some documentaries I’ve been watching

I love Netflix – I love that there are piles of movies we can watch at any time via the internet…. .

So, over the weekend I did some computer work with some movies and documentaries playing ….

I liked all of them. I loved a couple of them.

Take a look….

Rape of Europa – About the protection of great art in Europe during World War II. Heart-breaking to watch everything the Nazis plundered, but fascinating to learn about the team of artists and teachers and curators who went to the front lines specifically to find and preserve artwork and buildings. Loved this documentary ….

Helvetica – About the font Helvetica. The history and current use in the design community. Makes me never want to use this font. But still a good documentary

Capturing the Freidmans – About a family that got ripped apart by child molestation accusations. Incredibly well-made documentary. But oh so sad….

Witch Hunt – About a rash of child molestation convictions in Bakersfield in the 1980s that all got overturned due to shoddy investigations. Super sad. But a well-made documentary. Narrated by Sean Penn.

Kings of Pastry – About some competitors in a pastry chef competition. Correction: THE pastry chef competition. It is truly amazing what you can make with food. With sugar heated to the correct temperature … Crazy. All I wanted to do while watching this one was bake. Not even anything fancy. Just bake something warm and sweet….

Check these out – documentaries are so interesting!