I am loving trendy pop songs right now

how did THAT happen?

And I can’t help it.

I *want* to want to listen to the classical-music-vinyl that Andrew got out of storage – but you can’t really dance to it.

The worst one – or the BEST one, if you want to look at it that way – is Ke$ha’s TikTok.

Oh my word, I could listen to that song over and over again. I have actually. I could probably sing most of it by heart if I *had* to …

Both Maggie and Michelle made me mix CDs with all the hip-hop top 40 dance-type songs that I hear at the weddings I shoot ….

I’m so so grateful to you both! Those CDs totally satisfied a major craving for me …

songs like

and I just can’t help but listen to them over and over dancing in my car …

And then there’s Andrew’s favorite dance songs …. like:

very different kind of dance songs

What’s your favorite song or CD to dance to?