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Andrew’s site redesign

Andrew SchubertI installed a very very basic redesign on Andrew’s freelance site in anticipation of the new together PANGEA single coming out. But we still have some work to do.


New glasses

Neither Andrew or I have had our eyes checked in YEARS.

So in February I finally got around to checking out some places on Yelp! to make us both eye appointments.

We ended up going to Santa Clarita Family Optometry with Dr. Mikhail

She was fantastic and her whole staff was awesome – nice and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Dr. Mikhail if you are in the market for glasses and all.

It’s a small little store front on Valencia Blvd (same shopping center as Whole Foods).

Everyone was nice, and we of course got what we went in for but here’s what I love specifically …

…. after my eye exam, comparing my new prescription to my previous one (from December 2007), Dr. Mikhail more or less said I didn’t need new glasses if I didn’t want them. She didn’t push any sales or make me feel like I HAD to do anything.

(I did end up getting new glasses because the prescription was different enough to help and my work paid for them, but that was totally my own choice and not because she or any of her staff made me feel like I needed them).

Zach helped me pick out the frames (and was really awesome about getting to know my style right away to help me find the right ones for my face and that I would feel comfortable in).

My prescription is very mild, and I really only would need it when watching a movie with subtitles or driving some place unfamiliar at night.

But I’m still glad I got them …

dilated  001

dilated  002

DitL  026

DitL  028


Andrew’s new tattoo

Andrew works really hard.

Really really (really) hard. It is not uncommon for him to work 15 hours a day every day in a week. Or more.

So, this summer, he treated himself to a new tattoo!

Up until the actual appointment, Andrew wasn’t sure where he wanted the tattoo …. But he settled on the inside of his left upper arm.


tattoo  001



tattoo  004

tattoo  005

It’s a vintage-y toaster, with a piece of toast coming out (with a bite taken out). And the side of the toaster says “Enganchado Por Vida”…

… “Hooked for Life” in Spanish

You’re going to have to ask Andrew to explain WHY exactly … but he does love toast, and he does love Mexican things (tacos, etc)….

Just another piece to help fill out his arm!

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SCENE: Last Tuesday night. I was at work. Sitting in my cube, finishing up a project. 9:30p. The phone rang.

Anyone in the office could have answered it, but I happened to be the one to pick up

Me: “[Company name] Los Angeles, this is Amy.

Caller: “Hey Amy it’s Keith…”

Me: (frantically trying to remember which of our client companies has a contact named Keith. Clients do this all the time – just give us their first name and assume we remember all the details of their business)

Caller:  “…from Andrew’s… thing.”

Me: “Oh! Hi! What’s up?” (thinking why on earth would Andrew’s coworker be calling me at work?)

Keith: “Um, well. Andrew is pretty sick. He’s lying down and, uh, wriggling around and stuff.”

Me: “Wriggling around?” (trying to understand what that means)

Keith: “Yea, I mean. Uh, he’s pretty bad.”

Me: “Ok, can he come to the phone?” (thinking, what are you trying to tell me)

Keith: “Lemme check. ……. No, he’s just. … He’s really sick.”

Me: “Ok. Does he need me to come pick him up?” (trying to read Keith’s mind)

Keith: “Yes. Can you?”

Me: “Yea. Ok. It will probably be 30 min or so, but I’ll be there soon.”


I got off the phone, and my supervisor who sits close to me, had a worried look on her face, “Is everything OK?”

Um. No. My husband who never needs sleep and goes to work sick needs me to pick him up from work and is too sick to call and ask me to do it himself.

Andrew has never ever been that sick as long as I’ve known him – which is nearing half his life.

Luckily, we were slow enough that I didn’t have to feel too bad about leaving work an hour and a half early. I sent an email to the powers-that-be that I needed to leave early to pick up my sick husband. Looked at that sentence for a second and added a P.S. It really is worse than that sounds.

But in the 4 minutes or so between when I got off the phone and walked out the door, I had gotten a text from Andrew’s phone saying, “This is Keith. We’re calling the paramedics.”

