• light blogging this week. My harddrive died. Again.
  • new computer to be delivered today
  • I think I only lost a couple weeks’ worth of photos this time.
  • 30 most evil lines from books
  • I love the internet.
  • Fax Zero saved me from having to leave the house, unshowered and just woken up, to fax a copy of my license to rescue Andrew.
  • An app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie so you don’t miss anything
  • trying to decide if King’s Canyon is too far away for a weekend trip
  • Bunny Ears over the Years.
  • Photo of the week …. I had to scan a bunch of old photos for a project and saved this one for y’all.
  • Halloween 1999 (my friends and I did a group GREASE costume theme):
  • In the background is the J building of my high school … where I had my locker and a couple classes over the 4 years

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  • Nancy October 31, 2012, 8:20 am

    Fun stuff! And that looks like your dad’s Bourgade letter sweater on the left.

  • Jenae October 31, 2012, 8:29 am

    Cute picture

  • FrenchCannesCannes November 1, 2012, 4:05 am

    i know these girls! How on earth do you remember where your locker was?! Do they still have lockers at school? ahh memories!

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