Big Bear weekend away (part 3)

Sunday morning of our weekend away in Big Bear …. We both woke up at 730a or 8a or so. I’m sure part of that had to do with going to bed early, but we’re both morning people, for sure. Andrew went and got a little (sad, weak) coffee from the lobby, we both showered and got ready for our day and then decided to venture out for breakfast before deciding what else to do.




Andrew got on his phone again and Yelp’d breakfast nearby. Even though there were closer places to eat, we decided to head over to the North Shore (on the other side of the lake) and eat at the North Shore Café. We happened to get there right at at the exact right moment and were able to sit down immediately. Only because we were a party of 2, of course. The only table available was a table for 2 on the front porch (in the sun).


The North Shore Café is basically a house – tables inside (in the ‘living room’ and ‘dining room’ and tables outside (on the ‘front porch’ and ‘front yard’). That particular Sunday morning there was 1 waitress for the inside and one for the outside. And they both seemed a little frazzled. The indoor-waitress took our drink order, because the outdoor-waitress was too busy. She ended up bringing us only half a cup of coffee each because they were brewing more (and then neither of them ever got around to bringing us more). We also got soup spoons instead of regular spoons because they were in the middle of doing dishes.

So, yea. Busy.




Breakfast is my favorite – and breakfast with Andrew is even better. And then add in the fact that Andrew got breakfast tacos which is his favorite and (aside from the lack of coffee) it was a pretty perfect morning.

After breakfast we just drove around. Nothing special, no idea where we were going. But the views and the scenery and even just the sides-of-the-road around Big Bear Lake are gorgeous.

Andrew always drives whenever we go anywhere.  I don’t like to drive and he LOVES it, so it works out well. We’re a good team.



I handled the music and my camera, while he drove back around to the south side of the lake. Once we got over there, he decided to keep driving farther east, past the edge of the lake … just to see what to see. From my maps app on my phone, it looked like just residential to me, but he wanted to see.

Eventually he turned right (south) on some street or other and we started to climb a hill in a residential area. We passed a city sign indicating we were entering ‘Sugarloaf’ and kept going. Stop sign and then what looked like more residential.

Except, after we passed the Stop sign Andrew got pulled over. Allegedly he didn’t stop at the Stop sign … but we both know he did the classic ‘California roll’ and came to an almost-complete stop before (safely) driving through the intersection. Officer Sugarloaf was nice about it though … didn’t give us a hard time. Didn’t seem to mind all that much that our insurance and registration didn’t have our current address on it (and was also expired). Politely explained what was up ahead when Andrew asked him.


Clearly this guy had nothing better to do at 10:30a on a Sunday morning than lay in wait for drivers at this completely residential Stop sign.

Oh well. It could have been worse.

We more or less decided to just go back to the room after that, though.

And relax.


Relax so thoroughly that we both took some pretty substantial naps.









We also read (in the room and on the beach) …. And somehow put in 4 or 5 hours … But we really didn’t do anything productive or touristy or what I usually think of as vacation-y. We just relaxed.

Because of all this relaxing we skipped lunch… So around 4:45 or so we headed out for an early dinner. Yep, Sunday night dinner at 5p. Like a couple of old people.

We had already planned on dinner at Captains Anchorage, the one place in town that Andrew could find that claimed to be haunted.

I love me some hauntedness.


We walked in and were seated right away – next to some old people on either side, served by an old person, and we were easily the youngest ones in the restaurant by 10 years or more. Captains Anchorage is priced a little bit fancier than we usually do, but the entrees ALL include soup and a trip to the salad bar. Deal city. I got a steak, Andrew got (delicious) Orange Ruffi with a salsa-like sauce on top.


And it was still plenty light out when we got done with dinner….

Too late in the day to do anything like hiking, of course, but plenty of daylight still to relax and read. Have I mentioned yet that we spent most of the weekend relaxing and reading?


Around 8p or so I got a sugar craving, so we drove over to The Village to get some ice cream and people-watch. Being Sunday night, of course, there weren’t a whole lot of people around, but that almost made it nicer.



By the time we got back to the hotel it was dark- though not too late. We half-heartedly searched out a movie on TV (weird feeling, actually looking for something on a channel), but ended up just reading for a bit and falling asleep early. EARLY. Like 930p or so.  Super early considering on work nights I don’t even get home til midnight.

Monday morning we woke up around 8a or so … checked out, got some coffee, and headed back home.

bigbear  007

I (unfortunately) had to be at work later that day.

Thus ends the whole of our “vacation” for 2012. Bummer.

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