Sunday night dinner party

…. although, can you really call it a dinner party when we have to eat in shifts because the grill won’t hold all 9 steaks and we only have 5 dining room chairs…. ?

…. and if Andrew and I have to quickly do dishes after dinner so we have enough clean forks for dessert… ?


details, schmetails….

A week or so ago, Andrew and I had some family and friends over for a little dinner.

It started with Andrew and me and Kaitlin and Joe …. and ended up being 11 people invited (7 were able to come)…


Andrew has been really into perfecting his grilling technique. Steaks from Jim’s Fallbrook Market (a local place we need to blog about), slightly flavored with Santa Maria seasoning and a few drops of soy sauce.

I prepped some sliced watermelon, roasted potatoes and grilled onions and peppers ….

Angela and Devo brought chips and salsa, and (not pictured) Kaitlin brought a green salad and dessert.






I can’t believe I didn’t get photos of the dessert – but honestly, I’m kind of surprised I got any pictures at all once people got here!

Guests include:

  • Daniel and Jenae : Although Daniel was seriously sick and wore sunglasses the whole night because his eyes were swelling shut. Poor kid.
  • Kaitlin : Joe was too busy studying
  • Chris and Kaylah : Chris is Andrew’s cousin who moved to SoCal from Idaho almost a year ago
  • Angela and Devo : I love them. The end.

We kind of just spent the night cooking and chatting and eating and laughing ….

Good friends and good food….

And then, later that night, Chris and Kaylah and Angie and Devo and Team Schubert played Traveling Pictionary. Which is obviously the best game ever.




SO fun!

We love having people over …. I can’t wait til we have a house with more room … .

…. and enough dining room chairs :)


Holidays with DiBiases

I love when Devo is in town …We always try to make sure to hang out with Devo and Angela when he is in town.

January 2nd we headed down to their new apartment for lunch – It happened to be POURING that day. (We had tentative plans to go up to Santa Clarita but it actually snowed that night. Crazy).

Angela and Devo got a new apartment down off of Wilshire – pretty much directly across the street from my ‘day job’ …

They’re so cute.

When we got there the apartment smelled so good ….. Devo was cooking us stew … (mmmmm ….. )

(and then Angela made this super cute dessert)

For Christmas Angela made (yes, MADE) me this ADORABLE sweater clip… adorable.

I really need her to make more and open and etsy shop. It is the most adorable ….

The heart is a locket!

Cute, right!?

I’ve already forgotten what Angela is laughing at in this photo, but isn’t it super cute?

That girl is the cutest…

We love the DiBiases!


Miss Angela over the last 15 years

Miss Angela is moving …

I’ve known her for …. A MILLION years ….

which makes this a PERFECT time to post old (embarrassing) photos of her :)

There are even MORE fun (old) photos of Angela here on this old blog post for her bday

{captions and dates are below the images}

speech tournament 1996

The Foreigner backstage - January 1997

The Foreigner backstage - January 1997

Clara and the Gambler - March 1997

Speech tourney 1997

May 1997

After Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat - June 1997

Disneyland - August 1997

AND …. 10 years later ….

visiting Arizona - August 2006


Angela’s going away party

That’s right. My darling girl is leaving me for greener pastures. And bluer skies.

Starting Monday (just a few days from now) she will be starting training with Virgin America to be an airline stewardess… or air hostess … or in-flight team member …. or whatever you call them.


She had a bit of a going-away party over the weekend to celebrate/commiserate ….

at The Foxfire on Magnolia — not too far from our house now that we live in Encino!

see photos below (including scans of Instax minis)

xo Angie. We’re proud of you!


Florence, Italy – Wedding Night

I know, the title sounds kind of ooh-la-la, but it’s mostly a story about Devo and myself.  Oh, this is Andrew by the way, doing a mid-week post since this is my story and not Amy’s.

After the wedding and reception, Devo had rounded up cabs to take all the guests to their lodgings.  Amy, Angela, Devo and myself were the last ones at the hotel waiting for our cab to arrive and Devo asked if anyone would rather walk back to the B&B.  Maybe make a stop at Piazza di Michelangelo.  I figured both of the ladies were too worn out to walk back to town, but it was still pretty early and I was in Florence and it was only a handful of miles back to the hotel so what the heck.  Part of me just wanted to walk back to the hotel with the groom because it seemed like such an unlikely thing for a man just married to be up to on his wedding night.  So we made sure that the girls had enough cash for the taxi and we headed up the windy road to the Piazza in our suits and wedding attire.

It was a beautiful clear night, kind of chilly, but just gorgeous to be out and walking around Italy in dress clothes.  We bought some beer from an outdoor vendor and just drank and talked and chatted.  I didn’t really know Devo that well really, but it felt awesome to just hang out and share stories and have a married friend.  We took our time walking back, just roaming the streets drinking more beer, stopping to get gelato.  We finally made it back to the B&B and Amy and Angela were pretty hungry.  Devo and I still wanted to hang out some more so we offered to get the girls some food from the restaurant across the street.

