Visiting Grandma in Phoenix

As I told you the other day …. in mid-February we stopped by Zack and Jamie’s new house in San Diego on our way to Phoenix.

Why the spur of the moment trip to Phoenix?

My grandmother has just been diagnosed with brain cancer so we decided to come visit her.

Her diagnosis and symptoms and treatment is a post all on its own.

For now, I’ll just tell you we got to my parents’ house late Saturday night, went right to bed, and spent all of Sunday just lounging around the house with my grandmother and other family members that came by.

phx  002

Because of the brain cancer and related symptoms, grandma doesn’t want to do a ton beyond just watch TV, but there was a Suns game on that Sunday! I don’t really watch TV at all, but I haven’t seen a Suns game in … years??

It’s amazing that I can know literally nothing about the team or who is on it, but I still can love watching a game and cheering them on!

phx  004

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My grandma has 4 sons (+ associated grandkids, nieces/nephews, etc) that live in the Phoenix area, and a BUNCH of them came over at one point or another during the day on Sunday.

My aunt Dorina brought food.

She cooks as a hobby, more or less, and she spent DAYS making tomato sauce from scratch and building this ENORMOUS lasagna.

This was one of 2 she made – her and my uncle had a whole ‘nother one at home.

phx  007

(Dorina brought fresh bread from the bakery where she works and homemade roasted peppers and broccoli soup too)

My grandma’s dog Walter has been staying with one of my other uncles …. and he brought the pup over to see Grandma!

Grandma lived alone with Walter for several years before this diagnosis … they’re best friends, obviously :)  She was so happy to see that sweet dog!

phx  013

My uncle Tim brought over a couple of his own dogs too …. :)

phx  015

phx  018

phx  019


phx  022

Later in the evening my cousin Matthew and his girlfriend (and her dog) came by …. Fortunately, because without Matthew who knows if we would have been able to eat all that lasagna!

phx  024

phx  025

phx  027

We only stayed for the day and left early early early Monday morning … but we got to hang out with my sweet grandma so it was totally worth it.

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  • Nancy May 4, 2013, 10:00 am

    Sweet pictures! Thanks for sharing, Amy.

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