Colorado: drive home

Tuesday, July 23, we drove home from Colorado.

Again we did all 1000+ miles in one day. Again Andrew drove the whole way while I slept and read.

But we left earlier and we made fewer stops AND we gained an hour across time zones so we actually got home around 8p.

COdrive  001 COdrive  002 COdrive  003 COdrive  004 COdrive  005 COdrive  006 COdrive  007

We stopped once in Utah. Andrew was going a little wild  – wanting to climb every rock and mountain he saw.

COdrive  008 COdrive  009 COdrive  010 COdrive  011

But it was just a short stop because we were both ready to get home.

COdrive  012 COdrive  013COdrive  015

Last photo: the soundtrack of our trip …. all the cds we brought and listened to

COdrive  014

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