Little tiny bit more progress on making Schubert HQ a home …  We kind of got to a certain point in making the house livable and then …. “rested”

A couple weeks ago we unpacked all our Andrew&Amy framed photos, and Andrew hung them in on our front entryway wall.

All of these are just 4×6 photos that Andrew framed with big chunky frames from his days working in a frame store. Those are all scraps of frame from other, bigger orders. We previously had the collage in our bedroom in Arizona but had all these in storage since then.

Since all the photos are pre-2008, I’m planning on switching out a couple for more recent photos. We’ve already done it with a photo of Andrew and I from Kaitlin and Joe’s wedding.

If you check out the BEFORE house tour, this particular wall is right next to front door.


We started by laying out the frames on the floor to decide where we we wanted the frames.

And then of course the girls came to “help”

Andrew did the actual hanging …. and I did the supervising :)

He marked off (roughly) where we wanted the edges of collage – with painters tape. And then measured the width of the frames, calculated halfway for where the nail should go, and basically just went to town.


Once most of them were up we did a little tweaking and shifting (so there are extra holes in that wall behind some of the frames), but all in all Andrew did an AWESOME job!

Although, every time I look at it it looks like the outline of Australia to me.


Here’s a look at where it is in relation to the rest of the house.

When you walk in the front door these photos are on the wall to your immediate left.



I really love the eclectic mix of frames …. Not a single one of them match.

Of course, it will be hard to find frames to add to the collage, since they are super expensive scraps of frame.

But my plan is to just keep an eye out for thrift store and garage sale art that I can repurpose the frame from.


I also had this small A to hang (it’s about 4″ tall or so).

We’ve left it white for now …. but I may paint it a darker color so it doesn’t blend in with the wall so much.


And there remains a small bit of the wall to expand into if we find more frames to fill ….


And here’s another AFTER look:


I LOVE it!

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  • Nancy October 12, 2012, 11:13 am

    Love all the textures and thicknesses too! Great job by both of you! I agree that the “A” should be a different color. It kind of disappears in there.

  • Jessica October 17, 2012, 10:20 am

    I find pretty inexpensive frames at stores like Ross or Marshall’s

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