Christmas Day (part 2)

After a fantastic breakfast/lunch, we all gathered in the living room for PRESENTS!!

We all kind of sat in a bit of a circle and took turns opening …. Nice, since there were so many of us and there is no way we’d be able to see what everyone got otherwise ….

Andy got a couple things Buddy-related …. including a toy.

Since Buddy is his favorite child and all

Cute cute vintage apron from Jenae! I’m afraid to use it for real and stain it – so at the moment it’s hanging decoratively in our kitchen ….

cute, no?

This is what I worked on all day Christmas Eve …. all those letters are hand-painted…. AND, since it is framed behind glass it works as a dry-erase board.

Funny, because Kaitlin opened the package of dry erase markers first and was soooo excited to have them for her new classroom.

Little did SHE know

Make one for yourself! Directions at Lemon and Raspberry

P.S. the pink fabric is leftover from making my bridesmaid dress straps

Andrew is easy to shop for

Andy, on the other hand, is IMPOSSIBLE to shop for. He always just buys himself whatever he wants every other day of the year, so we really have to be creative when coming up with his Christmas present.

This is what Andrew worked on all day Christmas Eve …. taking a photo of Buddy and turning it into a t-shirt.

See how he did it here

The shirt says “Andy’s Best Buddy” …. and Andy couldn’t read it out loud. …. We didn’t *exactly* get him to cry – but pretty close!

Buddy likes to lay where he doesn’t belong….

One of Andrew’s favorite gifts this year (also from Jenae. She’s the best)…. He started talking about how he needs a $500 bottle of scotch to put in this.


More photos on Thursday!


Christmas Eve – craft day

Christmas Eve Andrew and I both had the full day off to hang out together and relax before the craziness of the holiday.

But, of course, we had to finish last minute Christmas gifts….

Andrew’s t-shirt making supplies

And I made a fill-in-the-blank dry erase board

Lovely relaxing day ….


Christmas lights with the LaRiccias

Last year Kaitlin really wanted us to come down to Orange County where they live and look at Christmas lights….and we couldn’t ever find the time.

This year, we committed to it WAAY in advance. Plans plans plans to go down to Joe and Kaitlin’s the Sunday night before Christmas ….

To get coffee or hot cider and walk along the canal in a high-end neighborhood that makes a big to-do about Christmas lights….

with carolers and all ….

sounds lovely, no?

Too bad it was RAINING the Sunday night before Christmas…. so we’ll have to go again next year for the full experience.

The neighborhood where we went looking was …. On an island?

I think.

Kaitlin, if you read this please clarify in the comments.

All high-high end houses whose “back yard” actually faces a common area. …. canal with individual docs and a sidewalk that goes the whole way around.

It was just lovely ! …. even better w/o the rain of course.

But I got to wear my new rainboots, so all is well …

Then home to play their new favorite game – Mexican Train! Dominoes and a little bit of strategy…. and plastic trains….

Christmas is coming …..


Andrew’s work holiday party

Last year, the work holiday party was a big ol’ TO DO …. involving an SUV limo and about 8 hours of hang out time with the big boss

This year it was a lot more laid back….

They made a reservation at Bleecker Street.

Just for dinner, just down the street, good food without being absurdly expensive …. and about 20 more people were invited….

Aaaaaand …. we were home by midnight!

MUCH more laid back than the year before….

P.S. That’s vanilla ice cream with bacon and maple syrup. Good and rich,


Hann fam at the Stand

When my family is in town all I want to do is take them to all the good food places we visit…..

So after visiting LA Renegade, Andrew and I finagled a trip to The Stand on Ventura.

mmm …. the pickles are the best … hard to tell if my dad is having a good time or not, though …

Thus ends Christmas with my family …..  we watched some DVDs and played some games Sunday night and then they left Monday morning …..

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Andrew has a new website (mostly to direct his freelance clients to)!!

He’s posted his first entry – Why I Became and Audio Engineer

Please click through and read it (and comment for him) – it’s soo interesting!

I’m super proud of him!

So, if you have any friends or family or acquaintances who are looking for an audio engineer, be sure to direct them to!

P.S. I did ALL the design work. That’s right. ALL of it….. There are some things that still need to be tweaked and completed, but all in all I’m pretty proud of what I accomplished with very limited knowledge!


Los Angeles Renegade Craft Fair

For whatever reason, the weekend my parents were in town, Los Angeles FORGOT that it was December….

That Sunday (mid-way through December) it was something absurd like 85 degrees out. Yuck. I am not a fan of heat.

But, since it was “so nice outside” (my mother’s words) we thought we should all go DO something as a family. Outdoors. In the heat.

After a couple suggestions, we settled on the Los Angeles Holiday Renegade craft fair – which I had wanted to go to but didn’t plan on due to the presence of family in town.

View more photos from the event here (not mine)

We arrived a little after lunch time and immediately got in line for some Kogi (Korean BBQ) tacos (yum!)

