Dear fall


Dear fall,

I love you. I’m so glad you’re finally here.

Andrew built the rest of our window screens last week just so we could enjoy you more.

Thank you for giving me a reason to break out my cardigans and rain boots.

Thank you for making apples and almond butter taste even better than usual.

Thank you for giving us spiced apple cider and month full of scary movies.



inspired by Ali

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Happy Halloween and Scary October

You may have noticed, this year we watched SIGNIFICANTLY fewer scary movies than last year. Thank goodness.

We were TOTALLY overwhelmed

(listed in roughly the order we watched them)

The Fog – John Carpenter’s 1980 film about killer creatures that come in with the fog … It *could* be really creepy, except the scenes when the fog is basically animated (not scary) and the creatures are pretty much just big rubber monsters.

Paranormal Activity 2 – Prequel to Paranormal Activity. I enjoyed this one, especially the way the story relates to and leads into Paranormal Activity. Looking forward to the 3rd movie too.

The Thing – John Carpenter’s film from 1982. About a monster that duplicates itself, with Kurt Russell as the hero. The climax was a bit … off. But the rest of the film was lovely and creepy.

Case 39 – Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper. Most of the movie is revealed in the trailer, which is a bit disappointing… And the ending part of the plot is full of holes … But the lead up to then is pretty creepy.

Scream 2 – I really enjoyed Scream, and I know that the first 3 Scream movies were designed as a trilogy. But this one felt like the weakest. Although Jerry O’Connell is in this one and I kind of love him.

Scream 3 – While not as good as Scream, I think this one is better than Scream 2. Take that however you will.

Funny Games – German film about a home invasion. Seriously creepy. Super super scary. Loved it. Also, I hear there’s an American remake.

It – I can imagine this book (by Stephen King) is probably good…. And the first half of this movie (actually a TV miniseries) is good. But the second half, when the grown-ups come back to kill It? Too ridiculous. The first half with a group of kids fighting It feels more like Goonies or Sandlot (with a supernatural killer), and it’s a bit endearing.

Scream 4 – Yea, um. Unless you LOVE the Scream franchise, feel free to skip this one.

The Walking Dead (season 1) - Zombie TV show. The second season is on the air now. I wasn’t totally sure how they’d make the basic zombie-movie premise into a whole TV series, but I kind of see now. The one thing that drives me crazy is how the female characters aren’t given any agency. They just sit on their hands in the corner while the men hack away at the zombies, or the doors, or whatever challenge they have to break through. We’ll still watch season 2 when it’s available, of course.

Wicked Little Things – About miner-accident-children zombies who every night for the last 150 years come out and kill for revenge. Just as ridiculous as it sounds.

[REC] – Spanish zombie movie, in the style of Paranormal Activity or Blair Witch (one of the characters is the cameraman). Really great movie. Also, it was remade in America as ‘Quarantine’

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer – 1980s movie about a serial killer. A little bit about how he kills, his relationship with a brother/sister. Sad and a bit creepy, but VERY good.

Mimic – Cockroach/Termite creature movie by Guillermo del Toro.

[REC]2 – sequel to [REC] (clearly). Takes place about an hour after the first one ends. It’s not just the same story w/ different characters (like so many sequels can be), but instead follows a SWAT team type group who head in to the original quarantine to try to get it under control. Same basic idea (same infection, same zombies) but the story unfolds differently.

Ghost Adventures – season 5… I can’t believe I actually like this reality show!

Deathwatch – World War 1 supernatural thriller starring Jamie Bell (who I just love).

Did  YOU watch any scary movies this month?

I did NOT make note of the Scary-Movie-Rules and lessons we learned through watching these … but our past Halloween posts have plenty, in case you’re worried.

But I also found this horror-movie-focused blog: Into Survival that includes reviews of movies, comparison of foreign-to-American remakes, and discussions of horror movie rules … Like How To Survive a Horror Movie: Fashion Tips for Ladies

Happy Halloween!!

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Autumn tradition: Corn maze

One of my favorite newer Autumn traditions has been visiting a corn maze!!

This is something neither Andrew nor I did growing up, but when we lived in Arizona, Michelle introduced us to the wonder and glory of navigating a corn maze after dark …

This year, we returned to Pierce College with Fernando and Jessica …. except this time on a Saturday night.

First to Fab Dogs for dinner, and then we ended up getting to the actual Halloween Harvest Festival a little before 9p (after stopping for cash AND having to park miles away).

Once we FINALLY got there …. this was the line..

Correction: This was TWO lines of equally ridiculous length …

So, we had to wait about … 30 minutes? 45? maybe longer, I’ve blocked it from my memory….. Just to buy tickets to get in.

Finally in … Just before 10p sometime.

In addition to the corn MAZE … there is also a haunted corn … path (we did this last year), 2 haunted-house type places, a petting zoo, crafts and (of course) a pumpkin patch.

For whatever reason, the line to do the haunted corn path was looooong. Even though it’s not so good.

Luckily for us, we seem to be the only ones who know that. There was no line whatsoever for the actual MAZE…

If you’ve never done a corn maze … I should tell you: they GIVE you a map. There maze is set up as some sort of picture/creature/etc with check points throughout. They give everyone a little map (maybe about 4×6) and the idea is to punch your map with the hole-punch provided at each check-point.

