It’s no secret Andrew and I love Netflix.


It’s pretty much one of our favorite things. We won’t pay for cable TV because Netflix is enough ….

And then Netflix did one better and offered unlimited instant streaming via the internet.

And THEN … they hooked up with Nintendo and let us do it with our Wii.

It’s magic.

And it lets us watch so many more movies and TV shows than we ever would be able to ….

Top 5 Favorites:

Reasons we love Netflix Instant Streaming

  • We can stream it through the Wii - We don’t have to watch it on the computer, but can actually watch any movie on Instant streaming on our television. The wireless internet signal gets sorted through our Wii (which we have had for several years now) and it’s SUPER easy!


  • We get unlimited instant streaming time – Days off can easily turn into movie marathons because all the Netflix plans now include unlimited instant streaming hours. When we originally signed up for Netflix there were limited hours available depending on your plan, but Netflix has expanded the Instant streaming hours to unlimited every month. It’s magical. And dangerous.


  • We can watch a movie anywhere we have a computer + internet - Anywhere. For example, in Palm Springs, when we were at the ACE Hotel. Or even on my phone, during my lunch break at work. Anywhere. AND Netflix remembers where I am in the movie. So if I start it at work on my phone, and then watch some more at home on the TV, Netflix knows where I have left off.


  • The Instant selection is getting so much better! – Netflix has REALLY been focusing on their Instant movies. The entire series of TV shows like XFiles, Lost, the Cosby show, etc are all available. It’s SO MUCH FUN! I have plans to go online this weekend and see what Elizabeth Taylor movies are available. Every time I go on the Netflix queue there are more and movies I want to watch.


  • We can watch a movie or TV show on demand – Any time we are craving a particular kind of movie or TV show we can just turn on the TV+Wii. No more driving down to any video rental store. It’s all there. Just at a couple clicks.





Another in the series of Top 5 Favorites.

We really like where we live and all the food options around us …. I figured I should narrow it down somehow, so for now just the top 5 favorite restaurants ON Ventura Blvd NEAR us …. Otherwise this list could go on forever….

P.S. When you come visit us we’ll take you to any one of these places.

Top 5 Favorites

My favorite restaurants on Ventura Blvd (in no particular order)

  • Tomato Patch – Fresh fresh salads, sandwiches and soup. The kind of place where the cute old lady immigrant mother of the owner is the one in the back chopping up the vegetables. I could eat here every day.
  • Fabrocini’s – Italian hole-in-the-wall restaurant. So so good.
  • CiCi’s Cafe - Kind of a diner, but fresher. They have about 1600 items on their menu. And Andrew is determined to order each one at least once.
  • Chelo’s – surprisingly, the only real Mexican restaurant close by that we have found and liked. And it’s only open for lunch on weekdays. But their tortilla chips are homemade, and if you were to sprinkle just a little bit of cinnamon/sugar on them I would be set for dessert.
  • The Stand – Hot dogs, hamburgers, gourmet sausages. They have live Jazz on Sunday afternoons and this darling little garden area to eat in.

Honorable Mentions

  • Pho So – Technically not on Ventura. But very close. Vietnamese. I don’t even know what the full name of the restaurant is. But it’s lovely. Fresh and tasty and inexpensive.
  • Menchie’s – technically lot a restaurant … but we love going there anyway.


Top 5 favorite : in our new apartment

I know I haven’t done a really big post on our new apartment – do you still want to see pics of moving and a tour?

As an interim, I now present the first in a series:

Top 5 favorites

To start – my top 5 favorite things in our new apartment (in no particular order)

  1. Balcony – Our balcony is HUGE. It’s actually a lot bigger than many of the other units in our complex. I don’t know why that would be or how we got so lucky, but it is BIG. Honestly, if we wanted to, we could fit a couple twin beds out there. We won’t …. but we could.
    There is a spot on one end that would be perfect for shelves – it’s blocked from the wind and rain pretty well, and it appears that maybe there were shelves there previously and the holes are still there.
    We want to get a little bistro-like table and chairs, or maybe a more comfy couch-type piece for out there.
    Andrew’s parents gave us a little propane grill (Andrew has been grilling every day, but that’s a story for another post), and we need to find a good table to put the grill on. Something other than the overturned crate we’re using now.Our fridge is full of beer because Andrew has this dream of coming home in the cool spring evening and having a beer out on the balcony.
    We love love love having this balcony, overlooking the courtyard …
    P.S. So big I can’t even get a photo of the whole thing.
  2. walk-in closet - I didn’t turn on the light for this pic, but if there weren’t clothes in there, we could turn on the light in this closet and make it a little office. I already told Andrew he’s going to have to sleep in there when he’s in trouble.
    Also big enough for a twin bed, incidentally.
    I’ve never had a walk-in closet. It’s pretty fantastic.
    Especially after the teeny tiny all-our-clothes-smashed-in closet-in-the-kitchen we used to have.
  3. super super hot water - no photo of this one. sorry.
    Our shower has the HOTTEST water. I almost cried with joy that first morning.
    Our last “apartment” shared a water heater with the main house and there was NEVER enough hot water for a full shower. Never.
    I couldn’t ever enjoy my showers. I couldn’t ever even shave my legs in the shower. There was NEVER enough hot water.
    But now – oh sweet heaven of hot water!
    I seriously cannot overstate how much I love a really hot shower, and now I get one every day!
  4. huge floor space in the living room - on the downside, there is less wall space for bookshelves and things, but I love having so much floor space. Even with our living room furniture in the apartment, there’s still so so much room.
    We have plenty of space for sleep overs.
    In case anyone feels like staying the night …
  5. north-facing windows - not a great photo, but you get the idea.
    The only windows we have in this apartment are north-facing.
    If you know your … geography or physical science, you know that means we get NO direct light. None.
    It’s all this gorgeous, soft, indirect light.
    GREAT for photos.
    Which is pretty much my only requirement.
    But especially compared to our last “apartment” which had 3 windows in exactly the right spot to shine morning light DIRECTLY INTO MY FACE every morning.
    These north-facing windows are heaven.

Honorable Mentions:

  • old-people hardware - clearly the same cabinets and hardware from when the unit was built … in the 1960s, maybe? Total old-people hardware. Love.
    Also, all the cabinet doors in the kitchen are crooked like this!

  • gas stove and oven – Just having a real stove and oven is fantastic, since we didn’t for the last year.
    But I really am enjoying having gas-powered appliances again.
  • 2 front doors - Yup. That’s right.
    We have our ‘normal’ front door with the locks and doorbell and all.
    And then we have this OTHER door in the kitchen that leads out to the same hallway our front door leads to. There’re just fewer locks on this one.
    Most of the units on our side of the building have this, I’ve noticed.
    Maybe it’s an escape hatch? Who knows.
  • big tree outside our window - Blocks out even more of the north-facing light. I’ve been getting more than 8 hours of sleep every night because of this tree.
    This tree that’s also gorgeous, by the way.
    SUCH a nice view!
  • Dr. Ghost – He deserves his own post.

All kinds of things to love in this new apartment. The novelty hasn’t worn off yet …

love love love our new home …