Colorado: Stanley Hotel (part 2)

Continuing our tour of the Stanley Hotel...

(note: part 1 of the tour here …. or you can see the ghost tour we took a couple years ago in Scotland)

As I mentioned before … our tour guide Ryan couldn’t really GUIDE us from outside the guests’ rooms. But he did let us know what to expect, what we would be looking at, and would silently point out some stuff as well. (kind of like Jimmy, our tour guide for the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, Italy)

Stanley1  016

This is the front door of the CURRENT Presidential Suite. The original presidential suite started about 6-8′ closer to the camera, and took up I think 3 or 4 (now) rooms in the corridor.

Again, this is where Stephen King stayed when he got his inspiration for The Shining.

This is also where, in the 20s I think, there was a HUGE explosion and a housekeeper was severely injured. She didn’t die, but she is still rumored to haunt these rooms. Especially crawling into bed between an unmarried couple… because, you know. The scandal!

Stanley1  017

OK. Let’s put your ghost hunting skills to work!

The collage below is 1 image – you should be able to click (twice) on it to see it bigger.

I want you to look at these images and tell me if you see a ghost. … or anomaly of some kind. All photos from Andrew’s cell phone.

This stairwell is called ‘the vortex’ and tends to have a lot of activity.


This photo below is up in the bell tower. Apparently a guest scratched that there and the hotel decided to leave it :)

Stanley1  018 Stanley1  019

Another one of the haunted rooms …. it *happened* to be being cleaned when we walked by (benefit of the 11a tour time) so the door was open for us to peek in.

Stanley1  020

the LONG hallway (there were no creepy twins at the end though)

Stanley1  021original vintage writing desk…

Stanley1  027

And then after seeing the hallways and the (doors to the) rooms, we headed down to BELOW the basement … to see where the hotel was built on quartz and limestone.

Ryan claims that no one has ever died at the hotel (ghost hunting shows find non-hotel historians who say there have been deaths), so the hotel’s theory is these quartz and limestone is the power that holds the HAPPY spirits to the property and gives them energy. This big rock behind Ryan (in the photo below) is directly under the Vortex, (not) coincidentally.

Stanley1  022 Stanley1  023

And with that the tour was over! Bummer. I love tours.

We didn’t want to pay hotel prices for food, so we took a quick glimpse of the bar (also inspired The Shining) and headed out.

  Stanley1  028 Stanley1  029

(the back of the hotel)

Stanley1  026 Stanley1  025 Stanley1  024

I would definitely go back for a ghost hunt :)

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  • Donna October 2, 2013, 2:30 pm

    The bottom middle and right photo I totally see some green eyes and face looking back at me! :)

  • Jen L October 8, 2013, 12:12 pm

    Totally see a pair of eyes floating as well. Creepy!

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