• 10 things you learn at an office job
  • I hope Andrew is grateful every day he has never worked in an office
  • speaking of – I’m off work today. The first 4th-of-July in 4 years I haven’t volunteered to work for the overtime
  • Andrew turns 31 tomorrow! Don’t forget to tell him happy bday!
  • Hoping Andrew and I have a chance to visit Kevin in Colorado so we can visit Rocky Mountain National Park
  • I’m not great at cleaning (I keep telling Andrew I’ll get better when I’m able to quit my job) … but this cleaning system sounds do-able
  • why are American kids so spoiled?
  • OK. Random story … On Sunday (6/24) Andrew mowed the lawn. …. a few days after that he watered…. a few days after that he went to water again and there was a BIG pile of feces in our back yard!
  • For real, you guys.
  • HUGE – like bear poop or mountain lion or something. Not the cute little rabbits and squirrels we’ve seen around
  • Some BIG animal (or human, I suppose) got into our backyard overnight and defecated
  • Weirdest thing. Truly. Not terribly sure what to do about it.
  • Have you all seen Drive?
  • Ryan Gosling is so dreamy
  • I’ve been waking up super early for the last month …. I assume it has to do with the sun rising earlier and not having any real curtains on our window.
  • simple marriage advice
  • random kitten photo – I gave them this box to lay in and all they do is chew on it.

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  • linda t July 4, 2012, 11:28 am

    What I want to know is if your backyard isn’t accessible, than how in the heck did this ‘animal, person’ get in your yard and do such a thing in the first place? Pretty creepy!

  • Amy July 4, 2012, 3:53 pm

    On one side the gate isn’t full size (only half size) you can see it in this pic:
    So it wouldn’t be all that hard to climb over if you wanted to.. .
    SO weird.

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