Renegade was at a Los Angeles park (with the skyline in the background) that would have been awesome if the weather had been cooler. With so much sun, it really would have been nice if they had chosen a park with trees.

Andrew and I were pretty much done with our Christmas shopping by this time, and I didn’t really have any money set aside to spend (even though I could have easily found a TON to buy) …. so we kind of just browsed, window-shopped and got ideas for our own projects to make….

Like these owl pillows – Andrew thought they would go GREAT with our couch. Cute, no?

We found this amazingly adorable octopus bookend.

Andrew thinks he could make one. We’ll see.

Oooh … one of my favorite booths – and one I would have gladly spent money at had I had it – was ErinZam’s collection of handmade/handbound books. Love.

She even sold tutorials so you could try your hand at making one (

Sad her etsy shop is closed at the moment….

Since Andrew and I weren’t really there to spend money, we found a shady spot to hangout, play Angry Birds, and wait for the others.

Kevin came walking up with bags of stuff for his girlfriend.

And none for me. Sad.

And then off to dinner …. Andrew and I took them to one of our favorite SF Valley places….

(to be continued)


Amy’s Christmas present

I also got a toy from Kevin for Christmas – a LEGO Harry Potter board game.

Who knew such a thing even existed!

It’s pretty fantastic, too … the stairs “change” (just like in the book/movie) based on how the dice is rolled so every game is different.

But, really, the best part was building LEGOs with my cute husband.

You may not know this about him, but he was a LEGO fiend as a kid. … For real. He was super serious about it. Julie even thought he might be a LEGO designer one day (Andrew, it’s not too late, you know).

So when I opened my box and started to dump out the pieces…. I was so grateful to have him by my side.

Especially since it turns out I don’t actually have any experience reading LEGO instructions…..

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Andrew’s Christmas present

Some of you already know – Andrew and I have already had 1/2 of our Christmas.

My parents and brother came into town over a week ago (Dec 10-12) and we did Christmas with them that weekend.

I got an email from Andrew on Friday about 3p saying that my parents were already here (I was at work)….. Then I called my dad on my lunch break (around 7p) and was told the following:

“Uh, I hope you don’t mind, but Santa was already waiting at your apartment when we got here. So we let him in.”


Sure enough, there were piles of gifts under the tree and in our stockings when I got home from work that night ….

The PLAN was to do “Christmas” on Saturday after we had all gotten up….

But with my brother, things don’t always go as planned.

He had already opened (and played with) his gift to Andrew and couldn’t wait any longer.

For real.

Yes, they’re both grown-ups. Or claim to be.

So Andrew opened one of his Christmas gifts on Friday night:

A remote control helicopter!

It’s not *exactly* an indoor toy, but still just as fun as you would imagine!

It’s not super easy to fly …. It’s a bit hard to get the hang of (especially when you have a ceiling and furniture and PEOPLE to dodge) … and then once you do kind of get the hang of it, the battery is starting to drain so the lack of power messes up your perfect steering anyway.

I think we need to take it to a park (when it stops raining here!)

The entire weekend, that helicopter was either being played with or being charged. Always.

And then Andrew took it to work on Monday. :)


Schubert Eats: Jalapeno Cheddar cookies

I don’t know if you’re aware, but Design*Sponge is crazy awesome. For many reasons.

And one of those reasons is the recipes they feature.

Like these Jalapeno Cheddar cookies.

Andrew made them last week – it was kinda fun for me to be able to take cooking photos and NOT BE COOKING at the same time. I’m sure you all have realized how inconvenient it is to be doing both.

Andrew learned all kinds of things while making these cookies -

  • What to use when you don’t have a rolling pin
  • How to use flour to keep the cookies from sticking to the cookie cutters
  • What “chill” means (in the context of cookie dough)

Good times all around….

There’s no sugar in these – so they’re more biscuity than cookie-y … . But still tasty (so I’ve heard. I’m not a fan of jalapenos myself).

Schubert Eats is an irregular feature on Those Crazy Schuberts about recipes or ingredients or restaurants or pretty much anything that has anything to do with what those crazy Schuberts eat!


My idea of Heaven

Last week Andrew and I made a trip down to Burbank for a little Christmas shopping …. We stopped by IKEA and the $1 bookstore to browse.

The $1 bookstore selection was a bit disappointing – the price point makes up for it, though.

Since we were looking for some Hemingway for Kevin, Andrew suggested we go across the street to the other used bookstore in the area. Still used books but about 1/2 the cover prices (vs. only $1).

It’s called ‘Movie World’ (why? I have no idea) …. and it pretty much looks like my idea of heaven ….

Bookshelves piled feet (and feet) above your head, more books piled on the floor (up to your knees), and SUCH an amazing selection … I found *exactly* what I was looking for. And then some.

For my birthday, Andrew’s going to take me back there and let me SWIM in all those books!

*please excuse the photo quality – we were just running errands so the only camera I had on me was the iPhone*

(This is the “cashier” … see that shoulder? Yea, exactly. This is his “counter”)

I can’t WAIT to go back!