We got down to the restaurant and placed the order for the food and had some wine at the bar while we waited.  After about 20 college age locals got in line to pay their bill right before us, we paid and took the food back to Amy & Angela.  Virginia was upstairs hanging out with the bride and wedding photographer and showed some interest in getting into some trouble.  I think it was at this point that Amy and Angela both said they were going to bed.  Angela and Devo went to their room and Amy & I went to ours.  I told Amy I didn’t really feel like going to bed, that I wanted to just walk the streets and hang out with Devo.  Amy responded that she didn’t mind, but I had to ask Angela’s permission if Devo could still hang out.  It was their wedding night after all.  So feeling a bit like I was in the ‘Burbs, I knocked on their bedroom door and sheepishly asked if Devo could come out and play. hahahahahahahahahahahaha

So Devo, Virginia and I basically just walked around Florence for an hour or so, bought some drinks and sat on the steps of some ancient and wonderful, beautiful building and talked the way tipsy people usually talk.  Once we got too cold we made our way back to the B&B and sat in kitchen.  It was then I found out that Devo has seen Nirvana in concert.  yes, it blew my mind.

That’s about it.  I wish I had some pictures or more details.  It’s hard to say what we talked about even.  I think we talked about their plans, moving to Italy, the beauty of Italy, how much we loved Italy, how cool it was to be able to drink on the streets of Italy, we talked about music…….seriously couldn’t have been a better night.

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Firenza, Italy | Tuesday Night Zuppa Disaster

After our wonderful sunny day in the Tuscan Countryside tasting wine, olive oil and a traditional Italian home-cooked meal everyone was kind of beat.  The next day Angela and Devo had a full day of getting married and I think most of us just wanted to relax and be available to help prepare for the wedding in any way we could.  For myself and Devo this meant getting soup for Angela and Amy.

Andrew, pre soup

Angela, Amy, Devo and I are lounging around at our bed & breakfast and we’re getting kind of hungry (I’m not sure how, since we’d eaten a huge meal earlier) and Angela mentions that she’d like some soup.  Not just any soup, but Matzah Ball Soup.  Sure, that should be easy to find in Florence.  If we can’t find that she’ll take a soup that is not tomato based.  At first this task didn’t seem so difficult, just go find a restaurant and tell them in our broken Italian that we’d like 4 soups to go.  Devo and I first hit up the restaurant directly across the alley from the B&B and check the menu.  No matzah ball soup.  Luckily for us there are restaurants everywhere and most of them have a menu posted outside their doors.

We’re passing restaurant after restaurant and most of them offer one soup, but not all of them.  And it’s usually Minestrone.   Then Devo remembers that he and Angela and a few friends had gone to a restaurant and become friends (kinda) with one of the waiters.  It’s right across the street, so we walk over there and we’re looking like tourists at the menu.  We don’t see soup.  But then a waitress walks out and recognized Devo from the other night and asks if we need help (in broken English of course).  Devo explains that we want ‘zuppa’ to go.  She replies that they don’t really carry soup, but will make some for us.  Awesome!  Score, now what do we want in it?  “Pollo” and “Noodle” Devo says.  “Noodle?” responds the waitress.  Yes, we feel like idiots.  “Ummmm, pasta!” Devo says quickly trying to correct the obvious out-of-towner blunder we’ve just made.  She asks us to come inside where Devo recognizes the waiter from the last time they were there and they start joking around and then he tells us that Yes they can make us soup to go, but they don’t have a to-go container so we’d need to bring them one.

oh, ok.  There’s not really a KMart on the corner to buy tupperware, and the host of the B&B has gone to bed and there’s a note in her kitchen that says to stay out of the drawers.  Devo and I rush back to the B&B after like 20-30 minutes of searching for soup and excitedly tell the girls that we found a restaurant to custom make us some soup, but that we don’t know what the heck we’ll bring it back in.  Some of our ideas were, a plastic trash bag, empty water bottles, just steal/borrow a few bowls from the B&B.  We leave the B&B empty-handed and I have an idea.   We can’t buy a bowl or tupperware anywhere because it’s too late, but maybe if we buy 4 large gelato bowls we can get those filled up.  We head to a Gelato shop and buy 4 empty bowls.  yes, the people think we’re crazy.  But the largest of the sizes is still tiny, remember, this isn’t America where a large ice cream is 72 oz.  We’re heading to the restaurant and I start realizing that this is a stupid idea.  I hand the gelato cups to Devo and I say something like “I’m going with you but you’re handing them these cups”  We walk into the restaurant and the waiter looks at us expectantly with a grin.  It turns into an even bigger grin and a huge laugh when Devo pulls the four gelato cups out from behind his back.  Now everyone in the restaurant is cracking up at the two Americans.  The waiter is pointing to Devo and miming blowing his brains out just laughing at how moronic these cups are.  It was awkward and also hilarious.  The guys finally bring some rinsed out (barely) old tupperware from the back and proceed to make our soup, but we have now assured them we will bring their tupperware back the next day (the wedding day).

gelato containers

Devo and I head back to the B&B, champions of zuppa, feeling a little touristy and embarrassed, but champions none the less.  We walked into the girls room, just cracking up and told them our tale.  We all joked about how when we went back the next day to return the tupperware that the staff would have brought their friends and families to point and laugh at us, or how Angela and Devo would go in their wedding attire and take pictures in front of the staff. We then proceeded to pour the soup into the gelato cups that had so embarrassed us.

soup in tupperware

soup in gelato cup

The next day, I returned the tupperware in the late morning, they were barely open and no one was there ridiculing me. Afterwards I made my way to Giotto’s Tower for a solo climb up 400+ steps.  A beautiful way to start a wedding day.

I’m not gonna lie, this is one of my favorite memories ever.  Some kind of strange adventure, a simple adventure.  If Angela, or Amy or Devo thinks I left anything out, please comment.

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