So not only is Andrew so sick he can’t call me. Not only is Andrew writhingly sick with something I have no idea what it is. Not only do I still have to drive for 30 minutes before I see him …. Now apparently I’ll be meeting him at a hospital.


Of course – and this truly makes me a terrible person – my next thought was ‘Well, I’m glad I have a big book with me’ … I can’t help it.

Keith kept me up to date via texts… and I basically got to the hospital just shortly after the paramedics brought Andrew to the emergency room. I walked into his room just as the nurses were finishing putting his hospital gown on him …. And, he was in fact “wriggling around and stuff”

His eyes were closed. He was crazy pale and even a little green. His arms were up with his hands at weird angles (um. Kind of like T-Rex arms) and he was having some trouble breathing normally.

I said, “Hi Andrew” loudly and tried to stay out of the nurses’ way. He said, “hi tiny wife” in the saddest weakest voice ever… but that is one of his pet names for me, so he was at least lucid.

I took it as a good sign.

They got Andrew on the path to stabilization. Hooked him up to the monitor to track his heartbeat, breathing and all. Got an IV hooked up so they could start putting fluids back in him.

I reached the hospital a little after 10p, but apparently before that Andrew had vomited … all over his clothes and at work. In fact, his clothes were sitting in the room when I walked in and the nurse instructed me not to touch those and she’d get me a plastic bag to put them in.

So thoughtful.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been in an emergency wing, but the room they brought Andrew to was just large enough for a bed in the middle, and 2 chairs for sitting against one wall. I sat in the chairs all night, and the poor nurse kept bumping me whenever she turned around from the bed.

But nobody seemed to mind my presence.

Except, maybe when I was patently unhelpful.

The nurses did all they could to get Andrew a little more stable, and the doctor walked in and started asking questions. Of me. Of what Andrew had been doing and what he had eaten and what happened right before he got sick.

Answer: No idea.

All I know he was at work. It’s not a physically strenuous job. Other than that I got nothing.

Extremely unhelpful.

One of the nurses passed along info that the paramedics got from either Andrew or one of his co-workers – Andrew had eaten some piece of unidentified candy not long before he started feeling ill.

My immediate thought: He is never allowed to eat candy again.

So, based on that plus his symptoms they treated him assuming food poisoning or a stomach bug of some kind. Severe, obviously. But he would be ok once they got some color back into his face and fluid back in his body.

And so it just became a waiting game. Waiting for his body to stabilize. At least he was no longer vomiting.

Sitting in an emergency is just … bizarre.

Everything is kind of a sad pastel color: lavender floor, muted spring green curtain, blue sheets. Obviously an attempt to brighten up what has to be a sad and scary place for some people, but will all those awful overhead lights it’s not as though anyone is noticing what a lovely purple the dirty floor tile is.

The nurses left us alone, coming in to check every half hour or so. Andrew and I talked a little bit, but mostly I just let him rest.

At one point, though, I leaned down and whispered, “This is totally going in Project Life” …. And he laughed and then cursed me out for making him laugh.

Apparently laughter is NOT the best medicine.

Which is too bad because I kept thinking of great jokes that he would have loved in any other situation.

Instead, I spent my time trying to translate the conversations-in-Spanish that were taking place in the hallway. My Spanish is a bit rusty.

There was also an older woman in the room next to ours that was insufferably whiny and some of the interactions she had with the nurse were …. Highly entertaining.

Eavesdropping on other hallway conversations that include the sentence, “Make sure there’s no poop on the bag or they won’t take it.”

For the next 2 and a half hours or so, they let him rest and sleep and take in fluids. He wasn’t doing great with breathing, so they put an oxygen mask on him. And he finally fell asleep for a little bit, was able to answer questions and just looked a little better.

Well enough that they discharged him.

I signed the paper. They gave us a prescription for some kind of drug. And told us he’d be fine once he got home and rested a bit.

Good. Fine. Andrew’s clothes were all vomitty, but he was going to wear the hospital gown home.

At 12:45a, I got my purse and things together and got ready to help Andrew out to the car.

At 1:05a he had only gotten as far as sitting up and literally could not do any more than that. He couldn’t open his eyes, he couldn’t bring himself to move any muscle further.

