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my feet in the creek at Rocky Mountain National Park

my feet in the creek at Rocky Mountain National Park


Stressed. Busy. Still trying to figure out how to balance my schedule and my deadlines and all the ‘someday’ projects I want to get started on now that I am mostly self-employed. Trying to make money for all the things we need and want is a constant focus.


Parks and Recreation. I love marathoning TV shows with Andrew and we’ve watched several seasons in the last few weeks.


The Game of Thrones series (technically A Song of Ice and Fire series). Currently book 2 of 5. I’m reading FAR less now that I don’t have a day job to sit at 40 hours/week.

Thinking about

Marketing. Marketing for L&R and Ghostbot Records and Maggie’s photography business and Kevin’s author site. I love marketing, actually.


Red bell peppers. ALWAYS. Sprouts has them for 3/$1 often and I can eat 1 or 2 a day. With chicken sausage or hummus or cottage cheese or stuffed with taco meat. I’m not picky. I love them.

Looking forward to

Traveling! We have potentially 3 really awesome trip opportunities in the next year! 2 different locations where we can get a free place to stay so we should just go to take advantage, and a 3rd location where there will probably be a wedding! Perfect reason to go.

Now you know why I am constantly feeling stressed about money :)

Making me happy

Being home.  I love our house. I love being home with the cats and my own kitchen and real food. I love not having to wear ‘work clothes’ every day. I love not having to stay awake until midnight just to get home.

I am SO happy being mostly self-employed in spite of the money stresses.

What’s new with you?


First week all my own

As of Monday, I have been self-employed for 2 weeks. Admittedly, the 2 weeks were not “typical” for a few reasons …. and I don’t think I’ll have a “typical” week until … August or so. 12-hour working days + Andrew randomly off work on a Monday + going out of town + 4th of July? Totally a-typical. So, really, I’ve kind of just felt like I was on vacation for a couple weeks. I mean, vacation in which I had an insane to-do list. But, my (previous) day job never required me to care/pay attention when I wasn’t in the office so any day I was off work was truly off (from that job).

The last 2 weeks I’ve been able to combine hanging out with Andrew when he was home with intense periods of working on BUILD. It’s been kind of awesome. Since I’ve had so much to do between BUILD and 30Lists, the last couple weeks I’ve just been working CONSTANTLY. I have not done any of the housework I told Andrew I would do once I quit. I have not started the video game that I bought myself in November and have been saving ever since.

I’ll update you again when I figure out what my new schedule will look like – but I’ve literally been working 12 hour days almost every day for the last 2+ weeks so hopefully this is not my long term schedule.

Here’s a glimpse of what I did the first week of freedom …
I made a big pot of homemade chicken stock on MONDAY – since it needs to simmer on the stove for 8 hours, I otherwise would only been able to do this on a weekend. I actually started it at 6a, finishing it at 2p, we went out in the afternoon and I came home and used the stock to make soup for dinner.freedom  001

That first Monday I was off, Andrew *happened* to have off as well. LUCKY! So we got to go out together in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday!!

Previously – up until the end of 2012 – we literally only had Sundays off together. And even then it was only 3 out of every 4. The last few months, we’ve had Saturdays and Sundays together which has been magical. But now …. NOW WE HAVE ALL THE TIME! Andrew gets paid time off whenever his boss goes out of town, so now that I make my own schedule that means I can (theoretically) take that time off as well!!

So that first Monday, we visited the new library in our town! I love the library. I love that we live in an affluent suburb that can afford to build a new library (seems crazy, right?). And I kind of want to live in this library. I’ll do a full post about the library later…

freedom  003

The girls seem to like having me home all the time. They follow me around the house and just sleep in the room where I’m working. They sleep pretty much all the time, which is nice since they’re usually SUPER obnoxious in the early mornings.

freedom  004

I’ve been working in my office more and more – you’d think that that is what it was for, right? I am loving getting up early (5 or 6am range), grabbing my coffee and sitting at my office window. LOVE it. I love that I have this space. I just wish it wasn’t so hot in the afternoons. I’m looking forward to the fall and winter when I can work in there all the time.

