Alaska: on film

So I finally (finally) got all my rolls of film developed – including several from our trip to Alaska more than a year ago!

This first chunk is from my Holga – a medium format ‘toy camera’. I’m still learning how to use it well, but I love the rich colors that showed up in these images….

This second part is from my Diana Mini – another ‘toy camera’ but one that takes 35 mm film. This camera has 2 settings – and the whole time I used the split (2 images per frame). Again, I am just learning how to use this camera, but so fun!










Clearly I need to work on holding my hands steady. So many of these are blurry!

Also, I’m so used to shooting in ‘manual’ mode on my digital and controlling every aspect of the camera settings. With both of these I just have ‘sunny’ or ‘cloudy’ and a couple other settings. So I guess it’s just through trial and error that I can figure out what kind of lighting needs which setting.

We’ll see.

Both cameras are already loaded with another roll of film for more practicing!

Be sure to click through to the Alaska 2011 travel archive to see the digital photos and read the stories from our trip

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Alaska souvenirs

So I know you’re sad, but …We have now reached the end of our Alaska vacation posts….

It’s OK. … You’ll be OK…. Scotland blog posts begin next week….

As a last good-bye (at least until I get my film from the trip developed) …  I wanted to show you the souvenirs Andrew and I got from our trip!

We tend to get the same souvenirs on every trip – and all are pretty much stuff my parents get on their vacations. I can’t imagine leaving a vacation without at least one of the following:

Playing cards:

I like getting souvenirs that are *technically* practical … even if we don’t play cards all that often!

Drinking glasses:

(Actually, we get coffee mugs more often)

In our last port in Alaska, we ate lunch at the Skagway Brewing Co … Andrew had really been wanting a nice sturdy beer stein he could keep in the freezer, and I love this style of drinking glass, so we each picked one out.

I liked this particular glass (above on the left) because of the color, and because of the image (that nice tree line + ship)….

….. it wasn’t until we got home that I actually read the tagline…

and now I love it even more!

I call it the ‘scurvy glass’ …


Christmas ornaments are a Hann-family tradition! We picked out this bald eagle ornament in Ketchikan after seeing so many of them on our wildlife tour!

But, of course, the most important souvenir from our trip is our memories that we made and the stories we can tell about the trip.

I spent a little bit of time ON the trip, and quite a bit of time AFTER the trip jotting everything down in our Alaska travel journal. We included ticket stubs, pamphlets, Instax mini photos, hand-written journaling and more! (I even got Andrew to journal a little bit).

I love that I have all of this in one little book (all the journaling from the Alaska blog posts are taken from the journal)



and just a quick example of one of the pages…

What kinds of souvenirs do you bring home from your vacations?

If you missed any of the posts, click the banner below for the full Alaska travel archive:


Alaska: Victoria (part 1)

Our final day of our Alaskan cruise …. was primarily spent at sea.

We were headed back down to Seattle (all day Friday and most of the day Saturday) – one of the downsides of doing a round-trip cruise instead of 1-way.

We spent the morning/early afternoon reading and playing games. More Mexican Train and more Shang-hai



Still celebrating Andrew’s birthday a little bit …. He got to open up a bday present at lunch!



Saturday night we actually docked at Victoria a little early. … .about 5:30p instead of 7p as scheduled.

Good thing, too … Otherwise it would have been a REALLY quick trip.

As far as I can tell, the only reason the ship docks in Victoria at all is so the ship can open up the casino in international waters – since we are visiting an international country.

Anyway, once we docked…. We caught an (expensive) shuttle into downtown … and once there spend more money for another shuttle from the same company out to Butchart Gardens… and back to the ship. A bit annoying to overpay like that … but I guess that’s what vacations are for?


The #1 highlight that Julie wanted to see was Butchart Gardens, but that is several miles out of town.

So we jumped on the shuttle – with a narrated drive – out to the gardens …

We learned all kinds of things…. Like that Victoria is the retirement capital of Canada.

Mostly because they have perfect weather pretty much year-round and no poisonous snakes or spiders…


But homes are correspondingly expensive, I guess.

