Filming in our neighborhood

There was some filming in our neighborhood at the end of August.

Our city likes to attract filming. For those of you who may not know, we’re only 30 or 40 minutes north of Los Angeles, and surrounded by ranch property and hills/national forests, so it’s a great place to go that’s nearby but NOT the city. We’re always watching TV shows or movies and thinking “Santa Clarita” …  anything from Arrested Development to Little Miss Sunshine to Weeds to NCIS. Episodes of Freaks and Geeks was filmed in his neighborhood when Andrew was growing up, and his parents’ house is clearly visible in at least one episode.

They make up little placards to put on everyone’s door to let you know, and block off street parking for several streets all around the actual filming.

In our case, they didn’t *officially* have permits to block off parking on our street …. they just got there early enough to park anyway. I think the catering truck was parked in front of our house Thursday and Friday. And that’s a BIG pile of bags of ice you see on the sidewalk just in front of our house.

They filmed Thursday, Friday, and then again Monday and Tuesday of the next week.

The catering truck was set up in front of our house, but the catering tent (where the cast and crew actually sat to eat) was down the hill a bit in a public park.

filming  004

filming  005

filming  006

filming  007

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  • Nancy October 26, 2012, 7:51 pm

    Did you find out what they were filming? You should get friendly with the catering crew. You might get a great meal out of it.

  • Julie Schubert October 27, 2012, 9:36 am

    When they filmed Freaks and Geeks on our street, they invited us to eat whatever we wanted from the catering truck. The food was good and it was a fun experience. They film all the time in our neighborhood, but not on our street.

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