Also this first week (and referenced in the picture below)? I was able to conduct an exclusive interview for BUILD in the middle of the afternoon. SO awesome to be able to tell Sarah “whenever you want, I’m home all the time.”

freedom  005

My to do list has been under such a time crunch (definite BUILD launch date + going out of town) that I haven’t done hardly any housework. I intend to, of course. I don’t want Andrew to regret carrying so much of our financial load. But in reality, that first week of freedom I left dishes undone, closed my eyes to dirty floors and left piles of mail on our dining room table (among other things).

freedom  006

But the girls following me around the house is probably going to be a regular thing now. Bless their hearts.

freedom  007

This week:

Andrew is off work starting yesterday for almost a whole month (!!), I’ve got long to do lists for the upcoming 30 Days of Lists + this fall’s Onward and Upward AND we’re making plans to go out of town. And we have a ton of projects for around the house. I can’t even relax any more because the house to-do list is calling to me.

Not really a typical week :)

If you’re interested in quitting your day job too, take a look at my BUILD ecourse!


P.S. How you can help if you don’t want to buy the ecourse? Anytime you have to buy something from Amazon, click through the banner on the <—- left sidebar. It’s no extra cost to you, but we’ll get a little tiny $ commission for directing the sale. Let me know if you have questions!! Thanks in advance!


I quit

Friday was my last day in corporate America!!

More info and a whole week’s worth of I-QUIT content over at Lemon and Raspberry.

Both Andrew and I are very very very very happy :)



I love to travel

So I’m not one to plan a “staycation” ….. But sometimes Staycations find you.

Easter weekend happened to be right near my birthday (which I get off from work) and, of course, Good Friday (a “quasi holiday” that I also got off from work). Throw in an extra PTO day that Monday and all of a sudden I had a 5-day “weekend” with nothing planned!


Crammed the errands that needed to be done in on Friday morning, and spent the rest of the weekend around the house, reading a TON and tackling some of the long-standing items on my to do list.


Friday  005

Friday  009

Friday  011

Visited the DMV (to renew my license. It has now been 5 years that we’ve lived in CA again), visited the library (favorite errand) and the grocery store.

Then I got home at about 12:30p …. with a wealth of time in front of me. MIRACULOUS.

I tell you, I was SO excited to have so much time off with nothing specific planned I was giddy.

So I read a novel….

Friday  016

I don’t have any photos from the rest of the day, so I probably didn’t do much else :)


Andrew was home all day AND it was the day chosen for March’s Day in the Life project, so there are a ton of photos.

DitLMar  016

DitLMar  020

DitLMar  026

DitLMar  031

DitLMar  035

Forced snuggles, computer work and Andrew made eggs for breakfast.

DitLMar  059

DitLMar  101

DitLMar  086

Shower, made the bed, computer work and spent some more time reading this novel. I LOVED it. I think I finished it on Saturday, actually.

DitLMar  111

DitLMar  117

In the afternoon, Andrew went out back to do some (much needed) yardwork, and brought the cats with him. We got them leashes (I know) so they can hang out in the yard with us/Andrew while we’re there.

Actually, we only had 1 leash, so Andrew took a quick trip to Petco to get a second.

Khaleesi crying because we left her inside:

DitLMar  129

DitLMar  138

DitLMar  147

Andrew has been working on taking out all this weed/ground cover so we can till and replant grass and veggies and all. It’s a constant battle and we never seem to have enough time to make decent progress before the weeds come back.

DitLMar  144

DitLMar  148

Problem with the leashes: Khaleesi is actually too small for it. She pulled a little too hard, dragged the chair which made a loud noise that scared her enough that she just *slipped* out of the leash.


DitLMar  158

More reading and more computer work that night. It’s how I CHOOSE to spend my Saturday nights :)



easter  004

easter  006

easter  015

Andy and Julie came over for lunch (we got Stonefire Grill)

easter  021

And then the rest of the day we just hung out. More reading, more computer work, and I *think* we marathoned several episodes of The Killing season 2.

easter  020

Andrew started craving sugar (I try not to buy any) so he took a quick trip to Albertson’s for some CHEAP donuts and cupcakes.

…. and I still had 2 full days off ahead of me!!


VERY low-key day.
monday  003

monday  010

monday  016

I had a Skype chat first thing in the morning …. and then nothing else the rest of the day.