Locals in the suburbs are encouraged to use their land for agriculture and such… .so apparently some of them will leave a vegetable cart of sorts at the end of their driveway with a cash box and just depend on the ‘honor system’ to sell their goods …

Kind of adorable…

We got the Butchart Gardens before sunset …. but not much before sunset ….




Holy geez this place is gorgeous ….

This is about the time on our walk when Andrew started talking about how he wanted to get wooden coffins to use as benches in our garden one day. Awesome.




More photos of Butchart Gardens to come …..


Alaska: Tracy Arm Fjord

When we booked our cruise, I was a bit disappointed that such a big piece of Wednesday would be taken up with “scenic cruising” – bah! Scenic cruising is just another way of saying they want to keep us on the ship to spend more money on drinks and gambling.

Turns out I was wrong….

Wednesday morning was one of the coolest parts of the trip and the #1 reason I’m so glad we got a room with a balcony!

The ship entered Tracy Arm Fjord about 6am for about 4 hours of scenic cruising …

Andrew and I woke up not long after 6am and bundled up to sit out on our balcony to watch the ice float by, keep our eyes peeled for wildlife and enjoy the scenery…

I got up first, and as soon as I saw these HUGE blocks of ice I gasped audibly and called to Andrew!


Since it was early morning …. at times the clouds were so thick it was like sailing into THE NOTHING (video below)


Farther down to the mouth of the Arm were bigger pieces of ice which had clearly broken off from the Sawyer Glacier much longer ago and floated all the way out, melting all the way …

(I loved seeing Andrew excited about taking photos on the trip)









We got room service breakfast delivered about 7:30a … and by that time we were well into the corridor….

and I was wearing PJ pants, a hoodie sweatshirt and wrapped in 3 beach towels to keep warm…


As we got closer to the Glacier the water seemed almost covered with ice. I’m so amazed that we got as close as we did to the glacier.

I heard someone say that when we entered Tracy Arm a different ship captain took over for the VERY different kind of sailing.

As we got closer to the glacier, there were seals perched about on various pieces of the ice (adorable)…. Andrew and I went up to the prow of the ship for the best view of the glacier before the ship turned around.



While we were up on the prow of the shop we even saw a bear! In the wild! Walking along the edge of one of the sheer granite mountains that lined either side of the channel….

(close up photo below, then wider shot below that)

Very small to our eyes and rather far away … but still very clearly a bear…


We turned around to go back down the channel around 8a or 9a … at which point I went back to bed…

Got to rest up for the rest of the day in Juneau!

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Alaska: at sea

Monday of our Alaska cruise was completely at sea.

We had quite a bit of distance to cover between Seattle and Ketchikan …. The ship was going a tad fast and the 4 of us all felt a bit of sea sickness to one degree or another.

The good news is: Julie brought Dramamine and some other sea sickness medicine so we ended up being fine.

The bad news is: The Dramamine made me super drowsy and I slept most of the day.

(which I am attributing to the little bit of Dramamine I took in the morning… but could also because I run myself ragged most of the time without a break and my brain just gave up a little once we got on the cruise ship)

Monday morning we woke up at a leisurely time and met Kaitlin and Julie at the ‘fancy’ dining room for a nice sit-down breakfast…

…. a leisurely breakfast that Kaitlin couldn’t make it through because she felt too sick.

… a leisurely breakfast that included a waiter – named Elvis who we later made friends with – singing some kind of morning song to me as he passed by :)

Then after breakfast it was time for napping reading on the deck.

I fell asleep in a deck chair.

Woke up in time for a mid-morning snack (delicious, light soup they were serving from a special cart on deck)

Then I’m pretty sure I fell back asleep, only to wake up in time for lunch.

Nope – not an exaggeration…. I must have gotten SOME reading done… but mostly just slept and ate :)



For lunch we went to one of the other restaurants on the ship that was doing a special British-themed meal. I loved (loved) the bangers and mash I had in England a couple years ago … and loved the bangers and mash I had again on the ship.

