but VERY good.

Mimic – Cockroach/Termite creature movie by Guillermo del Toro.

[REC]2 – sequel to [REC] (clearly). Takes place about an hour after the first one ends. It’s not just the same story w/ different characters (like so many sequels can be), but instead follows a SWAT team type group who head in to the original quarantine to try to get it under control. Same basic idea (same infection, same zombies) but the story unfolds differently.

Ghost Adventures – season 5… I can’t believe I actually like this reality show!

Deathwatch – World War 1 supernatural thriller starring Jamie Bell (who I just love).

Did  YOU watch any scary movies this month?

I did NOT make note of the Scary-Movie-Rules and lessons we learned through watching these … but our past Halloween posts have plenty, in case you’re worried.

But I also found this horror-movie-focused blog: Into Survival that includes reviews of movies, comparison of foreign-to-American remakes, and discussions of horror movie rules … Like How To Survive a Horror Movie: Fashion Tips for Ladies

Happy Halloween!!

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Holga images: Andrew in Chicago

I made Andrew take a camera to Chicago with him …. so he took my Holga.

The white, plastic, kind of toy camera …. And unfortunately I haven’t really been thinking straight and the film he took was not so hot. I’m not sure the extreme blurriness of these images is Andrew’s fault.

Here are some highlights from the 3 rolls of film Andrew took in Chicago and Wisconsin …. You’ll have to ask him if you have questions ….



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some documentaries I’ve been watching

I love Netflix – I love that there are piles of movies we can watch at any time via the internet…. .

So, over the weekend I did some computer work with some movies and documentaries playing ….

I liked all of them. I loved a couple of them.

Take a look….

Rape of Europa – About the protection of great art in Europe during World War II. Heart-breaking to watch everything the Nazis plundered, but fascinating to learn about the team of artists and teachers and curators who went to the front lines specifically to find and preserve artwork and buildings. Loved this documentary ….

Helvetica – About the font Helvetica. The history and current use in the design community. Makes me never want to use this font. But still a good documentary

Capturing the Freidmans – About a family that got ripped apart by child molestation accusations. Incredibly well-made documentary. But oh so sad….

Witch Hunt – About a rash of child molestation convictions in Bakersfield in the 1980s that all got overturned due to shoddy investigations. Super sad. But a well-made documentary. Narrated by Sean Penn.

Kings of Pastry – About some competitors in a pastry chef competition. Correction: THE pastry chef competition. It is truly amazing what you can make with food. With sugar heated to the correct temperature … Crazy. All I wanted to do while watching this one was bake. Not even anything fancy. Just bake something warm and sweet….

Check these out – documentaries are so interesting!