More reading (Andrew dragged one of our chairs over to the back door so he could sit int he sun like a lizard), more computer work, more TV marathoning.

We are so easy.


My 31st birthday!!!!

bday  001

bday  004

bday  008

Breakfast at the Egg Plantation. Breakfasts out are one of my favorite things!

bday  010

bday  012

bday  018

bday  024

More reading. More computer work. More TV marathoning. In this last photo you can see that I wore PJ pants most of the day.

Pretty much the best 5 days off I could ask for.

Happy Birthday to me – and thank you Andrew for ALSO taking days off work!!

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On my commute: Podcasts I love

I like to listen to podcasts … A lot.. Because I drive A LOT.

My drive is about 1 hour each way. Often more because of traffic. The drive to work is about 35 miles, along one of the most obnoxious freeways in Los Angeles. Which means that is 35-miles-of-potential for car accidents or mattresses on the freeway or road construction.

Almost always road construction.

Each night at work, I have to check the Metro website to find out what on ramps are open. Every night. I literally cannot get on the freeway to get home without checking this online resource (which is not always updated correctly).

And then by the time I finally get on the freeway, lanes are closed right and left.

So, yea. I spend a lot of time in the car and have a lot of time to listen to podcasts.

I subscribe to a bunch and then listen to all the archives of one of the shows for a few months, and then switch and listen to a few months of archives for another …. I think I might be addicted. .. I keep subscribing to more and more…. I have marketing and photography and storytelling and science podcasts and on and on and on…

Many (many) of them are not specifically arty, creative, and all …. But I still love them.

Here are my 10 top suggestions for some non-crafty, non-arty podcasts to inspire you in new ways!

This American Life:

I’m going to be blunt. If you consider yourself a storyteller of any kind you MUST listen to this podcast.

Also, I mean, hello? Ira Glass!? In love with him.

This podcast/radio show appeals to my cultural studies interests. They’re such beautiful snapshots of someone’s American life.

In the highly unlikely instance that you have never heard of This American Life, each week’s hour-long show loosely centers on a particular theme. The theme of the show is explored in several “acts,” usually two to five. 2 to 5 stories that each look at different angles of that week’s theme. Themes include ‘Prom,’ ‘Fear of Sleep,’ and ‘Switched at Birth.’

Ira Glass and the other producers are such amazing storytellers. This show genuinely makes me love America. This show makes me want to write. This show makes me want to interview strangers and hear about their stories.

One day I will get up the guts to pitch a story to This American Life. …. and then one day (long) after that, I may actually get my story ON the show!

How Stuff Works:

How Stuff Works is actually a website that produces several podcasts (as complementary to their website content) …. Specifically I subscribe to Stuff You Should Know, Stuff You Missed in History Class and Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know. There are also a TON more podcasts from How Stuff Works that I want to look into. I learn so many things I would have never otherwise have found the time to research on my own!

Stuff you Should Know was the first one I listened to … It’s very sciency and fascinating. The hosts (Josh and Chuck) have such a cute little bromance going, they are so entertaining!

Stuff you Missed in History Class is close to my heart – I love history. Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know is a short, weekly video podcast about conspiracy theories – fascinating!

I kind of wish I lived in Atlanta so I could work for


RadioLab reminds me of a cross between This American Life (1 hour program, broken into 3 or 4 different related stories) and Stuff You Should Know (sciency, non-fiction, etc). Super interesting.

The first few seasons need a better editor…. but all-in-all this podcast is quite enjoyable.

I even learned about String Theory and UNDERSTOOD IT while listening to one of these episodes!

Miraculous, I tell you. I am not a science-girl by any stretch of the imagination.

NPR’s Planet Money:

I first heard about this relatively new NPR show by listening to This American Life. The Planet Money staff did an episode called “The Giant Pool of Money” and I learned so much about global economics. …. So I immediately subscribed to the Planet Money podcast.


This is a podcast that started right about the time the entire global meltdown happened (August or September 2008). The brilliance of this podcast is the anchors and reporters were NOT economics reporters when they started, so when they tackle the basic basics…. it really is basic. Learning along with them made economics completely approachable.