Obviously, our nurse noticed that 20 min had passed and he was still in there so she came in to check.

Andrew told her he was just too dizzy still and couldn’t open his eyes without getting nauseous.

Nurse: “Dizzy? You mean the room is spinning? Well that’s completely different! Lie back down. I’ll be right back.”

Andrew is sure he told the paramedics he was dizzy, but apparently they did not relay the message properly to any of the hospital staff.

Once they learned he was dizzy, the doctor came in asked a couple quick questions and diagnosed vertigo. Most likely brought on by the sinus infection Andrew just can’t seem to shake (despite a round of antibiotics and Claritin). The doctor gave us some instructions (see an Ear Nose and Throat specialist), a prescription (Valium) and an anti-nausea drug.

They gave him a dose of Valium and let Andrew rest for another 20 minutes or so – and by that time the Valium had kicked in and he was fine enough to open his eyes and get out of bed.

He still was incredibly weak and exhausted, so they helped us out to the car with a wheelchair. But the immense difference in that Valium was a HUGE help.

As I drove home (another 35 minutes), he just lay his head back and closed his eyes. … Poor guy. Please don’t vomit in my car….

We got home around 2:30a … I grabbed my bags of stuff, rushed inside to make up a bed on the couch for him. By the time I was done, Andrew had shuffled, shoeless, 2/3rds of the way through our dirt front yard to the door. I thought he would wait for me to get back to the car! But no… he did stop at the foot of the steps to wrangle his strength, but he made it inside, into the living room, and onto the couch.

So much different from the first time that he was discharged.

Our couch is amazing and really great couch for sleeping, so he was cozy and set. Blanket, pillows, water, trash can for barfing, Kleenex for his sinus infection.


And now. Bed…

Wednesday morning I woke up early – 730a or so. I went downstairs and Andrew was a little awake. Still feeling tired and weak but much much better. We talked for a little bit, about the night before, about what the doctor said, etc, and then we both fell asleep again until about 10:30a.

I knew that Andrew wanted to go to work that day, but I made it my mission to talk him out of it. That kid does NOT know how to relax. And he CLEARLY needed physical rest.

We both got showers, and I called out from my job, and then I spent hours just encouraging him to lie down. Call your work and tell them you still need a few hours. Just close your eyes.

We have this “rule” that I used to invoke all the time – when I know Andrew is tired and he is in denial about it, he has to close his eyes and lie quietly for 5 minutes and if he’s still awake after 5 minutes he can get up.

He is NEVER still awake.

We had lunch and I got him to take a nap on the couch with the promise that I’d take him to work once he woke up.

I got *some* things done, like reading and grocery shopping, but mostly I just tried to stay quiet so he could sleep.

Andrew woke up again in the late afternoon, and seemed … ok to go to work. No longer sick. Still exhausted, but not physically weak.

And I’ll say this for Andrew – he is NEVER lazy. He works so hard all the time that it would be unnatural for him to call out sick from work if he could physically get out the door. He promised me that if he went to work he would just be a body to answer phones and his co-workers would let him rest still.

So I agreed. And yes, he needed my permission because his keys, his car, and everything was still at work.

Around 5p, we got in my car and headed down to his work. After a couple blocks, I asked if he had let his work know he was coming, so he texted the studio manager. After another couple blocks, he got a text back telling him not to come.

Don’t have to twist my arm!

I pulled into a fast food restaurant parking lot, while Andrew called to see what was going on. And they had it mostly handled. Handled enough. Handled enough that Andrew could actually take one full sick day for the first time in his life (more or less).

I actually expected Andrew to argue and insist on going in anyway, but he seemed relieved. As soon as he hung up the phone and we were turned around to go back home he said, “Can I change into my PJs when we get home?”


At 5:10p.

Yes, honey. You can put on Pjs and go back to bed.

He basically spent the rest of the evening sleeping and eating and then sleeping some more.

I would estimate he slept about 20 hours of a 30 hour span of time. That might be a slight exaggeration, but only slight.

He had been getting 4 hours of sleep a night for a few weeks prior, so his body obviously took advantage of him resting for once and just took over on the sleep front.

