new chairs for the sitting room

So 4 and a half years ago (May 2008) I transferred from the Phoenix to the Los Angeles office of my company.

A few months after that I noticed the fantastic wingback chairs in some of the offices and asked one of my supervisors where they had gotten them because I wanted something similar for our house one day.

She told me they were hand-me-downs from a previous manager’s parents.

Dead end.

Fast forward to about August 2012.

Current manager announces we’re moving to a new office and won’t be taking all of the old furniture with us. And that we would be donating a lot of the old furniture.

I take that as another opportunity to mention to ANOTHER supervisor how much I loved the chairs and if the company decides to give them away I will take one or more. She said she had no idea what the plan was but she would try to remember.

Then all of a sudden mid-October I get this email (paraphrased):

“Mary mentioned you wanted the wingback chairs? If you want the 2 green ones, they’re yours. You just need to move them.”


Yet another example of mentioning something to the universe and having it come back to you.

So on one of Andrew’s days off the next week, he came down to the office with our truck, we carried the 2 chairs all the way downstairs (freight elevator) and now they live with us!

chair  002

We’ve been calling the back living area the “sitting room” since we moved in. Even though there was no where to sit. Until we got these chairs, that room was just full of empty boxes that the cats liked to play with.

Now we have 2 lovely (hand me down) wingback chairs and a side table.

Strangely, the green actually matches the color we painted our living room months ago!

chair  005

chair  001

chair  006

chair  007

chair  009

The chairs were in 2 different offices for YEARS.

One in Teri’s office – who has been with the company for 20+ years, in the same office, every day.

One in an Account Executive’s office – that has had about 4 different occupants since I’ve been there.

The cats LOVE one of the chairs, and won’t touch the other. I don’t know which is which – but I know Teri has several cats so I’m sure that’s a factor.

So when you come over, you’ll notice we’ve kept all the cat hair to one chair.

I LOVE these. Eventually we’ll probably reupholster them, but they’re both in decent shape and I like the color so we’re not in any rush.

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  • michelle December 15, 2012, 5:11 am

    I think these chairs a lot!

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