I think Andrew mostly wanted to go to get some Guinness :)

I honestly don’t remember what we did after lunch …. which means it was probably a nap! haha!

About mid-afternoon we were up on the Lido deck again …. in the ‘Conservatory’ …. Partly because it was warm but still kind of felt like being outside … and partly because this was the one part of the deck that had tables and chairs.

Andrew and I both brought our books … I tried to start working on my Alaska travel journal … and Andrew got hungry again.



Monday night was Formal Night at dinner …. so we started getting ready a little early.

Turns out we’re both a *little* too fat to be comfortable in the formal clothes we brought …. But that’s OK. It’s not like we were going to go out dancing after dinner …. ha!


Monday night was the first time we actually met our waitress Galina (she was off doing something else Sunday) …. I’ll tell you about her tomorrow. Loved her :)

If you’re interested in seeing some of what we ate on the cruise check out this post: Schubert Eats Cruise Food

After dinner Andrew and I pretty much wanted to change back into PJs and relax.

I don’t know if you know this about us … but we’re not exactly super fancy people :)

But since we were so far north already, it was still this light outside!

Andrew reading on our balcony …. but all bundled up from the cold …



(and then it got too cold so we moved inside to just sit in front of the open door)

We started seeing some wildlife off the side of the ship!

I know you can’t really tell from this picture, but we believe there were a couple of orcas hanging around….

You can definitely see the splash or spout of SOMETHING though…

and a tail :

(yes, that is too a tail!)


Monday we ended up sleeping and eating all day …. which really is the perfect way to start a vacation

You can view the whole gallery and purchase prints here: Alaska at sea

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Alaska: arriving on the ship

and here we go … starting into the wealth of Alaska photos and stories we collected over a week …

Andrew and I got up absurdly early on Sunday, June 26, headed over to the airport, and flew north to Seattle.

Julie and Kaitlin had made a road-trip of it so were actually in Seattle w/ their car and were able to pick us up from the airport….

Since our flight was *so* early, we had time to grab some breakfast before going over to the ship/dock. God bless technology – Andrew ‘yelped‘ a cute little diner called Pancake Chef on the way to the docks.

Then off to the ship…. Really – just a few minutes to do the whole check-in/security/security detail, and then on the ship with nothing to do…

And I mean that in the best way possible …

No emails to respond, to work to finish, no dishes to do …. Just hours of relaxing ahead of us.

And exploring.

(the view from our balcony: )

Once we got on the ship and had a bit of a chance to look around … Andrew started talking about if I had any interest in buying a boat and sailing around the world…

Which is funny, since he had a very similar reaction about living in Rome forever as soon as we got there.

While we were settling into our cabin we had 2 visitors.

The first was our cabin steward – Kennedy – stopping by to introduce himself and make sure we didn’t need anything. Very nice and made us feel a bit luxurious…

The other visitor was room service delivery.


After we had been on the ship 20 minutes and most definitely had not ordered room service.

Turns out my friend Ryan – who works for Princess – and helped us along the way of booking our cruise.

So being awesome like he is, he (and his wife) sent us a welcome gift + note of chocolate covered strawberries.

Um, yes please.


And then it was time to explore the ship – which is mostly just figuring out where we ‘live’ in relationship to the food :)

Our rooms were about 3 flights of stairs below the main Lido deck … that housed the buffet and the pools.








Um…. and then some more food.

This was about …. oh, 5p or so. … about 3 hours from our ACTUAL dinner.










We had an amazingly relaxing first day (once we got on the ship) and were sooo (so) grateful we got a balcony!

Thursday: Photos of our day at sea!

View the full gallery and purchase prints: 2011-06-26 Alaska arrival

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Schubert Eats: Alaska Cruise food

When we were getting ready for our Alaska cruise, I kept telling Andrew how the food was the best part …. So many options, so many good recipes, food whenever you want …

Andrew thought I meant that the food was the best he would ever taste. Which is, um …. not the case.

But food on a cruise is one of the best parts of the cruise!

Rather than break into the blogging of each day to talk about the food, here are images of all the meals ….

Or, at least MOST of them. And this is just what Andrew and I ate (not Julie and Kaitlin)….




