Christmas with the Hanns (Sunday)

The Sunday before Christmas my house was even MORE full of family….

I basically spent most of the morning cooking, and then worked on the computer the rest of the day (until cooking again at dinner).

Aside from my parents and brother and Andrew, we also had Ted and Kristi, Courtney and Trace, Spencer and Sara and Lucas over for brunch on Sunday morning (Grandma stayed home so she wouldn’t catch Kevin’s cold). How many people is that? 12?

Turns out I don’t own 12 forks….. so that was fun :)

My mom (and Andrew) helped prep brunch, and once the food was all done, it was actually a pretty relaxing morning with everyone just hanging out.

Well, for us. Khaleesi wouldn’t come down stairs and Fang was being super brave:

hann  037

I got muffins and danishes from Costco, put out stuff for toast, oranges, grapes, chicken sausages and roasted bell peppers stuffed with (homemade) mashed potatoes with all kinds of yummy toppings.

SERIOUSLY delicious, if I do say so myself.

hann  047

hann  049

hann  050

hann  053

hann  057

hann  065

There’s no way we could all eat together, but there were seats throughout our bottom floor to fit everyone.

hann  059

hann  062

hann  068

Fang was cracking me up. She would come down and watch Muppet, as long as Muppet stayed mostly still. As soon as Muppet spotted her and tried to play, Fang would get spooked and run upstairs again.

Of course, Muppet thought Fang wanted to play be chased, so that always worked out :)

hann  071

Ted had to go to work around 1p and Courtney, Trace and Lucas left not long after that, but Spencer and Sara stayed through the day and played cards….

hann  079

hann  083

hann  090

Kevin taught them poker…

hann  091

hann  093

hann  099

The girls spent a lot of time on this landing …. just watching what everyone was doing since it was far too scary to come all the way down to where the dog was.

hann  116

Eventually they moved on to the classic Hann-family game: Shang-hai. My dad and I just read/worked on our computers the bulk of the day…. A lovely relaxing Sunday (my favorite kind)

hann  123

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