Colorado: Backyard grilling and water pong

Friday night, Andrew and I got back from Avery Brewery around 6:30p or so. Kevin was ready for some backyard grilling, some water pong and just hanging out at home. Kevin has a few housemates that live in the main level of the house, and all the guys are pretty good friends and they share the backyard.

We had some chicken sausages perfect for grilling over the fire. And it was a gorgeous night to just hang out in the backyard, around the fire, playing water pong.

backyard grilling

backyard grilling

“Water pong” is basically beer pong with water. And less getting drunk. Kevin and his housemates just keep a standing game going and play regularly.

CO8  027 CO8  028 CO8  029

I did pretty ok for my first time. Sam still beat me, though.

beer pong

One of Kevin’s housemates came out and grilled himself a burger too. I tried to get some ghost stories going as it got darker. I love ghost stories. :)

backyard grilling CO8  032

After dinner, once it was too dark to see each other and kinda late, we went back down into Kevin’s apartment and watched… something. What did we watch that night? Maybe The Hobbit :)

Next week: Maybe the longest hike I’ve ever been on in my life!

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