He woke up Thursday morning basically better. Whenever you sleep that much, you still need to make a bit of an effort to get your body up and moving, and he did still have a sinus infection.

But Thursday morning I took him to work, he went and filled his prescription, just in case, and made an appointment with a doctor about his sinus infection.

I’m not positive Andrew has learned the value of relaxing and resting and taking care of himself, but at least now I have a “remember when” lecture ready when he starts running himself ragged again.


(The only other time I’ve had to go to the emergency room was when I was little little, my brother cut his toe really badly and we ALL went to the emergency room for him to get stitches. But I only remember the car ride there, so it doesn’t count. Right?)


When the records take over

Everyone in our little blog world is getting into turn tables, and vinyl records, and cute little repurposed vintage shelving units for their budding collection.

Everyone in our little blog world has stylish little corner vignettes dedicated to this offbeat musical medium, emphasizing their vintage expertise.

Everyone in our little blog world has the 4 or 5 MUST have vinyl records proudly on display for easy listening and impressing visitors.


Records are taking over my life.

I’m terrible at estimating numbers, but our record collection is …. probably just over to 1000 records.

All organized alphabetically by artist, and then chronologically within the artists’ collection.

We moved recently and I spent far too much time wondering where exactly we would PUT all these records…..

These are basically the only 2 shelving units we currently own …. which means that the records are the only things that have been unpacked!  The shelves are about 6′x 6′ and are almost full…. The space we are dedicating to Andrew’s record-collection is HUGE!

I’ll never have that cute little vinyl vignette in the corner of my living room, I’ll never have a small select display of favorite records as decor. Collecting records is a serious business in the Schubert family …. and for the rest of my life I will have to make room for all the records.

{They bring Andrew so much joy – how could I resist? :) }



You really have the best face.


I always think you look internet-ready


I’m only going to be there 5 or 6 nights a week. It’s not like I’m going to be there every night.

{watching HP7.1, Emma Watson’s scene}

I hope Miranda never has to obliviate her parents


Being married to you is like being married to a butt model who reads.


(really tired trying to raise his eyebrows)

I don’t always have mastery over my face.


This guy kills me :)

See more Andrew-isms here


Andrew Schubert: Recording Engineer

I think I’ve mentioned this before…. But Andrew doesn’t sleep as much as normal people.

My default with no alarm is about 8.5 hours each night. Andrew’s is 5 or 6 hours each night.

Needless to say, he spends a lot of time awake, alone, watching movies in the living room.

But in the last few weeks, Andrew has been using his sleepless nights to work! Like a crazy person!

He’ll work his ‘day job’ from about noon til about 10p, and then once everyone leaves completely reset one of the rooms to set up for his personal clients….. They arrive at about midnight, record til 5a or so. Then he has to RE-reset the room back.

He’ll come home and sleep for about 4 hours, then go do the same thing again!

But he loves it …. And I love that he’s such a hard worker…Always so proud of him.

A few weeks ago, he started a little bit earlier on a Friday night so I stopped by after work to get some photos of him in action ….

Luckily for me, Jenae loves to go down to the studio to help him. Which means I get to stay home and sleep, and he has assistance so he’s not there even longer!

recording a musical saw!

View the whole gallery here: Recording Charlyne and Miles

P.S. For those of you paying attention, that is Charlyne Yi – actress, artist and musician. You might recognize her from House MD or Paper Heart or Knocked Up.

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Andrew in NYC

{the following photos and journaling are all by Andrew}

This was my first trip to New York.

Every year Chris pays for the Mix LA staff to fly to the Audio Engineering Society Convention. The convention alternates cities – every other year it’s SF and NYC.

CLA took a separate flight from his staff, so Brad, Keith, Nik and myself all car-pooled to Burbank Airport at 5a on Thursday morning, October 20. Flight scheduled for 7a.

We got to the airport with no traffic and breezed through security … We boarded the plane at around 6:45a ….. And sat. …. And waited …. And sat and watched other flights take off …. and waited.

Turns out our Jet Blue flight is an AirBus and with the improper wind we couldn’t take off yet… .

