Thanksgiving in Phoenix

….. aaaaand…. here we go!

Waaaay back to November 2012 – Thanksgiving.

As you probably know, we were *just* in Phoenix 2 weeks prior for Miranda’s wedding, and then a couple months before that for Kim’s baby shower.

So I’m not totally sure why we decided to come out for Thanksgiving.

Either way – because I worked late Wednesday night (got home at midnight), we didn’t leave town until Thursday morning. 6a or so. Which means that with the time difference we got to Phoenix about 2p, maybe.

Thanksgiving dinner was being held at my aunt’s house on the Westside, so at least we didn’t have *as* far to go than if we were going to my parents’ house.

Thanksgiving weekend in Phoenix is usually gorgeous.

This year we all ate outside in my aunt’s backyard … LOVELY.

thanksgiving  002

in fact, Andrew took a bit of a nap in the sun while we were waiting for the final dinner preparations to be finished.

thanksgiving  007

thanksgiving  011

thanksgiving  009

thanksgiving  014

Grandma Jaye made the gravy. From scratch. And tried to teach her daughter (who is plenty old enough to know and still uninterested).

G’ma Jaye is a rockstar :)

thanksgiving  017

thanksgiving  032

The turkey was so juicy it started spilling over the cutting board while Chuck was carving it! So Steve rescued him with some well-timed syringes. Hilarious!

thanksgiving  034

thanksgiving  041

thanksgiving  048

After dinner, some football (that I slept through) and Apples to Apples (Uncle Pat won more than anyone)

thanksgiving  049

Andrew and I drove Grandma Jaye home – she is just the cutest – and then finally crawled into bed at my parents’ after a long, full day.

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  • Nancy January 26, 2013, 6:16 pm

    It was great to have you here!

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