I learned about credit default swaps; I learned about toxic assets; I learned about the international manufacturing industries. I learned about the economics of schools in Haiti; I learned about foreclosures in Spain; I learned about Alexander Hamilton’s vision for United States debt.

If you decide to subscribe to Planet Money, I would recommend starting at the beginning beginning. So fascinating!

Travel with Rick Steves:

If you don’t know who Rick Steves is, you probably have never been to Europe.

I’m not exactly his target audience (*cough* baby boomers *cough*), but I still love him.

He has his PBS television show, his guidebooks and this radio show/podcast.

His shows are all about an hour long and usually cover 2-3 topics. He’ll have his guide-friends on for an interview, or take calls from listeners with questions or even interview writers of travel-type books (like Road Trip USA which I love)

The only problem I have with Rick Steves’ podcast, every time I listen to one of these shows I have to add another vacation or trip to my “one day” list. :)   It’s an OK problem to have, though… I never would have thought about going to Slovenia without Rick Steves!

the moth

The Moth

The tagline is ‘True stories told live’ – and while that does describe it, it can’t really encompass the breadth of humor, self-reflection and heartbreak that you will find in these true stories.

Some told by celebrities. Some told my everyday people.

One of the Moth favorites (that they publish often) is a NYC cop, in fact.

Molly Ringwald, A.E. Hotchner (fantastic story), Damien Echols and Edgar Oliver are just some of the more recent names you might recognize. But also an artist haunted by Montgomery Clift, a daughter tells about her immigrant father building an empire from nothing, a teacher faces an ethical dilemma when a student steals LEGOs, and a father details his daughter’s cosmopolitan imaginary friend.

This is a fantastic podcast that I listen to for the entertainment value, but also for observing quality story-structure in action.

WTF with Marc Maron

The bulk of each episode of WTF is a 45-minute+ interview with a comedian/actress/musician/artist. Most frequently comedians. And a whole lot of stand-up comics who I don’t know much about.

And that interview is the BEST part.

I’ve listened to a year or so’s worth of episodes – 2 each week. Maybe fewer….. Interviews with everyone from Michael Cera who I just love to Todd Glass who I have never heard of and know nothing about ….. I have such a fascination with most (all?) aspects of the entertainment industry … Listening to interviews with working actors, writers and occasionally musicians is so fascinating.

Sometimes the conversation is light-hearted and teasing (as with Jeffrey Tambor), sometimes it’s more reflective (as with David Cross) … and sometimes it’s downright intense (as with Todd Glass).

You really never know. There’s no SET structure to interview questions – clearly Maron has been doing this a long time and has excellent interviewing skills. Much of the interview just comes from the guest’s personality and what they end up sharing.

Profiled in detail here.

Here’s The ThingHerestheThing_web_header_01_long_image

Alec Baldwin’s twice-monthly podcast interview with various celebrities. My favorite so far is definitely Billy Joel.

This program is produced by WYNC – who you might recognize as the producers of Radiolab and Freakonomics and SO MANY other great shows!

Baldwin just has this gift of engaging conversation, intuitive questions and genuine curiosity that really draws out his guests and makes the whole interview seem natural and intimate. I love Baldwin’s approach to these interviews. … he has definite opinions on things like politics, and the entertainment industry and being a parent … and he is not afraid to turn his interviews into a 2-sided discussion, rather than just softballing easy questions to his guests.

Profiled in detail here

Writing Excuses

My brother introduced me to this podcast.

It’s basically a panel of 4 professional writers discussing various fiction-related topics over 15 minutes or so every week.

I admit, at least 1 of the writers (the main one it seems like) is kind of difficult to like at first – but they all know what they’re talking about. I look forward to every new episode now that I’m trying to do this thing for real.

The Nerdist

I got into The Nerdist on their Tom Hanks episode (who I worship). I’m not in love with the interviewing style of the guy(s) that host this podcast, but they get some pretty great guests so I’ll put up with it.

Interviews with actors/artists/musicians always inspire me to create on my own. I’ve been loving having another source of these interview to listen to.

What do you listen to while you commute?

P.S. Also: iTunes University and other free online classes

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New glasses

Neither Andrew or I have had our eyes checked in YEARS.

So in February I finally got around to checking out some places on Yelp! to make us both eye appointments.