For 2.5 hours. Everyone was a little tired and mad – Brad even left!

The pilot took the plane back to the gate and everyone deplaned to get a bite to eat and pee and stretch. We got back on the plane around 10a and took off (3.5 hours late) at 10:30a

Not a great start for a trip.

We landed at JFK around 6:30p (local time), took a cab to Times Square Mariott Marquis Hotel and checked in.

45th floor (the very top) with a Times Square view…. Incredible!!

Nik and I shared a room and Keith got his own. We were all pretty pumped for a good time. So we hit the town, soaked up the lights and crowd of Times Square and then got on the subway at 42nd street and made our way toward Prince street to find some pizza on Bleeker street and then see a concert at the Mercury Lounge.

Nik Yelp’d a tiny 20 table restaurant called Bianca, served authentic Italian food. The customers looked to be our age New Yorkers. Perfect. I got sausage and beans Italian style, Nik got a seafood pasta and Keith got lasagna. It was soooo dark and cozy in the restaurant.

After dinner we walked towards The Mercury Lounge area where the CMJ festival was going on. I wanted to hook up with The Audacity who ere in town from CA. We met up with a friend of Keith’s, Kaitlin, at The Cake Shop and headed to a dive bar called Meet the Johnsons. It was all decked out for Halloween.

Around 12:45a we headed to The Mercury Lounge to catch the 1a set by the Dum Dum Girls. They were pretty good – not a lot of stage presence but it was their 3rd show of the day.

After the Dum Dum Girls we all walked around, hit Katz’s Deli around 2:30a or 3a when they closed for the night and the 4 of us shared a pastrami sandwich.

Walked around the city in the cold, laughing and having fun.

Keith looked up “late night billiards” on Yelp and we took a cab to Fat Cat Pool hall. They served beer until4a and had a great jazz combo playing. NY Jazz!!

The bar was in the basement filled with pool tables and ping pong! We grabbed some beers and pool cues and played a few games until around 5a.

In bed by 5:30a …. Great intro to NYC!

DAY 2 – October 21

We had planned to go to Central Park on this day. We did not plan on staying up until almost 6a however.

We woke up around 2:30p, showered and then headed to the Convention Center to see the AES show. Got our passes and began the show. As at past conventions, I always end up following Keith and Nik around since they’re the audio guys.

We met up with CLA for the first time and he drove us to Kellari for the 4th annual Mix LA/Vintage King AES dinner.

Great Greek food and people.

After dinner, CLA and the VK guys went home while Keith, Nik, the Sterling Sound crew and I went to the View Bar at the top of our hotel. The View is a rotating bar showing you a good glimpse of the city. We got a table and each got a drink…

After the View closed, one of the Sterling Sound guys headed home and the other 5 of us walked around town to find a place to hang. We found some bar I don’t know the name of and when they closed, one of the other Sterling Sound kids left while the other 4 of us bought cigars and beers from a convenience store and drank from paper sacks and smoked on the stoops…

… and around 4a maybe, decided to walk around and find Occupy Wall Street.

Well, we got a little lost, ended up walking past Ground Zero around 5a and finally found Occupy Wall Street at 5:30a. Some young Canadian had climbed atop a sculpture at the site and was making demands before he would come down. So the cops and fire department and Hostage Rescue all showed up … It was quite a scene.

We hung around until about 8a – it was light out but the kid was still up there and we were tired.

I got breakfast and finally passed out around 9:30a

Day 3 – October 22

I woke up only about 3.5 hours later… to catch CLA mediating a Grammy Sound Table at AES – “Songs that Changed My Life” – Ken ‘Duro’ Ifill, Steve Lillywhite, Ann Mincieli, Phil Ramone, Al Schmitt. It was about what I expected – Al and Phil, however, have great stories since they’ve been in the business so long. About Harry Nilsson and Billy Joel and everyone really.

Around 430 Nik, Keith and I headed to famous Carnegies Deli to get huge pastrami sandwiches!

