Zack and Jamie’s housewarming

In February we drove down to Zack and Jamie’s new house!!

They bought it in the fall and have been doing a TON of work on it in the preceding months. Mid-Feb was the *perfect* weather in San Diego for a housewarming party.

Their house was built in the early 1960s, and the lot is basically in the middle of a hill on top of a ton of rocks …. And *somehow* it got gated in with a much (much) newer gated community. You turn on to their street, go through a gate … and Zack and Jamie’s house is at the top top top of a steep driveway to your right, with a bunch of new cookie-cutter houses on the street to the left and ahead.

zackjamie  002

They’ve retained a lot of mid-century style in the house, while still making it up to date.

I LOVE their house :)

zackjamie  004

zackjamie  006

zackjamie  024

Giant Jenga!

zackjamie  008

One of the sides of their house …. because of where the house is on the lot, and where the doors are, they kind of have 2 BIG side yards? I guess?

This particular side looks out over the side of the hill and gives them a lovely view.

Those french doors on the right lead to the master bedroom, the doors on the left lead to the living room.

zackjamie  009

zackjamie  012

same yard as described above … with a little more of their view …

zackjamie  015

zackjamie  025

zackjamie  026

said view, with the gate in sight. That’s our white Corolla at the very foot of the hill.

Their HOA takes care of the vegetation down the hill, which I’m sure is nice for Z&J :)

zackjamie  016

Jamie’s brother Michael came out from AZ for the housewarming party too (with his fiancee Kelly). I love Michael :)

They taught me how to play cornhole.

I am NOT good at this kind of game :)

zackjamie  018

zackjamie  021

Another view of the house from below:

zackjamie  027

zackjamie  023

We didn’t stay long …. still had plans to drive to Phoenix that night!

Seriously LOVE Zack and Jamie’s house! Can’t wait to go back!

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