favorite nephew Joey

Mid-August Katie and Joe went away for their anniversary and Joey came to stay with Grandma.

Always a good excuse to go visit and see our favorite nephew!

We walked in (mid-morning) and Julie was holding Joey back in the family room. He was all swaddled and drowsy and she was trying to get him to sleep.

She said, “You want to hold him?”

Um. Of course. Look at that little guy!

And immediately, as soon as I sat down with Joey she says, “Ok good. I’m going to go take a shower.”

Ha! It’s nice that she made me feel like it was my choice to hold him. :)

Joey  002

And then Andrew held him for a little bit ….

Joey  005

Joey  009

But mostly Joey just looked around and waited for us to give up.

Too much going on for him to sleep, apparently….

But he wasn’t fussy … so instead of watching him sleep we got to talk to him a bit …

SUCH a cutie…

Joey  012

Joey  015

Joey  028

Joey  035

Joey  043

Joey  045

Grandma Sheila can make him smile with no trouble …. LOVE this face!

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