Carnegie Deli is crowded and narrow and cramped. The walls are covered in autographed 8×10 headshots of famous people. The trademark sandwich is The Woody Allen – $17 worth of pastrami and about 10x the size of a normal sandwich. Their signature drink is the New York Style Egg Cream. A fizzy type of soda with whipped egg whites, I think. It sounds weird, but it tastes like cream soda. I got a pastrami sandwich which was huge and of course I only ate 1/3 of it.

After Carnegie we walked across the street to a gift shop so Nik could get his wife a souvenir. Then on to Central Park…

We spent about 15 minutes there, but had to rush away to go to the Afterglow Party held at Electric Lady Studios in the Village. We walked back to the hotel, got ready for the party and took a cab down there. There was a decent-size line outside the studio, so we waited and got in after about 15 minutes.

Electric Lady Studios was built by Jimi Hendrix. I couldn’t snap any pictures because there was security everywhere. It consists of 3 rooms so far as I can tell. 2 below street level and one at or above. We were able to view/ visit the 2 below. We ran into CLA and a few other people we knew and quietly left to meet up with Nik’s cousin, Roxie.

We found a bar that had SST/SubPop bands blasting out of the jukebox and decided to wait for Roxie there. I checked out a record store, Bleecker Bob’s, but it was so overpriced with no real treasures that I quickly let. It was a college town, I guess.

We met up with Roxie and decided to search out some Vietnamese sandwiches. Walked to a place and made it just before close. Then Roxie led us to a bar with Skiball where she was going to meet her friends.

The Skiball bar was sooooo packed. We got a call from Chris Dugan (Green Day’s engineer) that he was in the area, so he met us at skiball and we left Roxie to her friends and Chris took us to an underground secret bar. We hung out for a bit and decided to cab it over to meet up with some Vintage King guys at the bar they were at.

Cabbed over to the place, made small talk and when the bar closed we walked over to Papaya King for some 4a hot dogs!

Chris Dugan got into a battlerap “Yo Mama” with a toothless homeless guy. That went on for about an hour. Just hanging out on the street, laughing, talking and eating hot dogs

We made it back to the hotel about 6a….

Day 4 – October 23

Just enough time to shower and check out before flying home at 1p …



Ok, honestly, Andrew is the funniest person in my life …. Here are some real gems that came out of his mouth in the last few months….


Kissing you is like kissing a rainbow!


Time is hard!



(While reading book 4 of Stephen King’s Gunslinger series)

Andrew: Sometimes I have to cover up the bottom of the page I’m reading with my hand

Amy: (blank stare)

Andrew: Well … you know…. If I know something exciting or big is coming up my eyes have a tendency to dart down and read ahead! So I literally have to cover up that part of the page with my hand or a bookmark or something!


Andrew’s 30th birthday present

Andrew got his first tattoo when he was just 18 or 19 …. and then got a several in a relatively short period of time….

He ran out of money, basically, but then got his anchor tattoo (in the photo below) for an engagement gift, and his wedding ring tattoo’d on later that year.

That was 6 years ago and he has resisted the temptation ever since…. But I know he’s always thinking about tattoos. He has so many plans: toast, eggs and bacon, a flying robot, etc etc etc.

So, since he turned 30 years old this summer, I ‘gave’ him a new tattoo for his birthday!

He hemmed and hawed about which of his many ridiculous design ideas he wanted …. and I threw in some of my own….

He went to Clandestine Rabbit (in Encino) on someone’s recommendation, and I think he was REALLY happy with the place as a whole…

What’s that? Pictures you say? …

Here’s the BEFORE. The new tattoo was about to have a home on his left forearm…

And the finished piece:

He did this whole thing in 2 sessions. The first one was hours long, and from what I understand pretty painful.

Andrew is a trooper when it comes to tattoos, though …

The second session was just some touch up, adding color to the sky, etc….

If you can’t really get a feel for the whole thing …. There’s the phonograph (with a record on it and a big horn), sitting in a graveyard (with a small hill and several headstones behind)…

The whole thing is framed by a vine with rose buds on it, with a bee near one of the rosebuds…





I’m pretty sure he loves it. Happy birthday, husband!

Andrew, if there are more details you want to share, please do!


