a walk around our neighborhood

It is weird living in the same neighborhood where I went to school and real close to where I grew up …. Old memories all the time.

But, it IS a nice neighborhood.

We need more evenings together so we can take walks around the neighborhood….. It’s a little hilly, and safe and pretty ….

Plus, since a lot of the houses are the same floor plan as ours we can get ideas for how to do our front yard and exterior.

On this particular evening we just took a small loop around…. starting right past our neighbor’s house with a little rabbit in the front yard. I don’t know how many rabbits live around here … but we’ve seen at least 2 at once.

walk  001

We’re thinking about doing something similar to this house …. with a low brick planter in front of the window …

walk  003

walk  004

walk  005

walk  006


This house is just around the corner from us …. I kind of love that it’s all woodsy and Snow-Whitey…

walk  007

walk  008

And then we turn the corner and see our ugly house ….

Obviously this walk was before we did our lawn….

walk  009

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  • Julie Schubert October 9, 2012, 11:06 am

    One of these days your house will be the nicest one on the block. It’s a beautiful house with lots of potential. You both are so
    creative and hard working I am looking forward to what you do next.

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