Taking an (indefinite) break

I started this blog in January 2006. In those almost 8 years I’ve posted almost 2600 blog posts, and you’ve commented almost 4500 times!

But now I find there are other things I want to do and create … keeping up this blog is not helping me reach those goals.

So I will be taking an indefinite break from updating Those Crazy Schuberts. Maybe I’ll come back to show you photos of our next vacation. Maybe I’ll redesign the whole site to just direct visitors to our other online presences. We’ll see. I’m not going away entirely; just from this particular site. For now.

You can continue to follow what Andrew and I are up to by following us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (links in the sidebar  –>)

I will also post personal-ish stuff over at Lemon and Raspberry. I’ll be keeping up my American History book reviews (no set schedule on that). And I will be creating other things every day that just won’t end up online.

We’ll see how long this lasts … I may find that I miss Those Crazy Schuberts after a few months.



What I’m doing in September

30 Days of Lists creative challenge


30 Days of Lists is starting SUNDAY (!!)! Are you ready? Are you joining us?

Not everyone can make a mini scrapbook every week or an art journal page every night. 30 Days of Lists is our encouragement and challenge to you that you CAN journal just something every day — even something as small as a list.

Onward and Upward online workshop

onward and upward

Onward and Upward is a 9-week online workshop that will help you get out of your rut and take things to the next level.

Registration opens for email list subscribers next week. See more details here

Andrew’s site redesign

Andrew SchubertI installed a very very basic redesign on Andrew’s freelance site in anticipation of the new together PANGEA single coming out. But we still have some work to do.



This is not my brilliant idea – thank  you Susannah Conway – but I am happy to embrace it this year!

The original idea is to post just a photo each day instead of a whole blog post ….. but I am not even going to commit to that.

There *may* be photos here over the next month, but there may not be. We’ll see how I feel ….

At the moment, I’m just excited to have just a little more time every day for a short while…. But I’ve also ALREADY started planning and writing blog posts for when I return in September!

Those Crazy Schuberts will be back for sure Tuesday, September 4, 2012! With all kinds of photos and stories and updates! Our new front lawn and our Big Bear weekend and other stories ….. In the meantime you can check out all the other blogs participating in the August Break ….

In the meantime, you can follow Andrew and I on Twitter (@andrewjschubert and @amytschubert), on Instagram (@andrewjschubert and @amytschubert) or keep up with me on Lemon and Raspberry.

Don’t forget to also sign up for 30 Days of Lists tomorrow morning!


Kaitlin’s (1st) baby shower

Joe and Kaitlin’s baby is due in about a month!!!!

Which means these last couple weeks (and next couple weeks) are full of baby shopping, baby showers and maternity photos….

Between the 2 of them, Joe and Kaitlin have so many family and friends that she actually is having 4 baby showers!!

Little Joey will be well-loved….

A couple weeks ago, there was a baby shower on Saturday (that I did not attend) and another on Sunday (the first of 3 I will attend)….

I drove down to Orange County with Julie a little bit early to help if we could:

This shower was thrown by Kaitlin’s friend (and bridesmaid) Lindsay as well as Kaitlin’s cousin’s fiancee Kahla.

They did a jungle-theme (which matches what Joey’s new bedroom will be decorated in)….

A couple of the shower “games” just waiting for guests

Ok. This cake. Creepiest, ever, right?

Andrew and Kaitlin’s cousin Chris made it (bless him) … Got the chocolate mold and covered OREO cookies with jungle-themed chocolate images (around the sides of the cake), and jungle-print edible paper as a border around the top …

But the top? That main image? That is one of the Gene Machine results…. At Dave and Buster’s a few years ago Joe and Kaitlin had their photos taken and processed together and *this* is what their future child will apparently look like …

No-neck and all

So Chris “borrowed” the photo to surprise Kaitlin with for the cake!

One of the fun little shower activities was making custom onesies with iron-on text/graphics….

A few images down you’ll see the clothes line set up with more onesies finished.

Guessing how big Kaitlin is

little boy gifts!

Kaitlin has such sweet friends …. so fun to spend the afternoon with them!

2 more showers to go!


Schubert Eats: water carafe

About 18 months ago Andrew and I went to Italy ….. as you likely know from the pages of Italy blog posts I did …. I fell in love with the idea of of a glass bottle of water for serving …. love.

That year, Maggie got us a a cute water carafe of our own! I had visions of keeping it in our guest room, or on our table for brunch.

I’m such a dreamer. None of those things happened.

But, over the last month or so, I’ve been working hard for hours every weekend and most mornings on finishing up Tell Its Story ….  I love my little A glass (featured in this post) but it’s so tiny ….

Problem: I need to remember to keep drinking water while I work, but it interrupts my train of thought to have to go to the fridge every 1/2 hour.

