News from Fangsana and Khaleesi

They are getting SO BIG!

They went from this on June 10 :

To THIS a couple nights ago:


Reminder: Khaleesi is the tortoise-shell, Fangsana (who we inevitably call ‘Fang’) is the gray one

Some kitten highlights from the last few weeks….

When we first got the girls, we relegated them to just the upstairs guest bathroom, and then slowly opened more and more rooms to them ….Partly so they wouldn’t be overwhelmed and would have a safe place to get to know their new owners and new home. And partly because our house wasn’t even remotely kitten-proofed.

By the middle of the first week, we had given them the bathroom, and the bedrooms on either side (currently mine and Andrew’s ‘offices’).

We wanted to open up the rest of the top floor for them, but were a little concerned about how they would handle the stairs. Especially since there’s space in between each stair.

So we used some cardboard to set up a temporary ‘gate’ and wall. …

 They *probably* could have climbed over this lower bit at the top of the stair …. but they didn’t know that.

They really still had plenty of nooks and crannies upstairs to explore, so they didn’t mess with the fake wall too much.

They seem most comfortable in my office, but do still like to explore Andrew’s…. In fact, one night I came home from work and couldn’t find them. They had both crawled behind one of his audio racks and couldn’t get out! Cuties… But they weren’t really meowing yet, so I just had to stand still and hope I could hear them moving around.

They spent a lot of time chasing each other’s tails, poking around the rooms and sleeping. Always sleeping.

But starting that next weekend, we started getting more visitors to come meet the kittens …. so we decided to try to see how they would do on the stairs…

Andrew sat at the bottom and lured them down…. slowly the first time, but they soon gained confidence and started tearing up and down the stairs….

Once they had access to downstairs … everything changed.

We didn’t have to GO somewhere to sit with them – they just went wherever they wanted. We no longer had nice things – our couch is all scratched up and our curtains are snagged.

But it’s pretty fun to have one of them jump on the couch next to you while you’re watching a movie, or chasing each other around a box in the sitting room.


The girls are both SO different when it comes to love…..

Khaleesi is SUCH a cuddler. She’s the one who will crawl up in your lap if you give her the right 30 second window. Even when she’s being a little rowdier, if you pick her up, immediately hold her on her back (like a baby) and start petting her chest and chin she will relax immediately and forget all about playing.

Fang, on the other hand, would just rather be left alone. If she mistakenly lays down next to you and you start to pet her, she will more than likely get up and go lay somewhere else.

She never wants to be held, never wants to be in your lap. There is a small window of maybe an hour each day that she gets super purry and will want to rub her face against any part of your body she can find. But she’ll never settle down…. she just keeps walking and purring and pacing and face-rubbing (which is really fun at 4a).

We tried SEVERAL times to put collars (with bells) on them…. Partly because I feel certain they will figure out how to get out of the house (we have 3 doors after all), and partly because with the bells at least we’ll know where they are in the house

You would have thought we cut off one of their legs.

We tried 3 or 4 different times to get them to wear collars and it FREAKED them out.

Khaleesi would go and hide under the little nook under the kitchen cabinet and not move. Fang would link a few steps and then freeze … and then slink another few steps.

Finally, Fang somehow got out of her collar 3 days in a row (including breaking one) so we gave up. We’ll get them microchipped in case they get out, but we’ll have to do without the bells.

Not only does Khaleesi like to be HELD on her back, but if she’s already sitting or lying down and there’s a *chance* you’re going to pet her, she’ll immediately flip her head upside down or roll over so you can have easy access to petting her chest.

And then she falls asleep like that

The photos we have of Fang cuddling are few and far between – and not nearly as cozy

Another favorite sleeping place is in the curtains …. I haven’t hemmed them yet, so when we got the kittens the curtains were folded up and ‘hemmed’ with safety pins. After the kittens got to them, I had to undo the safetypins or the curtains would get even MORE ripped …..

And now they like to sleep on/in the 6″ of curtain that rest on the floor ….

Fang tends to favor the dark, thick brown curtains…. Those curtains we usually open all the way during the day and she makes herself a little cave at the bottom. Dark and secluded and no one to bother her.

Khaleesi tends to favor the sheer curtains that hang straight down in the front….

They don’t ONLY sleep ….

They spend a lot of time chasing any fly that gets in the house, or chasing each other up and down the stairs, or attacking the cardboard paper towel roll we gave them, or getting into any number of things they shouldn’t.

They also wrestle A LOT…. I think it’s really nice that we got 2 of them so they have each other to play with….

They don’t seem to be trying to hurt each other, but a couple times one or the other has had a bit of a winky eye and I’m sure she had gotten poked in the eye while wrestling!

Andrew and I like to imagine them talking to each other…. but calling each other “Sister” instead of by name…. As in, “Sister, look at this!” or “Sister, what’s that?” or “Sister! Move over, sister!”

Watch this video of them drinking out of my water glass …. ‘Sister, let me have some, sister. sister!’

So, hopefully this has been a good introduction to how the kittens have been for the last month or so …. Again, I promise not to inundate you with just kitten photos, but I want to record their little quirks and personalities for sure :)

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  • Nancy July 29, 2012, 8:25 am

    What fun. Great photos and videos! They really have grown a lot! They can get used to the collars. It’s a big help in trying to find them when you need to.

  • Jessica August 3, 2012, 10:54 am

    First introduction to “mirror kitty” = kitten rite of passage

    I have one pet-sitting client with a cat that ONLY drinks water out of cups–there are several filled to the brim red SOLO cups scattered around the house for the kitty.

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