We ended up going to Santa Clarita Family Optometry with Dr. Mikhail

She was fantastic and her whole staff was awesome – nice and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Dr. Mikhail if you are in the market for glasses and all.

It’s a small little store front on Valencia Blvd (same shopping center as Whole Foods).

Everyone was nice, and we of course got what we went in for but here’s what I love specifically …

…. after my eye exam, comparing my new prescription to my previous one (from December 2007), Dr. Mikhail more or less said I didn’t need new glasses if I didn’t want them. She didn’t push any sales or make me feel like I HAD to do anything.

(I did end up getting new glasses because the prescription was different enough to help and my work paid for them, but that was totally my own choice and not because she or any of her staff made me feel like I needed them).

Zach helped me pick out the frames (and was really awesome about getting to know my style right away to help me find the right ones for my face and that I would feel comfortable in).

My prescription is very mild, and I really only would need it when watching a movie with subtitles or driving some place unfamiliar at night.

But I’m still glad I got them …

dilated  001

dilated  002

DitL  026

DitL  028



In honor of my BIRTHDAY!!!

Loving: The way Andrew talks to the cats. His voice gets all high and lovey like he’s talking to little girls. He is just ENAMORED with the cats and it cracks me up. Especially because they’ve been getting more vocal lately and we have “conversations” with them :) He bought them leashes so they could hang out in the backyard with him while he weeds and stuff.

Reading: Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl – recently made into a movie (with Emma Thompson, Jeremy Irons and  Viola Davis among others). Just finished reading Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. LOVE Gillian Flynn. I want to buy and re-read all her books.

Watching: Game of Thrones season 2 – we get the final disc from Netflix today! I hate that HBO won’t put their shows on Netflix live streaming.

Creating: A big big big blogging ecourse. Project Life pages. Scotland Blurb book. A personalized Team Schubert cookbook (using these). Trip itinerary for this summer. I always have a ton of projects in the works

Thinking about: The big big big blogging ecourse I’m building for L&R. I think about it constantly. I know the structure and 99% of the content, but I keep thinking of stuff to add and do and re-write and all. I think about it in the shower. I think about it while I’m driving.

Surprised by: How close I am to being able to quit the day job. For so long it was a ‘someday’ goal …. but it’s starting to feel really really real. Andrew is 100% on board (even though our income is going to drop significantly). I actually have very little left to do before I can quit. I actually know how many days of work I have left (at the most, possibly less). I can’t believe how close this is!!

Making me sad: Disappointed in myself for falling off the I Quit Sugar bandwagon. I won’t tell you how much weight I’ve gained back. It’s just because ice cream is my vice (see photo above). I KNOW that I feel better when I stick to protein+veggies, but ice cream is soooo good. So today is the last day of sugar (again). I bought the print version of the I Quit Sugar books. I already own the pdfs, but I want to A) spend the money that will keep me accountable AND B) having that physical book sitting on my counter will remind me over and over. I think I’ll be able to do SO MUCH better once I’m no longer working at the day job. There is always some kind of junk food sitting around in the office. And then I’m just sitting in my cubicle hour after hour and I eat because I’m bored. Looking forward to recommitting to eating healthy.

Making me happy: The SoCal weather – warm enough for skirts and open windows at night. Salads every day. I bought a dozen red bell peppers from Costco and we ate them in a week. Our house. LOVE it. Needs a lot of work but I still love it. The library (I need to do a post about how I request books). Traveling (planning trips for this summer).

What’s new with you?


Post structure inspired by Danielle


I have bad luck with toes

Only 12 hours before I got the phone call to meet Andrew in the emergency room, he SWORE to me that he’d pamper me and take care of me and make sure I stayed off my feet.

That obviously didn’t work out.

But, you see, I am apparently terrible at walking, stubbed my toe REALLY badly walking up the stair and have been hobbling around all week.

When I was little, I injured the exact same foot, basically the exact same way. I was running to jump into a swimming pool, stubbed my toe and ripped 2 toenails off.

True story.

So now, after smashing my big toe on the same foot, I feel like I’m just waiting for the toenail to come off! I’ve been wearing slippers to work since the toe is still so swollen.

I have bad luck with toes.