So full every day. Dessert (or 2) every meal …. SO GOOD….

Since the cruise, I’ve pretty much only eaten salad and fresh fruit.

Schubert Eats is an irregular feature on Those Crazy Schuberts about recipes or ingredients or restaurants or pretty much anything that has anything to do with what those crazy Schuberts eat!


favorite moments from Alaska

just a real quick jotting of some moments – big and small – I don’t want to forget …

  • seeing a little boy (about 6 or 7) catch is first fish in a tiny little pond in Ketchikan
  • playing Mexican train on the Lido deck
  • .. and having all kinds of (old) people stop to talk to us about Mexican Train or Chicken Foot or other domino games
  • Sonny, our shuttle driver in Juneau
  • Julie forgetting that she is old enough to have a 30-year-old son
  • hot apple cider, animal cookies and a campfire
  • seeing a bear from the deck of the ship (not ON the deck of the ship, though)
  • our waitress bringing us more food than we ordered
  • Andrew enjoying taking photos with his iPhone
  • taking a nap EVERY day
  • gelato at Butchart Gardens
  • seals in the wild
  • tour guide Joe reading us a poem he wrote about the raven
  • tweets from blog/online friends about what to do in Seattle
  • chocolate covered strawberries sent to our room by a friend on our first afternoon

more stories and photos to come


Final preparations for Alaska

3 days.

We get on the ship in 3 days.

You would think by now I’d be ready?

Turns out …. barely. And, really, only because we had a deadline of Monday (6/20) to be mostly ready.

We’ve been hard at work these last few weeks tying up loose ends, double checking reservations, buying supplies and prepping my travel journal.

Among other things, this trip has finally prompted Andrew and I to buy luggage.

That’s right, my friends. We’ve been married for 5.5 years and been on a couple long-vacations and MANY weekends away and have only just now owned our on luggage.

Finally grown-ups?

Last weekend was full of … planning and talking and shopping and laundry and shopping and planning and packing.

We did 4 loads of laundry PLUS Andrew and I both went shopping for some clothes pieces we have been meaning to get for several weeks (jeans/bras/summer dresses in my case … pants in Andrew’s).

Julie and Kaitlin have left to drive up to Seattle (visiting some friends along the way) and they generously offered to take any of our suitcases, etc that we would like them to …. which meant we needed to be pretty much all packed by Monday.

Which has made the rest of this week less stressful, but certainly strange.


Planning the itinerary

We had Julie over for lunch … partly for her birthday and partly to take a look at our cruise-excursion options.

Julie had borrowed a couple books from a friend of hers, so we poured through that plus the excursion options supplied by tthe cruise company.

We haven’t actually booked any excursions. The main plan was to narrow down our options so we’re not all just staring at each other once we disembark. It’s good to have an idea of where we are going to START before deciding …

Packing clothes/etc

Having all of our clothes clean was nice…

But packing everything a full week before we left was …. bizarre.

Putting all our favorite clothes into a suitcase that we won’t see for a week? So weird.

Plus making sure that we leave out of that suitcase anything we’ll need for the intervening week (like shoes, etc), plus planning far in advance what we are going to wear the first day (early rising, plus flight, plus 1/2 day at sea, plus “smart casual” dinner on the cruise ship) … plus making sure we have 2 “formal night” outfits and enough “smart casual” clothes for the dinners throughout the week.

My brain hurts.

Packing extras

The photo above shows my prepped travel journal and goodies we are taking to document our trip while we are on it.

Notice the scissors. Which means this all needed to be put together to go in the suitcase for Monday.

We also needed to think about … (my instant film can’t be xrayed so that went in the non-flying suitcase), books and magazines (anything we know we’re going to want?), umbrella, rainboots, binoculars and on and on.

All the little bits that make this trip super special …. but all needed to be packed.

I think (I *think*) we are ready for Sunday. To get up at 4am.

We’ll see!

I won’t be responding to emails, etc while we’re gone, but posts will go up all week anyway …

Make sure you come by!