For whatever reason, when we used to go with Michelle we would always forget to bring a flashlight. …. And, yes, it’s less scary with a flashlight, but there’s no way to actually read your map w/o one.

Unless, you WANT to get lost in the dark in a corn maze…. I mean, I’ve seen Children of the Corn, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre and all those other movies that involve middle-of-nowhere fields … I’m glad Andrew remembered the flashlight this time.

Besides, having just that spot of light makes for some fun photos (without using the flash on the camera)….

Also helpful?

I am EXCELLENT at ‘Corn Maze’ … . Or, rather, I am excellent at reading a nonsensical map in the dark.

We didn’t really get lost at all…. .Ok, maybe my excellence took all the fun out of it (for Andrew at least), but I led the charge and got us to all the check points …

Do you think corn-maze-skills translate into any real-world skills?

Jessica pulled up her Pandora app on her phone and started playing some John Carpenter soundtrack while we wandered around in the dark …. It was that perfect little extra touch :)

(blurry, but still spooky…. after all, what do you expect in the dark?)

after soaring through the corn maze with flying colors (no prize for being awesome, though) … we wandered around a bit more.

Most of the ‘exhibits’ or activities, or whatever you would call them were closed since it was so late ….

…. but we still got to feed a 4-horned sheep (goat? Just realized I have no idea)…

And got the best cotton candy deal ever.

2 for $5 …. and they handed me this one and I just about laughed out loud.

$2.50 for cotton candy twice the size of my head?? Yes please!

Yep, corn maze has GOT to be an autumn tradition from now on … tooo much fun!

You can view more photos and purchase prints here: 2011 Pierce College corn maze

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Schubert Eats: homemade spiced cider

I have loved hot apple cider FOREVER.

When I was growing up, we used to get little apple cider powder packets in bulk from Costco.

And then when Andrew and I started dating, we would hang out drinking apple cider every night after work.

We even included apple cider as part of our wedding favors.

Seriously, it’s one of my favorite things about autumn!

Last fall season I perfected my recipe for homemade hot apple cider…


  • apple juice (or spiced cider from Trader Joe’s or similar)
    1. If you are using already spiced cider, you likely won’t need to add anything extra
    2. If you are just using apple juice (like I do), you can add in spices now while it’s heating. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, etc.
  • caramel topping
  • cinnamon
  • whipped cream


  1. Heat up the apple juice in a sauce pan over very low heat. Try not to let it boil
  2. Add spices as needed – I put in about 1 clove and 1/4 tsp of cinnamon per cup of cider I’m making.
  3. Using a spoon, take a small amount of the caramel topping and coat the inside of the coffee mug you will be drinking out of. Do this as late as possible, as the caramel will start pooling at the bottom of the mug rather than staying on the sides of the mug.
  4. Pour in your heated spiced cider
  5. Top with whipped cream.
  6. If desired, top the whipped cream with a bit of drizzled caramel and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
  7. Enjoy!

Yes, ridiculously simple. But my super-secret trick is coating the inside of the mug with caramel … Makes SUCH a difference. Seriously, try it out!

love love love

Do you have a super secret apple cider recipe?


10 things I love about Autumn

 (in no particular order)

  1. hot apple cider, with carmel, cinnamon and whipped cream
  2. cooler weather, turning off the AC and needing an quilt
  3. pumpkin patches and nighttime corn mazes
  4. apples and peanut butter
  5. baked potatoes and homemade soup
  6. scarves and cardigans
  7. Scary October
  8. hoodie sweatshirts
  9. candy corn
  10. Harry Potter and Band of Brothers (always in the fall, for some reason)


Team Schubert Autumn minibook

This fall I will be maintaining a little mini-scrapbook to help us remember the details of the season.

Autumn is so special to Andrew and me – we fell in love 10 years ago this fall … We got married 6 years ago this fall… We have so many fun traditions and special plans for every fall.

It’s just the best!

If you would like to see a little bit more of how this was put together, please visit Lemon and Raspberry. Also, future book updates will be posted there (not here)…..

But since Autumn is such a Team-Schubert THING I thought you all would like a little peek :)


Um. Yep, that’s it.

The weather here in SoCal is only BARELY cooling off, so I only feel like it’s been really fall for the last week or so….

Never fear – lots of pages and stories to add!


Feels like Fall

Fall has been in SoCal for a few weeks now …. all of a sudden, it was a Sunday afternoon and I needed socks and a sweater to go outside! Just out of nowhere …. it was heaven.

There are not a lot of trees on our street, so I can’t judge the season by the leaves, but we have other external triggers that make it feel like fall in my heart:

  • craving soup
  • Santa Ana winds
  • apples/peanut butter
  • turning fan off when we sleep
  • apple cider
  • scary movies
  • hoodies
  • watching ‘Band of Brothers’
  • baked potatoes
  • cinnamon in the coffee
  • dry skin
  • scarves
  • candy corn
  • extra blankets
  • wearing socks around the house

I know ‘My So-Called Life’ reminds Maggie of fall … what are some other triggers you have?