(you’re welcome for not posting a photo of the injury itself)


birthday birthday!

I turned 30 last week, did you know??

I had all these grand plans to have a birthday/house-warming party on April 1 …. after we had been in the house for 3 weeks or so.

But alas, still no kitchen, which means boxes everywhere, which means no point in having a house-warming party.

So, instead we just got together with family….

Sunday afternoon Kaitlin&Joe and Kahla&Chris came up from Orange County and we all went to dinner at Don Cuco’s with Andy.

at Don Cuco’s when they sing to you for your birthday you “get” to wear this awesome sombrero :)

After dinner we went back to Andy and Julie’s for birthday cheesecake! I love cheesecake…

On my ACTUAL birthday (Monday) …. Andrew and I both had the day off with nothing specific planned. That pretty much never happens!

First order of business? Birthday breakfast!

I love going out to breakfast, and there’s this cute little cafe-type-restaurant near us that we decided to try for breakfast (having been there for lunch 10 years ago) – the Greenhouse Cafe.

Andrew’s mom and grandma met us there too …

After breakfast, Andrew and I pretty much spent the day running errands.

I hate running errands by myself, but I like getting things done.

First the library to get our new library cards!!! (I love the library)

These are new cards for the new library system with the City of Santa Clarita – when we went to sign up we were given the choice of several different designs and they’re all SUPER cheesy. Why would I want a library card with a photo of a skateboarder on it?

So, we picked these hilariously cheesy Mexican cowboy playing a guitar on a horse. Oh yea :)

After the library, a stop at Michael’s for some letter stickers, then to Sprouts for some groceries…. then home!

But once we got home I realized that that day was only time for about 2 weeks we would have a chance to go IKEA together to pick up bookshelves.

So, off we went to Burbank. In and out really quick since I knew EXACTLY what I wanted…

Then home (again) ….. And Andrew started painting the living room….

But I made him stop right away! Look at that awful color! That is NOT what it looks like inside Lowe’s … blech.

So, we left the house again for ANOTHER errand …. to Lowe’s to find a better color green.

This time we took the stirring stick with the UGLY paint on it to compare, took all the samples out into the sun and hoped for the best.

Once we got it home …. SO much better …

So Andrew painted the living room and I built a bookcase…. Such a busy birthday!

Once it got dark we relaxed a bit and watched Being Elmo before going to bed early ….

Because, honestly, I really love going to bed early and I never get to now since I get home around midnight.

Definitely a very happy birthday!


Awkward and Awesome Thursday


  • eating a big bowl of watermelon for lunch every day for a month. And then learning how much sugar I just ate.
  • telling a waiter I could totally tell he was a theater-person, and him interpreting that as me calling him gay
  • at the day job, eating 1/2 a cupcake because they’re so rich…. but then eating the other half …. like the fatty I am
  • the fact I really only do housework when we’re going to have guests. Be glad you’re not here!


  • apple slices with peanut butter for lunch, and then hearing on the nutrition podcast that I listen to that that is a perfectly acceptable, no-guilt food! Hurrah!
  • fancy, schmancy expensive dinner out, paid for by Andrew’s boss. … And then pretending we’re celebrating our anniversary and getting all kinds of attention for it. LOVE.
  • Andrew’s new tattoo. Partly my idea, so obviously awesome.
  • getting lots of GOOD work done towards making L&R a full-time job. Proud of what I’ve learned and accomplished over the last couple years.

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(so says Angela)

Wednesday morning we had some scenic cruising up Tracy Arm Fjord to view Sawyer Glacier ….

Andrew ran up to the prow of the ship to see the glacier closer, ran back down to get me to come up and we walked back up together (around 8am) …

…. early enough that there was still rain or dew all over the decks, etc and hadn’t had time to dry yet.

I had only halfway put my shoes on, since we were in a hurry to get up there before the ship turned around.

On the way back to the room – after the glacier, seals, bear and all – we had a couple flights of stairs to go down.

I was in the lead, left hand on the rail, right hand holding my camera.

And I slipped.

I don’t know exactly how, but my feet slipped on the wet deck, my hand slipped on the wet rail, and I landed on my butt and bounced down 3 or 4 stairs!

