Christmas with the Schuberts (Tuesday)

Christmas Day!!

I’m so glad we did our Christmas at home – our first year in this house and our first year with the girls. I mean. Cats. I love my cats. What?

We had a slow morning…. My parents left around noon to drive back home, so before then we just relaxed.

Both Andrew and I actually went back to bed for little naps at various times throughout the morning. Christmas nap!

christmas  002

christmas  006

christmas  010

christmas  012

christmas  016

We had plans to go over to Andrew’s parents’ house in the afternoon – and a Schubert family tradition is Mexican food on Christmas day!

I contributed my (fantastic) chicken enchilada dish, so spent the later Christmas morning putting together enchiladas…

christmas  021

christmas  033

christmas  037

We headed over the the Schuberts’ house across town in the early afternoon – timed about the time that Joe and Kaitlin came up.

christmas  043

christmas  045

NEPHEW!!! Joey’s first Christmas!

love him.

christmas  054

Such a cutie…

christmas  063

christmas  065

christmas  069

We ALSO did no-gifts-just-stocking-stuffers with Andrew’s family. Except for Joey, of course.

We just slowly opened gifts throughout the afternoon, played with Joey, ate Mexican food.

SUPER relaxing.

christmas  078

christmas  083

Kaitlin and Joe made Andrew this clock using one of the records he put out – it’s currently hanging in our guest room.

christmas  091

christmas  103

christmas  110

Christmas  130

Lazy Christmas.


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