another out-of-town guest

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Last week we had another out-of-town guest! It’s so nice having a guest room to offer you people …

Our friend Liz came out to visit us from Wisconsin.

Liz grew up in Wisconsin, moved to AZ for a couple years where she worked with Andrew at Hall of Frames, and then moved back to Wisconsin – where she now teaches art full-time to kindergarten-3rd graders! (doesn’t that sound like fun?)

Liz is fantastic so we were SO excited that she wanted to come out and see us!

She flew in early Sunday morning, and left Friday noon-ish, and during that almost-week we did a lot! Visited Joey and had a birthday dinner and they went on a hike, and she watched 2.5 seasons of Mad Men and a Ryan Gosling movie and fourth of July and she visited some friends out here.

Busy busy, and I’ll have photos of most of that for you … but for now – just a glimpse of Andrew and Liz drinking beer and playing Nintendo.

Liz is a beer connoisseur. She brought us several bottles from Wisconsin breweries and told us all about touring breweries when she was in Colorado the week before!

SO fun :)

P.S. Just noticed Andrew’s strange facial expression. Sorry, honey.

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  • michelle July 12, 2012, 10:13 pm

    how fun! i miss liz, she is so awesome… is she still with birdman?

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