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my feet in the creek at Rocky Mountain National Park

my feet in the creek at Rocky Mountain National Park


Stressed. Busy. Still trying to figure out how to balance my schedule and my deadlines and all the ‘someday’ projects I want to get started on now that I am mostly self-employed. Trying to make money for all the things we need and want is a constant focus.


Parks and Recreation. I love marathoning TV shows with Andrew and we’ve watched several seasons in the last few weeks.


The Game of Thrones series (technically A Song of Ice and Fire series). Currently book 2 of 5. I’m reading FAR less now that I don’t have a day job to sit at 40 hours/week.

Thinking about

Marketing. Marketing for L&R and Ghostbot Records and Maggie’s photography business and Kevin’s author site. I love marketing, actually.


Red bell peppers. ALWAYS. Sprouts has them for 3/$1 often and I can eat 1 or 2 a day. With chicken sausage or hummus or cottage cheese or stuffed with taco meat. I’m not picky. I love them.

Looking forward to

Traveling! We have potentially 3 really awesome trip opportunities in the next year! 2 different locations where we can get a free place to stay so we should just go to take advantage, and a 3rd location where there will probably be a wedding! Perfect reason to go.

Now you know why I am constantly feeling stressed about money :)

Making me happy

Being home.  I love our house. I love being home with the cats and my own kitchen and real food. I love not having to wear ‘work clothes’ every day. I love not having to stay awake until midnight just to get home.

I am SO happy being mostly self-employed in spite of the money stresses.

What’s new with you?

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