How our planning for Alaska is going

We leave for Alaska in exactly 1 month.

And we are SO FAR from being prepared!

It’s not that I’m not looking forward to the trip … it’s more that I am SO MUCH looking forward to being ON the trip that I just mentally skipped over all the prep work.

What I still have to do to get ready:

Buy luggage. That’s right, ladies and gentleman. We don’t have any luggage. We have BORROWED in the past, and that is not an option this time. Any suggestions? I’ve been told Costco and Ross/Marshalls

Check-in/etc. I have to do … something online with the cruise company. Confirm or give them my passport # … I don’t even know. I just know they keep emailing me telling me to come check out such and such. Plus I need to confirm what we need to bring. I assume there will be at least 2 “formal” nights during the week, but I haven’t even looked.

Call Princess Cruises. Since Andrew and I and Katie and Julie booked separately, I need to confirm our reservations are linked (so we have dinner assignments together). I also need to confirm that our bed will be set up as a king (instead of 2 twins) … And I *think* that’s all I have to confirm with them.

Check out the excursion choices. I don’t think we’ll be booking any excursions through Princess, but I honestly haven’t even looked. I should do that. Just in case.

Pack. This obviously can wait, but once I know what kind of formal attire we’ll need, decide how much water-proof stuff we want to bring, figure out how to bring ALL the cameras I want to bring, etc.

Maybe I’ll do all this research this weekend.

Probably not.


We’re getting so so close to our Alaska cruise planned for this summer!

I’ve been trying to remember the details of the last Alaska cruise I took …. in 2003 with my parents and brother.

I was living in Arizona at the time (going to ASU) and my family was all still living in SoCal …. I met them up in Vancouver, BC, in the airport … and then we were all off for a 10-day adventure!

7-day Alaska cruise with Holland America, and then another day or so at Denali National Park!

It was pretty fantastic.

Obviously, I loved it, which is why I was excited to go back with Andrew and his family …

Here’s just a little highlight of our trip in 2003….

This is necessarily just a small handful of the 6 or so rolls of film I took.

Yes. Film. Back in the day.

My camera (an Olympus point-and-shoot) actually broke on our LAST day …. and then I got a digital camera ….

Kevin and I took some time to explore the ship and found the track on the top deck for *real* runners ….

Our first port: Ketchikan

It’s always fun to go on vacations with Kevin just for the photo opportunities ….

Looking forward to Scotland, brother … Bring the absurdity!

One major treat: In Juneau, we took a sea plane up for an hour or so and flew over the glaciers and coast and all ….. It was just amazing!

Can’t wait to take even MORE photos this summer!

P.S. I’m still working on the best way to scan negatives … It’s on my to-do list to scan all my archives


Vacation 2011: The trip is booked!

We have a vacation planned and booked for the last week of June 2011 ….

First of all – I love being able to say we have a vacation booked. It’s a very different thing than having a vacation merely planned. Paying for plane tickets and all makes this much more REAL.

Second of all – this is only the second *real* vacation Andrew and I have gone on together …. It’s going to be AMAZING!

Are you ready? Want to know the plans?

We will be going on an Alaskan cruise (with Princess Cruises) …. leaving Seattle June 26 and returning July 3.

Even better? Andrew’s mom and sister are going too!

A little about our accommodations:

We will be sailing on the Sapphire – and we’re splurging a bit on a room with a balcony

We’re pretty excited to be sitting out there on our days at sea … coffee, books, views of the glaciers.

It’s going to be gorgeous …

Our room is not too far from Kaitlin and Julie’s and we’ll have our dinners together (along with, of course, whatever we do during the days)

A little about our itinerary:

We will be sailing roundtrip out of Seattle.

Four ports (if you include the 4 hours we’ll be in Victoria) and some scenic cruising ….

I am anticipating it being very relaxing …

We haven’t begun to plan our shore excursions at all, but I can tell you that I have plans to take 4 or 5 cameras :)

I went on an Alaska cruise about 8 years ago with my family – so if I can find them I’ll try to post some old photos as we lead up to the trip this summer!

Have you ever been on a cruise?