our new Team Schubert Christmas tree

(going a little out of order so I can post about our Christmas tree before Christmas)

Our first Christmas in this home.

We have this lovely large window for a Christmas tree …. but as the holiday grew closer I started to get a little stressed out about our new floors. They’re wood-laminate … so if even a little bit of water seeps in between the ‘boards’ the ‘wood’ will swell up and the floor will basically be ruined.

How could I protect my floor from water with these 2 destructive monsters? They like to play with water! They put their paws in their water dish and splash it around. Plus, I knew they would at least try to chew on and bat at the branches which could shake the tree and spill water.

I was trying to envision how to put a big water-proof tarp down but still make it look festive enough.

Honestly a little stressed. We don’t really spend a lot of money on nice things – so I would like to keep this floor decent as long as possible.

And then I was reminded that it is totally ok to have a fake tree.

Problem solved.

Except for the “friends and family” who tried to publicly shame me on Facebook for not getting a real tree. Ahem. Uncle Ted.

Andrew and I talked about it – he is not as neurotic as my family in insisting on a real tree – and last Thursday when I was off work we went and picked it out.

For the last 4 years – since we moved back to California – we’ve had an annual tradition to help Andrew’s mom pick up her Christmas tree. Since we have a pickup truck and Andrew is a strapping man and all.

This year was no different.

We met her over at Home Depot Thursday morning for some tree shopping.

treeHobbit  006

treeHobbit  008

I stood back and took photos – and Julie and Andrew were quite quick about finding a tree they liked.


treeHobbit  011

treeHobbit  013

treeHobbit  020

Then indoors to get our tree:

Just a simple, unlit 7.5″ tree. Not too expensive (because I had a feeling the cats would destroy it) but at least sturdy enough to last us several years.

We brought it home and set it up later that day …


treeHobbit  031

treeHobbit  033

treeHobbit  043

treeHobbit  045

treeHobbit  049

Both girls were a little wary …. and Khaleesi was downright SCARED of the noises. But they came around pretty quickly. First smelling…. then chewing on the branches.

We didn’t have time to fluff out the branches before we had to leave again, so we just left the tree as-is for a bit.

When we came home later that night, though, the girls had definitely gotten used to this strange plastic-and-metal-tower in the living room.

Khaleesi just climbed on up to about 2/3rds of the height and hung out to chew on branches! It was hilarious and adorable and I got a bunch of photos the first couple days before making her get down.

treeHobbit  064

And now most of my time at home is spent keeping her from climbing up again.

Fang is much more scared than Khaleesi – and it’s a good thing because Fang weighs about 4+ pounds more than Khaleesi and is waaaay too big to be climbing.

treeHobbit  068

We’ve fanned out the branches now, and it looks OK … but you can definitely tell where the cats climb up because those branches are BENT.

Each branch is supposed to go straight out (90 degrees from the ‘trunk’) …. and we have big chunks of branches that are bent at about 45 degrees or so. Each time they climb up I’m again reminded how glad I am that we did not get a real tree – they shake the whole thing so much that water would be spilling all over.


I can never have nice things again.

We’re not even going to decorate it. They will chew on the lights and break all the ornaments, and since no one is home for about 10 hours each day there’s no stopping them.

Maybe next year.

treeHobbit  075

We’ll pull it out again and the cats will remember all over again how much fun it is to climb all the way up …. If this tree lasts a few years it will at least be the same amount of $ we’d been spending on real trees. Fingers crossed.

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  • Julie Schubert December 18, 2012, 6:33 pm

    It looks like they are having so much fun with the tree. It’s so nice of you to get it for them. ha ha. The picture of Khaleesi is kind of scary.

  • Nancy December 19, 2012, 7:58 am

    Aww, I don’t remember Shredder ever trying to climb up in the tree. She did drink the water and played with low hanging ornaments once in a while. She also liked to lay back in the corner under it. And of course the year that she had her kittens under it when we didn’t even know that she was going to have kittens. That was fun! Looks like your kitties would love to have one of the carpeted towers. Can’t wait to meet the girls.

  • Jessica December 20, 2012, 12:30 pm

    Maybe try a spray bottle squirt each time they start climbing to teach them not to climb it . . .

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