Solution: my adorable water carafe kept me hydrated for hours! The water stays cold-ish when it’s in a larger container like this, and it closes securely, so I’m not really worried about it spilling!

I love my glass water carafe …. love it!

Schubert Eats is an irregular feature on Those Crazy Schuberts about recipes or ingredients or restaurants or pretty much anything that has anything to do with what those crazy Schuberts eat!


Out of the Closet haul

I love vintage….. And I love a deal ….

So when we stopped by Out of the Closet a week or so ago, I had a problem. As in, I saw too much stuff that I wanted to bring home with me …..

Check out our awesome haul:

Some super adorable little tea cups:

A highball glass with my first initial (not Andrew’s because he already has a favorite glass he uses):

A big ol’ stack of books (as if I need more):

A pile of $1 records …. including a wide selection of musicals I am SO excited to have….

And one more little thing we bought as a gift to someone …. All this for $70 (including 43 records)….

Deal city.

Also, I need to NOT go back there for awhile, obviously.


Sunday with Jenae

Now that Daniel is in Chicago, it’s a lot easier to get together with Jenae. Only 3 schedules to coordinate instead of 4.

So a couple Sundays ago, Jenae came down to do lunch and movies with us ….. The Stand is one of our favorite spots for Sunday lunch.

Then we stopped by a thrift store (posting about those goodies tomorrow) and home for a bunch of British movies and TV shows.

Super relaxing Sunday ….


Schooner or Later

Andrew and his co-workers watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives during their lunch …. One of the great things about living in Los Angeles is so many of these well-known foodie places are within driving distance.

One of the ones from that show – Schooner or Later – is down south of us, not far from where Kaitlin and Joe live …

One Sunday morning recently we drove down for brunch with Kaitlin, Joe, Chris, Chris’s girlfriend Kahla, Kahla’s mom and some more of their friends …

Schooner or Later is pretty cute …. it’s right on the marina and there’s a dock specifically for Schooner or Later guests …

The *thing* to get there is a SCHOONER of beer (or Bloody Mary) … and The Mess.

So (obviously) that’s what we got!

Good diner food (I kind of love diner food in general) … .but not really worth the nearly 2 hour wait we had.

Oh well.

Breakfast is always fun!


Farewell breakfast with Daniel

So, Andrew’s brother Daniel now lives in Chicago.

Because he is awesome.

He moved to Chicago to go to school. Left mid-January.

We miss him a lot …. Andrew has already started selecting things to mail in a care package …

A couple days before Daniel left for Chicago, we headed up to Santa Clarita to do breakfast with him and the rest of the family.

I took my new video camera and got some footage!!

I’ll warn you now, it was noisy in the restaurant, so don’t expect crystal clear sound …. also, when I was filming the other side of the table was backlit so the exposure is not always correct. Or in focus. But I’m learning.

The first video – about halfway through is Julie talking about Daniel leaving.

The second video is Daniel talking about his move. With my leading questions, since he is not a super talkative boy….

Daniel is so cute …. he cracks me up. More video here.

Love you Daniel!! We’re super proud of you …..

Andrew is planning on going out in March!

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Holidays with DiBiases

I love when Devo is in town …We always try to make sure to hang out with Devo and Angela when he is in town.

January 2nd we headed down to their new apartment for lunch – It happened to be POURING that day. (We had tentative plans to go up to Santa Clarita but it actually snowed that night. Crazy).

Angela and Devo got a new apartment down off of Wilshire – pretty much directly across the street from my ‘day job’ …

They’re so cute.

When we got there the apartment smelled so good ….. Devo was cooking us stew … (mmmmm ….. )

(and then Angela made this super cute dessert)

For Christmas Angela made (yes, MADE) me this ADORABLE sweater clip… adorable.

I really need her to make more and open and etsy shop. It is the most adorable ….

The heart is a locket!

Cute, right!?

I’ve already forgotten what Angela is laughing at in this photo, but isn’t it super cute?

That girl is the cutest…

We love the DiBiases!


I love when he’s like this

Andrew has been hard hard at work the last few weeks ….

Sitting down to edit text for a couple hours? That doesn’t sound like Andrew.

Asking to borrow my big fancy camera and actually learning how to do the settings? That doesn’t sound like Andrew.

He’s been working on a big big big project recently – and I love when he’s like this.

I love when Andrew starts getting ideas and following through on them, I love the way his brain works and how he uses his problem-solving skills to make something work better. I love when Andrew asks to borrow my camera!

He used to do all kinds of projects like screenprinting and such …

But this project that he’s been working on is a blog.

Andrew is a contributing writer to the BRAND NEW WhenIGoDeaf.com …. Launched by our friend Michael, this site is about all things vinyl. New releases and old, artwork and record companies.

