Christmas with the Hanns (Monday)

Christmas EVE!!

Reminder for those of you who realize it’s the END OF MARCH, Christmas was on a Tuesday in 2012, so Christmas Eve was on a Monday, and my parents and brother came into town the Saturday and Sunday before that.

First Christmas at our new house!

I don’t always get Christmas Eve off work, but I just happened to this year. Andrew had to go in for a few hours, but not all day.

eve  010

Turns out he LIED TO MY FACE and did NOT go to work.

Instead he went over to his mom’s house to borrow some of her craft supplies and make me a Christmas gift.

He always does this. We decide NO GIFTS for birthdays/Christmas so we can save our money for vacations and furniture and things …. and then he goes and comes up with this fantastic surprise.

Love him.

PLUS – Andrew even took photos so I had some for Project Life.


And wait til you see the gift :)

eve  021

Kevin had to finish some of his Christmas shopping, so went out for a couple hours in the afternoon – Muppet was excited to see him when he got home :)

eve  033

Also Monday afternoon while Andrew was “at work” my dad got out his guitar and harmonica to practice a song he was playing in the next week….. and the cats just thought it was the strangest sound.

Yes, we have music on all the time here, but a record and a live harmonica are 2 very different things.

eve  045

They relaxed a little bit around the strangers – now that they had been here 3 days.

eve  048

The girls also spent a lot of time destroying their rat.

Kevin gave it to them on Saturday afternoon and by Sunday they had chewed off the face, and half of the tail and one of the ears.

eve  072

Andrew got home in the early evening and we did “Christmas morning”!!

Even though we had all decided NO GIFTS – just stocking stuffers – it obviously did not work out that way….

eve  077

eve  080

eve  088

This was my Christmas gift from Andrew …. He had FOUND 2 wooden cat ornaments and painted them to look like OUR cats!


AND – just like Khaleesi and Fang – one of the ornaments was smaller with a squat neck (K) and the other was slightly larger (F).

I love love them :) Andrew is the best.

eve  022

As per tradition …. Kevin wrote ridiculous “From” labels. Always trying to be clever, that one. It’s funny to try to guess what is in the package just from the From

eve  096

eve  100

The girls were left out of the festivities. They weren’t brave enough to come down, so they hung out on the landing watching everything…. SO funny :)

eve  108

We did give them a little catnip for Christmas, though. Fang was a little manic and tried to grab this container with both paws.

eve  118

eve  121

eve  130

Later Monday night – Hann family tradition of Shanghai (love that card game)

eve  141

Merry Christmas!

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  • Nancy March 29, 2013, 1:11 pm

    It was so much fun to be there for your first Christmas in the house. Great times, as always.

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