Breakfast with the Haugens

We got done with maternity photos around 945a or 10a or so….

Andrew and I weren’t planning on staying in town too long – I had to be at work the next day – but we decided to meet up with my parents and Kim’s parents for breakfast!

I love going out to breakfast. It’s one of my favorite things!

breakfast  001

Kim and Jed recommended Butterfield’s Pancake House.

Even though we lived in Phoenix for 6 years, neither Andrew and I had been there, so we met up the padres there ….

They squeeze fresh orange juice right in the restaurant, and the jugs of syrup on your table are big!

breakfast  003

breakfast  004

breakfast  005

Andrew got lunch. He doesn’t love breakfast as much as I do.

breakfast  006

After breakfast we went back to my parents’ house to get our things … and then drove home. Arriving in L.A. just a little bit before sundown.

QUICK weekend. But definitely worth the drive.

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