Last weekend we added to our team!

I loved having cats growing up, but A) Andrew is allergic and B ) We haven’t ever had a permanent-enough-home to bring in a pet.

But ever since we got a house, Andrew has been OBSESSED with getting pets. We need to do a TON of work to the backyard, including building fences, so it’s not exactly the time to get a dog.

In the last few weeks, Andrew and I decided to get a kitten … .which somehow changed into two. And, coincidence! My cousin’s girlfriend’s aunt happened to have a brand-new litter of kittens!

She sent us a few snapshots, and Andrew fell in love immediately….

So, after acknowledging he’ll never breathe well again. After promising me that he will be in charge of feeding them and cleaning the cat box. After assuring me that he is prepared for a possibly 20 year commitment. …

Last Saturday we got 2 kittens – sisters.

Fangsana and Khaleesi

Fangsana is the one that is mostly gray, slightly larger and shyer than the other. She is in this photo below.

Khaleesi is more of a tortoise-shell. Slightly smaller and a bit bolder than her sister. She’s in the photo below.

The first day we set up a ‘safe room’ in one of the bathrooms…. They only *recently* started living indoors, so we wanted a space where they could get to know us, a small area to explore and a room that could be “theirs”

They didn’t seem very timid when we first let them out of the crate …. and in fact played together most of the afternoon.

I was down in the kitchen below “their” room and heard all kinds of bumps from their tumbling and pouncing.

They’re just barely 9 weeks – born April 5 – and are still getting to know themselves.

They’ve discovered that the other has a tail – but don’t quite know about their own tail.

When I went up later that first afternoon, they had found their way into the under-the-sink cupboard.

Not to worry – there’s nothing in there AND the cabinet door doesn’t close all the way, so they’re welcome to play in the space if they like.

Of course, as they wore themselves out playing all afternoon, by late afternoon it was naptime.

In the cupboard, instead of the $20 bed I bought them.

Of course.

Andrew was at work all day that we got them, so I kept myself busy texting him photos and video…. and he is in love!

Sunday morning we opened up one of the bedrooms to them, Tuesday morning we opened up the other bedroom. And then Wednesday night we opened up the hallway.

We’ll try to keep them upstairs as long as possible …. just because I think they’re a little too small to be able to handle the stairs. But I figure as soon as they’re smart enough to figure out how to get over the barrier, then they’ll be ready to head downstairs.


Now, a week later, they’re no longer afraid of the humans who come into their room.

They purr quite readily when we pet them, but they’ve only barely (and even then not really) found their meows.

They don’t appear to need or want attention, but they will allow themselves to be pet.

They’re both really sweet, so far. And curious and playful and fun….

Andrew and I are totally in love!

We’re really excited!

Anyone want to volunteer to cat sit when we go out of town?

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  • McKinze June 15, 2012, 2:30 am

    Oh my goodness. Adorable! Good call on getting two; my husband and I firmly believe that the best way to have one cat is to have two. Enjoy :)

  • linda t June 15, 2012, 6:49 am

    Omg, they are simply adorable! Don’t you just love watching them play & wrestle all day long!
    We got two kitties, or rather two kitties came into our life and adopted us, a couple years before Shawn was born.
    One night Randy opened the front door and Muffy (pure black) just walked on in, checked out the joint and made herself at home. We already had Teagan (pure white) and we were thrilled they now had each other to play with.
    6 weeks after Shawn was born, Randy spent the night under our massive waterbed helping Teagan deliver her baby kitties. Such sweet memories.

  • Kim June 15, 2012, 8:03 am

    What sweethearts!! I love their names!

  • Julie Schubert June 15, 2012, 8:29 am

    Oh my goodness!! Your pictures of the sweet kittens are perfectly wonderful. I will Kitten sit for you. I already love them and can’t wait to see them again. I am happy for you all. Fun times!!

  • Nancy June 15, 2012, 12:04 pm

    Love them! They are similar, but unique in their own way. Precious pics! If you want to let them go downstairs it’s best to teach them to climb the stairs starting at the bottom. Going up is always easier than going down. Start them out at the bottom and coax them up a step or two (or to the landing). Then try to coax them down with a treat or something. If you start on the lower steps, then they shouldn’t get hurt if they tumble down one level, which they probably will the first few times. If they start from the top they could fall all the way down if you’re not there to help, especially since your stair treads are open in between. Here’s a (long but cute) video of a momma cat teaching her kittens to climb stairs. Looking forward to meeting them in person.

  • Jessica June 19, 2012, 2:56 pm

    I wouldn’t mind taking care of them if you’re ever out of town. I love cats and can’t have any of my own since Fernando is allergic.

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