Funnily, my instinct was to protect my camera. I held it high away from my body and away from the ground….

… and I only bruised the left side of my butt  – so I must have been leaning that way to further protect the camera :)

The bruise was horrendous ! Not that you want to see photos of my butt … but you can if you want. Bigger than my hand and got worse and worse and bigger …. In fact, at one point, the bruise was even swollen with very apparent lines from the edge of the steps!

And that’s when we knew it was a real vacation!


Awkward and Awesome Thursday


  • horsing around with Andrew, trying to push him away with my feet and accidentally kicking him hard in the side. So hard that he was sore for DAYS afterward…. .oops!
  • Still having zits at almost 30 years old. ANNOYING!
  • falling HARD down 4 steps in front of God and all the world on Lido deck of our cruise ship
  • buying 4 mangoes (for $1 each) at the grocery store and having every single one be WAY too ripe
  • ‘eavesdropping’ on Twitter conversations about Brazillian waxing…. People know the internet is public, right?
  • between carpooling+work, spending more time with a co-worker than I do w/ my husband.


  • June 9, 68 degrees out, lying in bed with the window open, a cool breeze coming in and all natural lighting …. heaven!
  • buying POUNDS of fruit from Costco and making the biggest fruit salad ever
  • coming home from Alaska w/ only about 5 weeks til the next vacation
  • being so so so so close to our 20% house downpayment!
  • Andrew finally turning 30 after talking about it for months!
  • Harry Potter 7.2 midnight showing tonight!

What has been awesome about your month?

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Awkward and Awesome Thursday

(Linking up to The Daybook’s Awkward and Awesome Thursday party)


forgetting to put on my wedding rings before I go to the grocery store and having a cashier (about 6 years younger than me) flirt with me

working Memorial Day and having a co-worker walk around completely barefoot all day

trying to make scrambled eggs on a counter-top griddle… there is a slope and drain not conducive to raw eggs!

having more gray hair than my mother

the fact that 90s style is coming back in…. sigh.

hanging on to a Netflix disc for 2 weeks … until we finally open it to watch and the disc is broken


taking my toy/film cameras out on our breakfast date and 2 different waitresses asked about them!

all the fresh fruit/veggies that are in season this time of year

4-day weekend from the day job

The Cosby Show on Netflix-Instant-watching (I’m in love with Theo Huxtable)

The supportive response to my pay-what-you-can eBook release

2 vacations this summer!!

(have you checked out Sydney’s Awkward & Awesome series? Adorable!)

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Summer Reading Pledge

Remember when you were little and you would spend all day every day during the summer reading? Sometimes you got through as many as 3 chapter books in a day??

No? Just me?

Anyway …

What about those school programs when you got a prize for reading a certain number of books in a month?

Those programs that I never (ever) worried about because I usually read twice as many as the goal (but somehow I never got 2 prizes)?

One of my cute blog friends – Caiti – has issued a challenge to help celebrate the written word this summer:

“Rather than looking at the multiple stacks of books around my condo as just another item on my to-do list, I want to celebrate the written word this summer. Between the vacations I have scheduled and afternoons I plan to spend on a blanket in the park, I determined that it’s the perfect opportunity to commit to a season of reading.

I love this idea. I love books. With all my heart.

I am fully committed to injecting reading into every season of the year.


I’ve got this over-flowing bookshelf of to-be-read-books that is calling my name.

As I commented on Caiti’s blog:

I hereby pledge to read AT LEAST 5 books between now and September 1!

Although, I’m sure I’ll read more.

Planning on:

  • (finishing the Anne of Green Gables series) Anne’s House of Dreams
  • Anne of Ingleside
  • Rainbow Valley
  • Rilla of Ingleside
  • Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell
  • probably piles of American History … maybe some true crime…. maybe The Beatles biography … we’ll see!

Please join us!!

Go over to Caiti’s blog and comment with the number of books you are planning on reading this summer….

I plan to keep y’all updated on the books I read between June 1 and Sept 1.


this little girl ….

this little girl – this blonde suburban girl – wanted to be Diana Ross when she grew up.

true story.

Also, just found out that around the same time …. on the other side of town …. A little suburban boy named Andrew wanted to be Michael Jackson when he grew up.