Andrew’s garden this summer

On our vacation, we were able to visit Butchart Gardens in Victoria, British Colombia.

And Andrew and I spent the whole time dreaming about what we wanted to have in our one-day garden.

Top of Andrew’s list? Plain wooden coffins …. in the yard … acting as benches.

Yes, really. Ask him about it…

Our current apartment-balcony garden is slowly growing and Andrew has added a few things since last year.

Our basil plant didn’t make it through the winter … but the pepper plant and succulents did, and Andrew has recently transplanted the succulents into a bigger, long and narrow pot.

Perfect for sitting up on our balcony ledge, where it lives.

Andrew also has a new friend – in one of the bands he’s been recording – who works in a nursery and gave us a few more succulents to add to the collection.

There’s all so interesting looking and the first thing Andrew does when he gets home from work is go outside to check on his plants.

He hasn’t started singing to them yet. That’s the next step, I’m sure.


He also decided to try a new watering method: Aqua Globes.

Except, instead of actually buying plant-specific aqua globes, we just got some glass Coke bottles, filled them with water and flipped them over!


So far they seem to be working rather well …



Andrew’s pepper plant is THRIVING! We thought we may have lost it over the winter but it came back and has already given us half-a-dozen peppers.

And by “us” I mean Andrew, of course.

He’s already had to prune it once, and it looks like it could use another go already.

The pepper plant sits on a footstool at the ‘sunny’ end of the balcony. It’s far too big to sit on the balcony ledge.

There’s currently a spider living on the pepper plant, as well. …. That’s probably fine, right? Spiders don’t eat plants.

What are YOU growing this summer?

P.S. Since scheduling this post Andrew has gotten 4 more plants!


Yes, Andrew is 30 years old today.

And my favorite person in the whole world.


I won’t bore you with all the reasons here, but make sure you check out Reasons my Husband is Awesome for the on-going list

For his birthday gift from me, he’s getting a new tattoo! We’ll blog about it when it’s done….


I love this face of his so much…..

Make sure you tweet him or facebook him or comment to him or SOMETHING to tell him Happy Birthday!

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a slow Sunday off

days off with Andrew might be my favorite thing ever

they don’t really happen all that often. Pretty much once every other (or every 3rd) Sunday.

This past Sunday was full of crafts and cooking and reading and Menchies….

(Andrew started making me a pinhole camera)

(I spent several hours cutting up veggies and making homemade veggie lasagna. I like to listen to my podcasts while I cook, so this is me with big headphones on, the iPod in the pocket of my pajama pants, and a big apron covering it all)

(for the lasagna filling)



(then off to Menchies for a date)


So relaxing. Such a lovely day.

Simple things like this make me so happy ….


3 days without seeing Andrew

I think we can all agree by now that Andrew is a crazy workaholic.

I’m OK with it. I knew this before I married him.

Andrew’s off-the-charts work ethic is one of my favorite things about him.

This past week, his boss was out of town – which means free studio time for Andrew.

And, of course, he booked it ALL out!

Thursday morning he left the house EARLY……

The idea was to set up the LIVE room (move out the couch and other furniture and move in the mics, mic stands, and other equipment) in time for the band to arrive at 11a or so.

And I pretty much didn’t see him at all until Saturday night….

When I actually went DOWN to the studio, had dinner with him and Jenae, and took this iPhone photo as he was finishing cleaning up after a 3-day recording binge.

3 days of 20-hour blocks of working….. VERY little sleep.

But that’s kind of how Andrew thrives …

And then he pretty much slept away Sunday…..

Andrew, you impress me every day.

I’m so proud of you.

Readers: If you are so inclined, Andrew blogs at AndrewSchubert.com re: his recording sessions. You can look for some photos and things in the next few weeks….

Rumor has it his next recording binge will be mid or late July.

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Easter Sunday 2011

Last weekend was both Andrew’s dad’s birthday and Easter, so we trekked on up to Santa Clarita (in the new car) for Sunday afternoon …


Andrew and I looked adorable as usual …



We took the dogs for a walk and just kind of relaxed most of the day …






Happy Birthday, Andy!

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