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Eleanor turns 3!

Over the weekend we helped Eleanor celebrate her 3rd birthday!… .In true 3-year old style, with pizza and cupcakes…

Maggie and Josh had taken her to Disneyland (for her first time EVER) on Friday, so between that and her new girly/skirt phase, Eleanor had a tinkerbell birthday…

So cute how much she loves skirts/dresses right now …

As the birthday girl, she was given a choice: Presents or cupcakes?

She chose presents, but then got distracted halfway through…. part of that is our fault. We gave her gummy bears (our gift pictured below) and she LOVES “gummies”. She kinda lost interest in the rest of the gifts.

And so, on to CUPCAKES!!!!  (She’s 3. You have to say it like that)

(minor meltdown when Dad denied her more gummies)

Eleanor got 3 new skirts (!!) for her birthday, and insisted on putting them on immediately (can you see the pink peeking out from under her purple skirt?)

Happy birthday Eleanor!


He thought it would be table-top

Saturday Andrew said to me, “So, tomorrow we’re going to help my mom get a Christmas tree with your truck.”

Oh really? Are we?

Andrew and I weren’t planning on getting a tree:

  • No time (no time) to take a trek together to pick out a tree
  • I didn’t really want to spend $50+ for a tree that was going to die
  • Our vacuum sucks so the house would be a mess forever

But … then … Andrew made plans to go get a tree, and at the same time picked up a much better vacuum (we got one of Julie’s 2 “backup” vacuums) ….. so we talked about getting a little tree.

Table top maybe.

Something festive to decorate and put presents under.

So while Kaitlin helped Julie pick out her tree, Andrew and I went to the baby trees to pick out one…

Little baby 3-4 foot Noble Firs …. $20

Um, but then just across the aisle were these 6-7 foot Douglas Fir for $25.

Deal city.

How can I complain that I don’t want to spend too much money? Assuming it lives that long that’s about $1 per day.

So, uh. We have a tree. In spite of earlier protestations to the contrary…

Quick stop by the storage to grab our tree stand and ornaments …

Then home to set up our Christmas tree.

Ok. But see the 2 scroll holes? Our water leaks a bit through the bottom holes. It gets caught in the lip at the bottom, but it also means our tree skirt got soaking wet the first night (which then spread to the carpet).

We’ve since *almost* figured it out …

Apparently, I only decorate trees in my PJs?

And that is how our tree remains. Lights, tinsel, no tree skirt.

We’ll decorate it eventually.

We have more ornaments than will ever fit. And I think some of them are even still in storage somewhere…

But our house is starting to feel like Christmas now!


Thanksgiving 2010

Our Thanksgiving day this year felt like it went by really REALLY quickly.

Which is always sad on a day off from work.

I had grand plans to make this amazing-looking Onion Tart for a Thanksgiving appetizer, spend some of the morning relaxing, and then leisurely head up to Santa Clarita for Thanksgiving dinner with Andrew’s family….

So, I woke up. Got my coffee. Read some emails. Decided to print out the recipe and read it a bit more thoroughly….

And then realized it was going to take me about 2x as long as I expected.


Luckily for me, Andrew is the best ever and was super helpful.

Well, as helpful as he could be when the onion fumes started attacking his eyeballs.

First we had to contend with yeast.

I have literally never in my life as far as I know ever dealt with active yeast.

That was an adventure. I called my mom, he called his. We eventually got it figured out and got the dough started….

As we had to allow the dough more than an hour to rise, we had time to start slicing up the 3 pounds of onion (yes, you read that right) ….

Then the onion was to spend over an hour on the stove carmelizing …. Which made the house smell like heaven. AND allowed me time enough away from the cooking to take a shower!

Then, spread out the dough (I used my first-rate pizza stone), spread on some dijon mustard, the carmelized onions, parmesan cheese and bake the whole thing.

The whole thing took over 3 hours to complete and finally came out of the oven with no time to spare!

We just grabbed a couple towels for pot holders and I held the whole pizza stone + onion tart on my lap the whole drive up.

I think it was pretty good …I may make it again…. If I can get Andrew to help cut onions again.

At the Schuberts’ for Thanksgiving ….

Julie’s aunt and uncle and cousins+wives came down from Washington for the holiday. 13 people total!

and all I had to bring was that onion tart!

Correction: I was in charge of the mashed potatoes. Julie seems to think I have the magic touch. The secret is a lot of “taste testing” along the way …..

After dinner a bunch of us went for a walk …. by then it was already dark and it felt like the day was over!

No group photos like past years …. No relaxing and chatting in the kitchen (well, I was in my own kitchen I guess).

It just went by too quickly!

Maybe I’ll make a turkey this weekend to try to relive it ….


Happy Thanksgiving!

Thankful for this boy ….

Thankful for 5 years together and photos to commemorate…

Thankful for turkey today and breakfast with friends tomorrow … .

Thankful for warm blankets and Netflix live streaming …

Thankful for books to read and love….

Thankful for how happy I am …