The tag line of the site? ‘We are Vinyl Enthusiasts’

I’m super proud of him…. He’s writing about something he genuinely cares about and I think he’s having so much fun!

Thursday he’ll be posting about his genetic disposition to record collecting – you won’t want to miss it!


Holiday party with Keegan Grosses

This year marks the second holiday season Andrew and I have gotten together with some of his friends from high school for a party and baking.

Which, I guess, makes it an annual tradition.

We spent the earlier part of the day doing photos with Maggie (then I to furiously finish up the last few posts for the L&R blog party) … then back over to the Keegan Grosses’ around dinner time.

We brought a salad from Olive Garden …. Which, I kind of wish I could get every day. Those things are gooooood …..

Maggie – superstar that she is – gifted us with prints of a couple of the photos she had taken earlier in the day!

(Maggie had taken anniversary portraits for Betsy and Justin too and gave them a couple prints)

We rounded out the night by making some of these delicious dark ginger cookies …. mmm …. Maggie – this reminds me I want the recipe!

I feel like I at 4 or 5 that night …. But I couldn’t possibly have, right?

Awesome way to ring in the new year …. !!!


NYE with Daniel and Jenae

I love staying in on New Year’s Eve.

In general, I think the holiday itself is a bit overrated and I’d much rather have friends over to my place so I don’t have to drive anywhere with all those crazies late at night.

So – New Year’s Eve – we were kind of surprised and excited that Daniel and Jenae didn’t have any other plans and came down to the Valley to hang out with us!

And watch *awful* Kung-fu movies. I actually spent a good chunk of the night working on L&R Blog Party posts (um, yes, last minute) …. but they had fun with the movies.

Andrew heard of a new way of prepping hamburgers so we thought we’d try it …

Below: ground beef soaking in beer

Daniel played with Andrew’s (now broken) helicopter

Andrew and I tried valiantly to save the ground beef …. too much beer … then we added more ground beef … then crushed saltine crackers.

And the whole time trying to mix it up it was FREEZING cold (since the beer came right out of the fridge)

Plus we were instructed to put a pad of butter in the middle of the hamburger patty ….

It did NOT work out.

The poor things just crumbled to pieces.

We even tried cooking them on the stove because the hamburger patties kept falling apart through the cracks in the grill.

And even once we got them cooked (even though they looked awful) …. they tasted like beer.

Luckily – Daniel and Jenae were heroes and went out to get re-inforcements… .

More ground beef to make non-fancy, completely edible NORMAL hamburger patties.

What a surprise, Andrew fell asleep during the movie ….

Happy New Year!

Nice, low-key, at home evening with people we love!

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holidays with Fernando and Jessica

The great thing about those weeks around Christmas and New Years is that EVERYONE has just a little bit of extra time off ….

So we were able to get together with friends that we haven’t seen in months – because it is near impossible to coordinate schedules.

On New Year’s Eve (Friday) Andrew and I drove up to Santa Clarita for lunch at the Vasquez home …. They live in Saugus (same neighborhood as my aunt and uncle)

We got to meet their dog August – who is pretty much the *sweetest* most low-key dog ever….

Fernando is a FANTASTIC cook …. mmm m…. I never knew. I wish he could make me lunch every day… .

Beans and rice, carne asada, chicken, grilled veggies, tortillas and all ….

It was the BEST lunch ever. I wish I had more room in my belly for all that good food….

(apparently I didn’t get any photos of Jessica. Weird. But that’s her hand in the photo below. Proof)

We talked a lot about food and Jessica let me borrow Kitchen Confidential. So so good. I want to be a chef in my next life.

Holy cow … I’m getting hungry just looking at this photo …. yum yum yum.

Note: I am ALWAYS in the mood for fresh Mexican food.


Thanks Vasquezes !!  Such a good lunch …. Next time we’ll have you over (but still make Fernando cook)

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Christmas Day part 3

The last of the actual Christmas Day posts for 2010 ….

after opening the gifts and saying goodbye to Daniel and Jenae (who went to hang out with her family), the rest of Christmas Day is for games, right?

Andrew brought over his newest toy and he and Chris had some fun teasing the dogs and getting the helicopter stuck on the roof.


I was also able to wrangle Chris into taking some Team Schubert photos for me (turns out this shirt is NOT as flattering as I thought!)

Andy put on his Buddy shirt pretty much right away

Mexican food for dinner – another Schubert Family tradition ….

Then games!

We played an abbreviated version of Mexican Train …. and then Traveling Pictionary ….

Andrew wants to start a curated collection of the best of Traveling Pictionary.

Including this masterfully done TMNT and the “creepy winker” …

We got home relatively early … nice relaxing for a Saturday night (raining a tiny bit)…..

And still with another day (Sunday) off before work again …. lovely.

Christmas should ALWAYS fall on a weekend ….