New thermostat

On the Schubert To-Do list …. low-priority-but-really-should-be-done-before-summer …. Replace our thermostat

Our inspector had to jumpstart the old thermostat some way in order to test the AC for us. So we moved in in March and knew that AC worked but had no real way to turn it on.

Luckily it was March, and a bit rainy and chilly, so we had no need for it right away.

SO! I tried to do it myself! Because, I’m handy, right? How hard can it be? Instructions included and all?

Um, yea. Nothing is easy with this house.

Here’s a little ‘before’ shot:

The thermostat lives in the little hallway between the living areas and the garage …

I was able to take it off the wall by myself, marking the wires so I’d know where they go…

And then I got stuck.

Because there was this BIG ol’ hole behind the old thermostat.

You can see from this photo that the previous thermostat mounted in the corners – but none of the new thermostats they sold at Lowe’s mount there. They all mounted at about the third-of-the-way through marks in the center of the back.

If that makes sense.

Which basically means that the holes in the thermostat to mount it lined up perfectly with the huge hole in the wall.

So basically we had to figure out a way to recreate part of the wall that was missing.

And since Andrew is a lot more handy-man-minded than I am, I just waited for him to help me with that.

He decided to first mount a small piece of wood, and then we mounted the thermostat on that.

It’s ridiculously complicated for such a small little change – but what can you do?

It’s not 100% sturdy, but it’s sturdy enough. At least until it has to be changed again.

And a couple ‘after’ shots:

Easy, simple uncomplicated thermostat

So, now if you come visit the house in the summer you won’t roast. Don’t worry.

One more project crossed off the list!

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  • Thermostat June 30, 2012, 5:24 am

    You may want to consider sealing the large hole behind the thermostat. The large hole may have a draft that will affect the space temperature reading and operation of your thermostat.

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