Memorial weekend: Saturday

Our Memorial weekend was SO FULL….

So full I feel like I needed to take the rest of last week off to recover

I must be getting old.

My parents got into town late Friday night, and then early Saturday morning Andrew had to go to work …

My only plans for Saturday were to go grocery shopping for the weekend. Super low-key.

So Saturday morning, Andrew went to work and the other 3 of us kind of just lazed around the house. I gave my parents the full house tour since this was their first time seeing it, coffee, showers, a little interneting, a friend came by to borrow one of my lenses and we chatted a bit ….

And then I guess my dad got antsy because he kept asking me what he could do…. I showed him our FULL to do list hoping to put him off, but instead he just picked a small task and set to work….

There is a LOT of work to do around our house – it was vacant for a year – so my dad occupied himself with weeding the front yard patches that need it and digging these whatever-they-are stalks out of the back.

While he was doing that, my mom started cleaning…. even though I told her to stop!

He thought about tackling another project that would just be too much work to do with the tools we currently have in the house…

Thanks dad!

In between bouts of yard work, though, …. He kept sneaking up to Andrew’s office to “borrow” CDs to put on his iTunes….

while my mom got started cleaning one window …. and proceeded to clean all the windows downstairs….

Once you see the dirt, you can’t UNSEE it!

And what was I doing during all of this?

Taking photos, of course.

Oh, and prepping food.

We had plans to have a bunch of people over for dinner on Sunday night, so I wash/dried/prepped 2 heads of lettuce and made some other food preparations…

Once it started to get dark, they both finally came inside ….

For the rest of Saturday night, we got Stonefire Grill takeout dinner, watched 3 or 4 episodes of the first season of Downton Abbey (so good) and Andrew finally got home about 9p or so….

I was already tired after Saturday, and we still had 2 more days of a 3 day weekend to go!

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  • Nancy June 5, 2012, 9:22 am

    Even when I was a kid I would help my friends clean their rooms and do chores at their house because it’s always more fun to clean at someone else’s house. Not sure why…maybe it’s because you don’t see how fast it gets dirty again. We had fun being there! Thanks for being wonderful hosts. We’re waiting for our next DVD of Downton Abbey season 2.

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