Schubert HQ: blinds for all the windows

When we bought the house, we just had the contractors take down ALL the window coverings (if there were any) and paint white.

We figured we would just start over. The house was vacant for a year before we moved – lord knows what was going on in there.

So we had bare windows when we moved in. We put up curtains on the front window right away (for obvious reasons), but the rest of the windows were bare until the end of May/beginning of June some time! Yup. More than a year later.

We put up curtains in our bedroom, but after that we had 2 bedroom windows upstairs, and a dining room and bedroom window downstairs that were bare. We decided to just put up blinds – Andrew didn’t want white, I didn’t want black, so we opted for a warm wood in all the rooms. It matches the floor on the downstairs of the house, so the color scheme of the whole house stays roughly together.


Notice that the downstairs bedroom has light blocked with a sheet nailed up. Classy. And the upstairs room has light blocked with a couple big pieces of cardboard. Yup.

blindsBEFORE  001  blindsBEFORE  003  blindsBEFORE  005  blindsBEFORE  007


BLINDSprocess  001 BLINDSprocess  002 BLINDSprocess  003 BLINDSprocess  004


blinds  002 blinds  004

I mean, they’re just blinds, but the house feels so much nicer with them. PLUS the upstairs office that gets a lot of direct sunlight is staying a lot cooler with the blinds closed all the time.

I work in there in the mornings, blinds open and looking outdoors, and then close the blinds for the afternoon sun.

Also! If you come stay with us, there will be blinds on YOUR room too!


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  • michelle July 25, 2013, 12:58 pm

    we totally have these blinds, or they look very similar. High five blind buddy! That doesn’t sound good.

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