Our sweet nephew baby Joey turned 1 over the weekend!!!

Remember when he was born?

He LOVES Mickey Mouse, so Kaitlin had no trouble picking a theme for the party …

We got there late-ish (traffic. Boo) …. When the party was in full swing and Joey was reaching the end of his rope.

joeybday  001

Among the AMAZING details Katie put together for the party was the goodies:

Tasty cupcakes

joeybday  002

joeybday  003

And Mickey-ear oreos

joeybday  004

joeybday  005

He wasn’t really in the mood to wear his Mickey ears:

joeybday  006

Grandpa Paul distracted Joey with his iPhone

joeybday  007

joeybday  008

Cute little family …joeybday  009

Joey didn’t really smash his cake … it took him a little while to even figure out that the frosting was tasty :)

joeybday  010 joeybday  011

Grandma Julie took him home for a nap not long after the cake, but we stuck around to visit with Chris and Kahla and Uncle Mark and Aunt Pam who had come into town for the weekend because Chris graduated from college (!!)

joeybday  012

spoiled :) joeybday  013

joeybday  014

Big family photos!

It always cracks me up when I stand around holding my big fancy camera, but people ask Andrew to take their group photo. Am I too intimidating? So funny :)

joeybday  015

joeybday  016

P.S. That’s another little LaRiccia baby! Coming November!!

Happy Birthday, nephew Joey!!

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  • Julie Schubert May 23, 2013, 7:28 am

    I love all the pics Amy. It was a fun and special day. That’s too funny about people asking Andrew to take their picture when you are obviously a photographer with your fancy camera. Maybe they don’t notice your camera and Andrew is so approachable.

  • Kaitlin May 23, 2013, 1:09 pm

    Thanks for taking such awesome photos since I obviously lack in that department :) Glad you guys had fun!! Love ya! XOXO

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