Big Bear weekend away (part 2)

So after lunch we drove around the lake some more … It’s not a very big lake at all, so it was easy to take a short leisurely drive around, checking out the town, checking out the lake, checking out the naturey-activities.

We had identified one of the shorter, nearer trails and went on a short hike before we went back to check in at the hotel.

For whatever reason, the hike we chose was labeled an “Interpretive Hike” …. Although, the path was pretty clear and not at all interpretive so I don’t know what that was about.

BigBear  047

BigBear  062

BigBear  070

It was a mile and a half and set up in a loop. We started on one side of the parking lot, hiking up hill to behind where the parking lot was, and then downhill the other side to end up back on the other side of the parking lot. Unfortunately, the trail guide with all the descriptions that matched the markers was out of stock. Bummer. I seriously love LEARNING about where I am – whether that’s history or science or whatever. One of the reasons I’ve realized I love guided tours. I would have totally taken a guided hike.

Oh well.

Not 100 yards into the hike, I realized I didn’t have any hair ties on me. I usually keep at least 1 on my wrist, but had forgotten to put it on that morning. And, bizarrely, I didn’t have any in my purse OR in our travel-toiletry bag either! Grrrr …. So I spent most of the hike with one hand holding my camera and the other hand holding my hair up. I sweat a lot (probably because I get so overheated with my fair skin) and I’m sure I looked lovely. In fact, between the sweat and holding my hair in a (damp) twisted bun for so long, once I took it down it looked like a wild mane. Bigger than my hair ever is!

We saw a million lizards on our hike. Andrew loves lizards. It’s the little boy in him, I guess. He kept a running count and instagram’d photos of at least half of them! We also saw at least 1 chipmunk, and 3 dogs (but those were attached to their owners).

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 It was a nice hike – not too long but still physically exerting.

And by the end we were ready to go check into our hotel and wash our faces.

The hotel looked pretty adorable from the street. Lots of trees and shading and not too crowded on the property. But when we checked in and they gave us the map of the property and showed us where we’d be staying we got really excited!

Big Bear Frontier Hotel is ON Big Bear Blvd (the main street lining the south of the lake). The whole of the property, however, actually heads back toward the lake with MORE small cabins and a hotel building on the actual lake shore.

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Our tiny little cabin was I think one of the smallest they had. Just a little studio cabin (tiny kitchen, tiny bathroom, not much more room than what the bed took up), with no deck. But the hotel is pet-friendly, and many of the other private cabins near us had a little fenced in deck to sit on, complete with a small gate to close off the deck if you want to let your dog off his leash while in your cabin.

Our front door was about a block away from the hotel’s private beach, and just across a driveway from a large grassy area with picnic tables, grills and a horseshoe game. Of course, when we got there there was a large LOUD picnic going on, not 40 feet from our windows.

But we were actually both tired enough to fall asleep in spite of the yelling.

Once we checked into the hotel, we kind of jointly decided to just spend the rest of the afternoon napping and reading and hanging out on the beach. We had water bottles, and we’d leave again for dinner, but just spent the time together that afternoon.

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Andrew had started reading Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin – the first book in his fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire. I brought along a history book I had borrowed from my dad – A Life Wild and Perilous: Mountain Men and the Paths to the Pacific by Robert M. Utley. Something about reading about beaver trapping and exploring the Rockies just seemed right for this trip to Big Bear. Plus, part of the chapters I read on Sunday included Jedediah Smith stumbling upon the San Bernardino Mountains …. Exactly where we were almost 200 years later.

I love history.

For dinner we decided to just walk the few blocks into ‘The Village’ … or rather, near The Village. Kam recommended we eat at Nottingham – the restaurant right next to The Robinhood Resort where she stayed last time she was there. We got there well before sunset and were seated out on the patio.

BigBear  144

BigBear  151

Andrew, miracle of miracles, did NOT get tacos. He did get fish, though – his other theme for the weekend. Mango Ahi salad and I got stuffed salmon, with veggies and mashed potatoes. YUM. Andrew also ordered a big beer – and when he drinks he gets chatty. That dinner date was so much fun just because Andrew was so chatty!

We talked about my quitting my job, and his plans for his freelance and what is going on with his family and what I remembered about the last time I had come to Big Bear. I love being married to my best friend, for sure.

Coffee and mud pie for dessert…. And then a lovely walk home in the dusk.

BigBear  152

Once we got back to the hotel it was basically dark and quiet …. But not yet too late. So we walked down to the beach, sat in one of the lounge chairs the hotel had supplied there and talked some more. Bats swooping overhead, nearby houses all lit up and reflected in the lake. It really is a gorgeous place.

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BigBear  161

According to my iPhone app, thunderstorms were in the forecast for Sunday, so we didn’t plan on doing anything special. In fact, I was almost hoping it WOULD thunder and rain because A) I love storms and B ) That way we wouldn’t have to make any decisions about where to hike or whether or not to spend money horseback riding.

Saturday night we went to bed early-ish with no plans to get up at any specific time on Sunday. The best kind of vacation.

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